Welcome to The Fervent Mama!

I’m a conservative Christian mama whose sarcasm sometimes gets her in trouble, and likely one of the most detached millennials you’ll ever find. I’m like the elderly when it comes to pop culture and I have no idea who won the Grammy’s this year, or any year. *insert yawn*

My unhealthy obsession with coffee has spawned a sleep-deprived night owl who loathes mornings– unless coffee, or food, is involved. Anything Food Network, Hallmark, conspiracy, true-crime, or time-period drama related is my escape from the mundane.

We’re pretty serious about raising tiny humans to love Jesus while teaching them to be both hearers AND doers of the word. Because nobody likes a Sanctimonious Sam. You’ll find me soaking up gobs of grace and needing much more mercy in this motherhood walk. Mommin’ just ain’t easy.

I’m often here on TMM, chatting about Christ, motherhood, and the reality of it all.

I have no idea if I’m an introvert or an extrovert or some kind of mutation of the between, I kind of skipped that portion of the personality trends. While I’m pretty friendly, I enjoy this portion of the internet where I can be accountable for my own.

I’ve obviously got some pretty controversial, and disliked perspectives. You can find me over on Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and Yahoo! News, spouting my “unrealistic, ancient, and bigoted” outlook on the Bible (real quotes, taken with a hint of sarcasm).