List of Educational Elementary Streaming Options For Younger Kids in 2022

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With the vast amount of streaming content flooding our devices today, it can be difficult to wade through it all and find the good stuff.

As a homeschool mom, I’m always looking for great resources, and it makes sense to take advantage of streaming resources.

These elementary streaming options will add depth and perspective to your homeschool and complement your curriculum perfectly.

If you are looking for elementary streaming online, take a look at each of these options. You are sure to find something that will be a perfect fit for your family and homeschool needs.

elementary streaming options for younger kids

Safety Measures for Streaming Content

As with any online content, streaming requires parental oversight and vigilance. Each of the different streaming services has plenty of terrible content and downright dangerous content mixed in with the good.

Teach your kids discernment, but also put safety measures in place. Make sure that they understand what is appropriate and what is not and be present when they’re watching.

A good baseline practice is to always have content streaming on a highly visible public device. Technology is so advanced these days, many of your televisions will allow you to login directly to your favorite streaming services.

If you cannot do it directly on your television, you can use third-party devices such as Apple TV to connect your phone or computer to your television.

Since kids in elementary stream online on mobile devices and tablets, you will want to use additional safety measures. Keep devices with access to streaming out of bedrooms, and don’t allow private streaming away from your oversight.

In addition to the shows in this post, be sure to check out this list of Kid Safe Streaming Apps.

Educational Elementary Streaming Options For Younger Kids

This list is broken down by the five most popular streaming options out there; Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Discovery +, YouTube, and Netflix.

Be aware that these sites are not only educational content and children should not have unlimited or unauthorized access without parental consent.

Looking for the best elementary streaming options to entertain and educate your kids? Here's a list of our top favorites for you to check out if you have young kids!

Elementary Educational Streaming Options on Amazon Prime

Since kids in elementary school have different needs and interests than older students, kids in elementary stream online differently. One of the most overlooked elementary streaming options is something many of us is already paying for.

Amazon Prime. Prime Video is included with your Prime membership and has its own app for IOS and Android devices. Prime Video includes a huge number of shows either free or discounted that will complement homeschooling perfectly.

I’m listing just a few great elementary streaming online ideas to get you started:


  • Red Sea. Explore the natural wonders and creatures of the Red Sea.
  • The First American. A documentary about George Washington.
  • Life In A Tide Pool. Discover what lives in the ocean’s puddles.
  • Hummingbirds. Narrated by David Attenborough of Blue Planet fame.
Cute boy is playing with tablet. Grandfather on background.

Educational Videos/Shows for Elementary Kids

  • Odd Squad. A quirky series that features kids who problem solve and use math to fight evil.
  • Word Girl. A vocabulary building kid’s show.
  • DIY Sci. A cool science series by ever popular Steve Spangler.
  • Sid the Science Kid. Explore science from a kid’s perspective.
  • Symbols of America Series. Learn about our patriotic symbols and what they mean.
  • Animal Encyclopedia. All about different animals.
  • Children Of The World Series. A look at life around the world as children experience it. A perfect supplement to your geography and social studies!
  • Draw Me A Story. Learn how to draw with this series.
  • Liberty Kids. The series follows two teens through the Revolutionary War.
  • America: The Story of Us. An overview of U.S. History.

Elementary Streaming Online for Discovery Plus

Because it is fairly new, Discovery Plus is working with phone providers and internet providers to give you temporary free access. We were able to get a full year of free access through our cellphone provider a few months ago. You may be able to find a similar option. (I’m not giving specifics because those deals are changing constantly!)

BONUS TIP: If you’re looking to save money while shopping online, don’t forget to do all of your shopping/purchases through Rakuten or Honey. They help you save by auto-applying coupons, giving cash back, or even awarding you points for purchases.

Kids in elementary stream online to watch shows and things of interest. You’ll find a ton of educational content on Discovery Plus! When you first open the app it’s mixed in with a lot of very bad content.

As you begin to set your preferences and pick your favorites, it will suggest related content and stop suggesting the mature content on the front screen. However, I do not recommend giving kids easy access to this app.


  • Blue Planet. A favorite documentary series for young and old alike explores animal life on earth close-up and personal.
  • Wild Africa: Rivers of Life. Specific to the biomes and animal life in Africa, this series is breathtaking.
  • Animal Babies. A few episodes of animal baby life kids love to watch.
  • Incredible Inventions. Look at different inventions and how they came to be.
  • Space Launch Live. Fun content direct from real astronauts!

Elementary Stream Online Options for Netflix

If you have access to Netflix, there are some great choices for elementary streaming online! If you’ve been looking for a way to entertain your kids, but don’t want to spend too much time and money on it, then Netflix might be the perfect solution.

This streaming service offers many TV shows that are appropriate for elementary-aged children and is reasonably priced per month. Here are a few of our elementary favorites on Netflix:

kids in elementary streaming online on phone; elementary stream online


  • Growing Up Wild. Follow the life of five adorable babies as they learn to navigate life in the wild.
  • Dream Big. Amazing feats of engineering are explained.


  • Emily’s Wonder Lab. STEM can be fun, and Emily shows just how fun it is.
  • The Magic Schoolhouse. Take off on fantastical adventures with Ms. Frizzle and learn all kinds of things.
  • Number Blocks. Watch as they learn how to interact with the world as numbers.

Elementary Streaming Options for Hulu

Kids in elementary stream online on Hulu too! A few options for Hulu is Hulu’s Live TV plan, Limited Commercials Plan, and No Commercials Plan, all of which includes access to the company’s library of live and on-demand content and also includes documentaries, shows, movies, access to news, sports, and other live events.


  • How It’s Made. Find out how all those things you’ve been curious about are made.
  • Superpower Dogs. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. These dogs and their owners are amazing.


  • LeapFrog Letter Factory. A wonderful way to learn the letters and their sounds.
  • Journey to the South Pacific. A young boy named Jawi shows you different animals that live in his region of the world.

Elementary Streaming Options for YouTube

kids watching a tablet excited

The potential for using YouTube for elementary streaming online is endless. With so many options, it would be impossible to list them all in a blog post. Any time my kids ask questions and I don’t know the answer — we find a YouTube video.

What’s the largest mammal and what does it look like? Find it on YouTube! I’m listing a few of the best channels for you to explore, but don’t forget to use this amazing resource on the fly in your homeschool!

Specifically for Homeschoolers! Elementary Streaming Options on Schoolhouse Teachers.

Schoolhouse Teachers has a huge collection of video content already curated and filtered for homeschoolers, perfect for elementary streaming online.

You’ll love the resources in this membership, access to the video content in the membership is the icing on the cake.

Educational Elementary Streaming For Younger Kids

Looking for the best elementary streaming options to entertain and educate your kids? Here's a list of our top favorites for you to check out if you have young kids!

It can be tough finding educational shows for younger kids, but hopefully, this list has provided you with a few interesting selections.

Do you have some shows to add to this list or additional streaming options? Share them in the comments below!


  1. Odd squad now has inappropriate content.

  2. Sherlynka Jones says:

    Can you sent me a list of free for pre school and 1 st grade and 6 th grade

  3. Wild Kratts on Amazon is one of my kids’ favorites. We’ve learned a lot from it too.

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