Clean TV Shows on the Discovery Plus App

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Finding interesting, fun, and clean television like this list for Netflix is a real challenge these days. When I first opened the Discovery Plus App I was disappointed to see so much content that is completely inappropriate for families.

However, with a little digging, I was able to find a decent selection of clean tv shows on the Discovery Plus App.

Here’s my definition of clean tv. I figured that’s a good place to start so that you understand my point of view and how I measured the shows on this list.

I am on the hunt for shows I am going to sit and watch with my children. That means I want these shows to be 100% family-friendly.

My definition of “clean and family-friendly screen time” is 1) no innuendo 2) very little or no cussing 3) no sexy scenes 4) no homosexuality.

Family in awe of what is being shown on tv. Not watching clean or family friendly television.
No more of these moments when you watch the movies and shows on our Clean TV Shows Lists.

This is the line in the sand I’ve drawn for my family. If you like where our line is, we also have a great list of clean tv shows on Amazon Prime you should look at, especially if you already have Amazon Prime because those shows are included for free.

DISCLAIMER: At the time that this was written, all of this information is true. However, time, seasons, and content change with the times. I cannot be sure that these remain clean.

I do, however, try to update this list often to be sure that we are still offering up the best information.

If you find something that does not follow our guides, please let us know in the comments so that we can check it. We are flesh and make mistakes too.

DISCLAIMER 2: Everyone has different levels for “clean”. Do what works for your family.

How to Get Clean TV Shows on the Discovery Plus App

Multi Generation Family Watching TV Together
Don’t be embarrassed in front of your family. Use our family-friendly, clean, tv show lists to help you be confident in your movie choices!

If you’ve been curious about the Discovery Plus App, you should know that you might be able to get it for free through your phone or Internet carrier.

That’s where I would start for sure. If you can’t get it free, you’ll pay $4.99 per month for access as of this writing.

Once you have the app, you can put it on your iOS device, Google Play, Amazon FireTV, or ROKU and stream it anywhere.

You can also install it through your Xbox and watch it directly on your television. Since the app does have quite a bit of content I would never approve for any member of my family, streaming to the television itself through Xbox or FireTV is my preferred method.

[In our house, the only two places the Discovery Plus App is installed on are my personal cell phone and our family television. This gives me the ability to control access and always have line-of-site when someone is watching a show. ]

You should know that we only have one television in our house, and it’s in the family room, which means everything must be family-friendly.

One of the benefits we’ve already found from using the Discovery Plus App over television for a few days is the ability to pick and choose which episode you watch.

You don’t have to watch whatever is on, you can watch the episodes you haven’t seen yet. You can also skip the episodes that don’t support your worldview.

Clean TV Shows on Discovery Plus

Clean Cooking Shows on Discovery Plus

Kid’s Baking Challenge. One of my kids’ favorite shows, this cooking show features brilliant young kids who know more about baking at age ten or eleven than I can as a Mom!

The kids have fun, the challenges are interesting, and my kids are glued to the tv for the whole episode.

If your kids like to cook, check out this Ultimate List of Kids Cooking Ideas!

Supermarket Stakeout. In this show, contestants have a limited budget to purchase food from people as they leave the supermarket, and then cook on stations right in the parking lot to compete for a grand prize.

We find it fascinating what they come up with using the most interesting mix of ingredients. This show isn’t nearly as likely to be boozy as some of the other Food Network shows.

Good Eats. Science meets food in this classic show hosted by Alton Brown. You can learn tons of great information from this show, but there is an occasional episode with mildly inappropriate content or alcohol so approach with caution.

Clean Renovation Shows for Families

Decorator holding a painting roller and painting a wooden surface, work tools and swatches at bottom, banner with copy space. Clean Home Renovation Shows

Hometown. A wholesome couple from Laurel, Mississippi renovates homes to save them from demolition. All of the show interactions are very family-friendly and positive.

Hometown did feature a homosexual couple on a later season. This is a show we no longer recommend.

For context, we do not hate homosexuals, we hate the sin that the Bible says that it is. Because of this, we choose not to allow references or praises of the lifestyle- which includes being entertained by it.

AND, we are not “hiding” it from our kids. We’re just choosing when to deem those conversations as appropriate.


Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. Chip and Joanna Gaines are pretty much household names now so I’m not sure this show needs an introduction. The couple is known for conservative values and features their children in the filming in many episodes.

Let me just say, I’m glad this show is back on television through the Discovery Plus App and the New Magnolia Home Channel.

Hometown: Ben’s Workshop. The husband from the Hometown team has started a new show inside his workshop where he does all kinds of really neat woodwork. This would be really great for a child highly interested in building things.

Scientific Clean TV Shows on the Discovery Plus App

cute little girl with microscope and varicolored flasks for chemistry. Clean Science TV Shows

Impossible Engineering. Explore modern engineering marvels through this show, and then learn about the scientific inventions that made these places possible.

Extreme Engineering. Follow the progress of a building project from start to finish and learn about how everything works.

How It’s Made. Have you ever wondered how a specific food, clothing item, or sports equipment was made? Take a fascinating look at the world of manufacturing through this show. Pick and choose the episodes you are most interested in watching.

Myth Busters. This older classic takes a scientific approach to proving or disproving myths. If you have a child who might decide to go mix bathroom chemicals, this might not be the show for you.

Watched as a family, you can learn a ton of great information and watch the scientific process in action by watching this show.

One episode explores which is worse — driving under the influence or driving while sleepy. You might want to avoid watching that episode with your kids.

How Do They Do It? This show features Scientific breakthroughs and engineering and the people who make those discoveries. It’s a fascinating look into the workings of science.

Incredible Inventions. Learn about the origin of silly putty and other crazy cool inventions.

Clean Adventure TV Shows

Race Across the World. In this fun new BBC show, contestants race across the world using any mode of travel and route they wish except for air travel. The only other rule is — no smartphones. Whoever reaches the final destination first wins.

We’ve found this to be a good replacement for Amazing Race once that show went downhill and we were glad to add it to our list of clean tv shows on the discovery plus app.

In the later episodes of this show, there are a couple of foul language bombs.

Clean Animal TV Shows

Man and daughter feeding a giraffe at a zoo.

Blue Planet. David Attenborough nature documentaries are fantastic because they show incredible detail and go to great lengths to get crazy good footage of all of the animals featured. The show does discuss evolution, so watch as a family and talk about it afterward.

How Do Animals Do That? Scientists explore the secrets behind various animal superpowers from crocodile jaws to dolphin brains.

Toughest Race on Earth: Iditarod. Follow the amazing sled dog teams on this legendary race across the frozen North. Watch incredible race footage and learn about the animals that make it happen.

What clean tv shows have you been watching on the Discovery Plus App?

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