Welcome to the How We Homeschool Blog Series!

With the state of our world, culture, and economy, so many families are making the choice to homeschool this coming school year. How exciting it is to see homeschooling at the forefront of the education system.

The problem? So many of them are lacking the knowledge and the understanding of how FUN and FREEING homeschooling really is. Most of these people are following the public school systems guidelines for virtual schooling and some are even struggling with choosing a path at all.

In efforts to empower these families, I’ve teamed up with other amazing Homeschool Bloggers to help spread the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained from homeschooling our own kids and working with homeschool companies and brands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh homeschooler or a veteran, you’ve looked for homeschool advice in some form or another. 

Maybe it was from a friend, a Homeschool Facebook Group, or even a homeschool mom blog like this one. However you find your information, you know that advice that comes from those who have been there is weighty enough to follow. 

And that’s what the How We Homeschool series is all about!

Mamas, from all walks of life, with literally hundreds of combined years of homeschool experience, sharing their knowledge of ALL THINGS HOMESCHOOL. 

In this series you’ll find: 

  • tips and tricks
  • organizational hacks
  • curriculum ideas
  • teaching methods
  • learning styles
  • homeschool struggles
  • encouragement 
  • and so much more..

Each Monday-Friday in September, we’ll feature a new blogger or brand’s take on homeschooling, and you won’t want to miss it. 

Along with all the great information, you’ll find giveaways, freebies, and tons of encouragement to bring you through the entirety of your homeschool journey. 

This page is the central brain of your experience. Below, you’ll find a list of every blog post, an opportunity to meet our sponsors and find current giveaways/freebies that are being offered. Be sure to check back often because things change almost every day!

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