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  1. I’m just curious about something. I am a Christian, however I disagree with your stances on things. If Christ avoided associating with people that didn’t believe in His views, we wouldn’t have Christianity today. Did he not preach to go out into the world of nonbelievers, love them and spread His word? We live in a world of sin, if Christ meant for you to shut it out it would have been filled with stories of him doing nothing but hanging out with his 12 friends at home. You can’t really tell someone “I love you and wish to treat you as I wish to be treated but I refuse to have anything to do with you.”

    I think a lot of Christians, other religions too, get so hung up on the guidelines of their religion that they forget the main message it teaches. Why do you think the rest of the world lashes out at us? It’s certainly not because we are kind, loving people. It’s because we say we are but then act differently.

    Others have mentioned this but you also run the risk of your child rebelling and trying harder to get into these things you will not let them see because of your beliefs. I have experienced this first hand as the rebeller and I can tell you it happens.

    I’m not suggesting you change your beliefs, I’m suggesting you approach it differently and maybe consider spreading God’s love to everyone rather than shunning away things you don’t believe in.

    I don’t think your message expresses what Christ taught. It ultimately hurts Christianity, we are supposed to be spreading the word and recruiting remember? Telling people you find certain people disgusting or wrong isn’t a welcoming message to anyone.

  2. Our battle is not against flesh & blood, but demonic principalities. Stay strong, sis!

  3. God bless you my sister. Remember to fear God only and he will protect you. You have freedom of speech and are entitled to your own opinion. This life is short, so don’t worry about what people think, only worry about what God thinks and then God willing you will enter heaven for defending your heavenly beliefs.

  4. God bless you. You have freedom of speech and are entitled to your own opinion

  5. Wow! I would just like to say that none of you are the almighty but yet here you are throwing judgement and spewing hatred towards those who don’t agree with you, oh the irony of it all. You and your beliefs are not perfect, no one is perfect not even the almighty is perfect, so who are we to act as if we are? That’s just ignorannce mixed with hipocracy don’t you think? Judgement day comes for us all at some point or another and Forgiveness, Love and Understanding will prevail whether your beliefs agree with it or not. So we all should worry about ourselves and how we live our lives instead of worrying about how others live theirs.

  6. Well said L. Satan has truly captured the minds and hearts of this world and “all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.”

  7. You have the support of many who believe that it is your right to follow your beliefs and do what is right for your family. I pray that you don’t let the intolerance of others affect you. Stay strong!

  8. When you hit the nose of a demon, it acts out….so discussing homosex at all in a non accepting as normal way,, you will be condemned here on earth.
    Great job!
    And for those that send their hate, know deep in the quiet part of their heart, they are wrong, but are now blind and deaf.
    Try Having your guardian angel talk with your guardian for a receptive heart so their soul will be receptive to understanding their need for repentance.
    God loves you greatly.
    Aloha and God bless to all reading this important article

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