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If you want to be intentional about your kid’s homeschooling, there are so many ways to do so. One of those ways is by starting off with a parent-led homeschool curriculum called Schola Publications.

What is Parent-Led Homeschooling?

Simply put, parent-led homeschooling is when the parent plays an active teaching role in their child’s education.

This is a more hands-on approach, where the parent teaches the lesson, follows up with questions, oral communication, activities, and even grading.


Parent-led homeschooling often requires a lot of planning and research but is a great way to create lasting relationships with your kids while ensuring that their education is a top priority.

Many people think that parent-led education does not include videos or other methods of effective teaching, such as tutors, co-ops, etc. Leaving everything from creation to follow-thru up to the parent.

However, there are many ways to lead a parent-led homeschool experience.

Schola Publications uses an Orton-Spalding approach to homeschooling and provides a solid reading and writing program for homeschoolers, which are some of the core basic subjects your child needs during the early years of development. When you use Schola Publications, your child will be building a strong foundation for the future.

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They show how the subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, and Latin are all connected with one another instead of learning each subject separately. As students learn sequential reasoning skills, Schola Publications is directing their development of multi-sensory to mastery.

What is Schola Publications?

Schola Publications is a curriculum company that specializes in phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, and even Latin, and pride themselves on using a parent-led homeschooling approach to their programs.

They have products to help with these areas because each subject is connected to the other one within the program.

They offer two curriculums inside of their portfolio: The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading and The LATIN Road to English Grammar, both of which are parent-led homeschool curriculum.

How is Schola Publications Parent-Led?

Schola Publications curriculum was written by Barbara Beers. The program is designed for parents and students to work together using both video and textbook curriculums.

What sets this program apart is the Teacher Training DVD set. Here, Babara speaks specifically to the parent in regards to how to teach the curriculum.

Of course, your student could watch along too, but if you really want that parent-led homeschool experience, then learn it yourself and then apply it with your student later.

This is not a student-led approach to learning and the Schola is not intended for independent learning. This program is specifically designed to be taught by someone, someone other than Babara Beers.

While, through video, she provides the schedule, context, and even teaching cues- it is the parent’s responsibility to follow through with the lesson through an active, hands-on teaching experience.

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Two Program Types From Schola Publications

It is our mission to provide students of all ages with a logical seamless study that takes the struggle out of building their language proficiency, making them confident and skilled. Our unique skill-based multi-sensory method, personal training, and variety of resources offer students the tools to be confident spellers, excellent writers, and enthusiastic readers. Integrating comprehensive English grammar, composition, and Latin with music, art, and literature, all students can enjoy English and be assured of academic success.

Schola Publications Mission

The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading

The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading curriculum not only encompasses the Orton-Spalding instructional approach for spelling, handwriting, and reading but continues the same logical approach with all of your child’s English grammar, composition, literature, and intro to Latin.

Kids can begin this program as early as 4 years old.

This parent-led homeschool curriculum has a few levels available, levels One, Two, Three, and Four, in The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading.

Schola Publications The Phonics Road to SPelling and Reading cover image for Level 1

Level One package includes 20 readers so your child can begin reading and spelling with everything they need. And through each level, the program builds upon itself and introduces the Hear-Say-Write-Read® method, a method that stays with them from Level Two and beyond.

Level Two is when your child will begin learning how to write in cursive, which is something that public schools don’t even teach anymore. They’ll also be learning proper grammar and spelling rules and eventually will begin learning Latin components incorporated into their curriculum.

Throughout The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading, Schola Publications teaches reading and composition activities and bases certain activities on books that are assigned within each level. By the time your child finishes Level Four, everything they learned comes full circle, such as vocabulary skills, grammar, and literary skills.

The LATIN Road to English Grammar

They also offer The LATIN Road to English Grammar curriculum, which combines a complete Latin language study with advanced English grammar allowing your child to earn high school foreign language credit for the 3-year study. No previous Latin knowledge is needed, and you can begin as early as 11 years old.

The LATIN Road to English Grammar offers Four Volumes for their Latin program that seamlessly weaves a full Latin language course with a comprehensive English grammar study.

Schola Publications Cover image for The Latin Road to English Grammar

Volume I of The LATIN Road to English Grammar is for children who have NOT completed The PHONICS program. They’ll further their English grammar skills wrapped with Latin components.

It isn’t until Volume II where kids who have finished The PHONICS program can then begin The LATIN program. They learn and master new Latin vocabulary, learn the foundations of translating, build sentences with both Latin and English parts, and secure a foundation between the Latin and English languages.

Throughout Volume III and Volume IV, your kids will expand their Latin and English vocabularies and start building complex structuring of the two languages. By the time they finish Volume IV, your child will have mastered both English and Latin components to grammar and have learned over 800 Latin words and their translations as well as their proper usage with sentence structure.

What is Orton-Spalding Approach?

Schola Publications uses an Orton-Spalding to teaching your child the key fundamentals of reading, spelling, grammar, and even Latin.

The Orton-Spalding Approach includes the following:

  • Explicit teaching from parts to the whole
  • Systematically builds from simple to complex
  • Proves the logic of English and Latin
  • Enables sequential reasoning
  • Directed applications lead to mastery
  • Multi-sensory for optimal learning

So when you take these key points and apply them to your child’s reading and spelling skills, you’ll have mastery of concepts with logic as the foundation behind these skills.

Is a Parent Led Homeschool Curriculum choice like Schola Publications right for you?

With Schola Publications, your child will learn how English grammar and Latin roots and possess an advanced understanding of both the English and Latin languages.

But, it also requires planning, learning, and a high amount of time for hands-on training and teaching on the parent’s part.

If you enjoy learning alongside your child, experiencing them learning first-hand, and don’t mind a little planning ahead, Schola Publications may be the perfect fit for you!

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