Our Favorite Picks for Educational High School Video Streaming Options 2022

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Streaming technology has fast become the way we do things in this technology-driven society we live in. From streaming cooking classes as we fix family meals to streaming live video gamers as they experience new updates, bringing video resources into our home has never been easier.

It makes sense then, that streaming has found its way into education, where video already has a permanent home as an excellent source of information.

As the amount of available content multiplies at a rate beyond comprehension, you will have more high school video streaming options by the time you finish reading this post than you had when you started.

educational high school video streaming options

The trick is to sift the quality from the vast quantity and find educational programs for high school students that work for your homeschool.

Have kids in elementary too? You’ll love these elementary streaming options.

Streaming and Safety

We have strict guidelines when it comes to the amount screen time that we allow, the type of content we watch, and even the ratings.

If this sounds like you, the following articles may be of interest:

On every streaming platform, you can find excellent content perfectly appropriate for the classroom or private study and you can also find trash. Have a serious one-to-one with your student now about the hazards of video streaming if you haven’t already.

Educational programs for high school students are tough to come by since, especially now that our teens are saturated with the YouTube culture and probably think they know everything they need to know. But it is our job to provide guidance and protection!

It’s also our job to transition our teens into the driver’s seat. They have to go to college with the discernment needed to make wise choices, and that can only happen if we give them the reigns in high school and the safety net of making mistakes while living in our home.

High School Video Streaming From Discovery Plus

One of our favorite high school video streaming options is the beloved Discovery Channel Documentaries! It’s available in the form of an App on your mobile device along with all other content from the Discovery-owned channels.

Be careful, some of the content on the Discovery+ App is rated M for Mature and is not appropriate for any age. Once you start building a watch list and selecting shows to watch, the suggestions are more tailored to your taste. However, it is easy to stumble on something you don’t want when browsing in this app.

  • Impossible Engineering.
  • Extreme Engineering.
  • Epic Engineering. 
  • Myth Busters.
  • Smash Lab. 
  • Build It Bigger.
  • Skyscrapers: Engineering the Future. 
  • Street Science.
  • Last Days of Pompeii.
  • In Orbit: How Satellites Rule Our World. 
  • WWII In the Pacific.
  • WWII: Masters of War.
  • Life After Chernobyl. 
  • America’s Civil War.
  • Against the Odds.
  • Hometown: Ben’s Workshop.
  • Walking the Nile.
high school video streaming options

Heads Up: Most of the videos in this post of Educational Streaming for Junior High is also applicable for high school.

High School Video Streaming Options on Amazon Prime

Built into your Amazon Prime membership is access to Prime Video, which includes tons of educational programs for high school students! Not all of the video content featured on Prime Video is free of charge, but many of the videos are included with your Prime membership for free.

I find it a struggle to browse the online catalog, but with patience, you can find quite a few streaming video options for educational content. Here are a few we found for high school-aged students:

  • Elon Musk: The Real Ironman LIfe
  • Famous People of the World
  • The Science of Secrecy

High School Video Streaming From Netflix

The best thing about Netflix is that your television is probably already ready to play from this popular service. You’ll probably find more educational content you’d like to watch with your teen, but here is a short list to get you started.

  • Abstract.
  • Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know
  • Connected
  • Explained
  • The Mind, Explained
  • The Social Dilemna
educational programs for high school students

High School Streaming Options on Hulu

If you have a high school student, Hulu is definitely one of the best streaming options out there. You can watch tons of TV shows and movies, plus there are some great educational resources available. You can find high school-specific content on Hulu, whether you’re looking for entertainment shows or something to help with topical studies.

Here are a few of the Hulu programs worth mentioning:

  • Game Changers
  • Aquarela
  • SurvivorMan
  • NASA X
  • What On Earth?

Educational Programs for High School Students on YouTube

The amount of content available on YouTube to explain just about anything you need to know is growing at an unprecedented rate, and that’s why YouTube is on this list of our favorite high school video streaming options!

We could never even begin to list all of the great content you can find for your high school student on Youtube, but we’ve included a shortlist of some of the best channels to explore educational content with your teen.

This is a great starting point! Be sure to add your favorite channels in the comments so that we can enjoy them too.

Basically, any time you have a question about how something works, how to do something, or how to solve a problem you can find the answers to your question or your teen’s question on YouTube.

  • Kahn Academy Math Lessons
  • Crash Course
  • Numberphile
  • Ted-ED
  • Bright Storm
  • Learn Math Tutorials
  • Veritasium
  • MIT Open Courseware
  • TecMath
  • Big Think
  • The Art Assignment
  • The Brain Scoop
  • Primed

Specifically for Homeschoolers! Streaming Content on Schoolhouse Teachers.

Schoolhouse Teachers has a huge collection of media content already curated and filtered for homeschoolers, perfect for high school video streaming.

You’ll love the resources in this membership, especially access to the video content in the membership.

Favorite Educational Programs for High School Students

If you're looking for some high school video streaming options for your homeschool, we've compiled a list of our favorites. Check out and see if these educational programs for high school students become your favorites too!

Not everything educational program you discover online is truly fit for the eyes of high school students, so I hope you were able to take some of these recommendations and apply them to your homeschool!

Do you have more to add? Let us know what you think is worth watching for in the comments!

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