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5 of the Best Kid's Streaming apps: The Fervent Mama - We can't get rid of technology, but we can try to make it that true safe space for our children. Here's a list of the five best streaming apps for kids.

5 of the Best Streaming Apps for Kids

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We can't get rid of technology, but we can try to make it that true safe space for our children. Here's a list of the five best streaming apps for kids.

Is anybody else tired of YouTube Kids? I mean, I think it was a great concept. Kids watch kid’s videos in a safe space. But then that ‘safe space’ isn’t so safe when it comes to YouTube. So what are your options when it comes to streaming apps for kids?

Time and time again we’ve heard the horror of our children possibly seeing terrible things that have been hidden in the innocent videos in Youtube Kids. (There was a new one just this week teaching kids suicide tactics.) Gore being slipped into finger puppet videos, vulgar scenes in animation- what next?

We can’t get rid of technology, but we can try better to make it that true safe space for our children. To do this, I’ve put together a list of quality video streaming apps for kids that guarantee you’ll have more control.

These apps differ from YouTube Kids because these options are completely controlled by their makers. Whereas, YT Kids is only slowly moderated, and anyone can upload videos to their own discretion. By this time we can tell that not everyone has the same intentions.

I wish I could say that I found more options for Christian television, but unfortunately I found few. I still heavily moderate the watching my kids do on most of these apps, as what seems fit for some doesn’t necessarily fit all. However, these apps have a little more parental control.

5 of the Best Streaming Apps for Kids


I recently found JellyTelly and let me tell you I am so excited about it. JellyTelly is a true Christian streaming app for kids so I know that there’s nothing I have to worry about here. Everything from The Last Chance Detectives to Bible Man and Veggie Tales- you’ll find it here on JellyTellyPlus, it’s only a fraction of the cost of most streaming apps and it’s app is available on all devices!
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Netflix Kids

I think, by this point, everyone knows about Netflix Kids app. However, some don’t know that this streaming app can be customized for kids through the Parental Control Options found through your account holder’s settings. It allows you to set an age group per certain accounts and you can also set a PIN for any movie or show that lays outside of your set controls.

Hulu Kids

Besides creating a Kid’s Profile, there isn’t much customization that can happen for Hulu Kids. But, the app does offer some great options for kids to stream. Most of them are shows I’ve never heard of, so I’ve kept an eye out. But it also has some great Disney Classics like Pocahontas, and Disney Junior shows like Doc McStuffins.
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Amazon Freetime Kids

As with Amazon Prime, and every other Amazon product, this one does not disappoint. Not only does Amazon Freetime Kids offer kid-friendly movies and shows, it also offers books, games, and more. So for as little as $2.99 a month, you can get a numerous amount of family friendly activities. My favorite part of parental controls is that you can set daily time limits for your kids! Whahhh?!
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After PBS started pushing its LGBTQ agenda into its children’s programming, we no longer recommend them as a safe alternative. Read more about how PBS added a gay wedding into one of their cartoon episodes. 

PBS Kids

PBS has been a huge part of our family. Since we don’t have cable, we use an antenna to catch all of our local channels including PBS. I love that everything that comes on this station is a learning opportunity. The PBS Kids app is no different, you can even save your child’s favorite shows, and there’s nothing to worry about because PBS is truly so family friendly. Unless you’re like me and absolutely loathe Caillou. 

Now that I’ve found a few quality streaming apps for kids, I’ve got to figure out how to use this to my advantage. Limiting streaming and tech time, increasing educational material, pushing for more content that will benefit my children.

But I must know, what streaming apps do you use?
What ideas do you have to benefit from tech time?

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