2022 Update Disney’s LGBT agenda forced me to cancel our Disney World Vacation- Boycott Disney

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2022 UPDATE: This post was written in 2017 after Disney insinuated that a character from the live action version of Beauty and the Beast was a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

I was laughed at, mocked, and made an example of by news outlets, bloggers, and left wing activists. Yet, my stance stayed strong and my warning remained true.

Disney’s recent actions and announcements regarding their disapproval of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill have proved that the company no longer has your child’s wellbeing at heart.

I encourage you to read this below words regarding my announcement of the boycott in 2017, as well as the related posts, and then this continuation post regarding Disney’s recent decision to battle Florida in grooming your children.

The Story of the 2017 Disney Boycott Call

Stop fussing at women who are just trying to be good mamas.

WARNING: This post is based on my very conservative opinion and my own Christian, Bible-based, beliefs. I may not agree with your choices, but I love all people, no matter your race, ethnicity, political beliefs and/or lifestyle choices. We chose to boycott Disney, but your choices are between you and God.


Disney's LGBT agenda forced me to cancel our Disney World Vacation- Boycott Disney - The Fervent Mama: So, if you're following me, we've officially come to the conclusion that we won't be seeing the live action version of "Beauty and the Beast" and we've canceled our $6000 multi-family Disney World Vacation. We chose to boycott Disney.

Disney is obviously a pretty magical place. I mean, despite all the things I said about our first Disney vacation last year, I admitted that we’d be going back this year. Unfortunately I’m eating my words, because as of now, we won’t be going to Disney this year and I’ve got a pretty sad little girl on my hands.

I called Disney to book our vacation on the same day that the director, and some of the cast, of the live action version “Beauty and the Beast” announced that the movie would have an ‘exclusively gay moment’.

What are the odds? Fortunately, I had asked the cast member to place our reservation on a 3 day hold to confirm details with the other members of our group. Which means I didn’t even have to call and cancel.

Disney's Minnie and Mickey Mouse waving from a float

You should also know that we’ve been waiting for the live action “Beauty and the Beast” for months. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have a princess obsessed little girl on my hands. She is a Disney character every day, and literally talks about last years trip every single day.

As I’m typing this, she’s sitting on the sofa in her Belle dress. However, our plans to see the live action “Beauty and the Beast” as a family were brought to a screeching halt when we found out the news that Lefou had ‘feelings’ for Gaston in the new movie.

So, if you’re following me, we’ve officially come to the conclusion that we won’t be seeing the live action version of “Beauty and the Beast” and we’ve cancelled our $6000 Disney World Vacation. We chose to boycott Disney.

I know what you’re thinking, if you boycott all the things that support an agenda you don’t agree with, you’d have nothing. So let’s be clear, I’m not going to boycott Disney because they support something I don’t.

Despite their unofficial “Gay Days” that have gone on since the 90’s(?). I know that Disney aired a lesbian couple on the popular television show Good Luck Charlie in 2014. I know that the LGBT community pleaded for Elsa to make the ‘turn’ too. But we went to Disney just last year.

The difference? We made the choice to not watch Good Luck Charlie. I won’t visit Disney during gay-week. And if Elsa were to make an ‘announcement’ we would no longer be Frozen fans either.

There comes a point where you have to take a stand for the things you believe in, this is my stand.

If we’re being honest, there’s a lot of things we’ve stopped doing. We don’t even bother with rated R movies, because I hate the language, and the near pornographic scenes. I’ve walked out, or turned off, many PG-13 movies for the same reason.

I refuse to use the regular bathrooms at Target and if the family room has a line, then we leave. Some of the most popular shows (Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Quantico, This Is Us, Greys Anatomy, The Good Wife, etc.), most of which air on ABC, a Disney owned network, revealed exclusively LGBT characters.

We cut our cable years ago because we refused to pay for things we weren’t able to watch. Even the commercials make me cringe. Which is what brings me to my next point.

If we were to boycott every company we didn’t agree with, we’d have a small list. We’d have to make our own clothes and grow our own food- which doesn’t seem too farfetched at this point.

statue of walt disney and mickey in front of the Magic Kingdom Castle.

But, the point is what we choose to let our eyes see, our ears hear, our children over to, and directly give our dollars. Being entertained by the things that God declares sin is something Christians cannot do.

But, this goes far beyond Christianity. Even if you aren’t a Christian, this behavior should have you enraged. Are you okay with your kids being groomed? Being falsely instructed? Being used as pawns in the hands of adults?

Because this is where it takes us.

I’m not paying for simple entertainment that doesn’t accurately align with my personal beliefs.

Furthermore, since the news about “Beauty and the Beast” has come out- no pun intended- Disney is having to answer more and more for their LGBT agenda. You’ll see that the Disney XD show “Star v.s. the Forces of Evil” aired an episode this year where the lead characters are surrounded by others who take to kissing their neighbor during a boy band concert, many of which are the same sexual orientation.

This move made Disney’s first LGBT moment in a kids animation. Last fall, the creators of “Moana” mentioned in an interview with a liberal media source that they wouldn’t rule out an LGBT Disney princess. Director Ron Clements said, “It seems like the possibilities are pretty open at this point.” WHAT?!

Disney isn’t just aiming their efforts towards parent’s of Disney-aged children anymore. They are pointing a desperate finger at the innocence of our youth. Disney is targeting our youth like they’re aiming at big game on a corporate hunting trip.

They are banking on corrupting the purity of a child’s mind for the 1%. They are no longer making watching a choice, but by forcing it to become mainstream. Disney is telling the conservative family, the Christian public, that they’re views hold no worth.

They’re subtly encouraging you to conform your ways. (Mark 13:22)

At this point, Disney is proudly looming over your morals and values and eerily cackling like a villain in one of their own classic fairy tales.

So why can’t I just boycott the live action “Beauty and the Beast” and still go to Disney World? Well, the fact of the matter is that if Disney is so boldly including it in their movies and television shows, then soon they’ll have to follow suit and include it in their skits and park rides.

Who’s to say that an adapted theater version of “Beauty and the Beast” won’t be shown in Hollywood Studios this year? Mark my words, I won’t be ‘entertained’ by something that doesn’t align with my religious beliefs. Which definitely means I won’t pay for it.

Next Disney will be talking about teen sex, abortions, and pedophilia in efforts to normalize these issues to children as well. If you don’t step up, they’re coming for you next.

If you feel like me, maybe you’ll want to take a stand too. I encourage you to sign this petition asking that Disney reconsider their position. Boycott Disney and let them know that your values, morals, and beliefs mean something too. You can also sign OneMillionMoms.com petition here.

Let’s let our children be children. Don’t include them in your efforts to create a politically correct stance.

So, in place of our family’s Disney Vacation, we’ve decided to head back to Branson, Missouri! Branson is our family’s favorite vacation spot! Check back for more about planning our family vacation to Branson, MO.

Let us know your thoughts about Disney’s LGBT agenda and tell us if you signed the petition!

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  1. A. Springer says:

    I was going to leave an angry, snarky reply, being an open minded liberal, but I paused for a moment and reconsidered.

    You are voicing your opinion (which is totally fair) and doing so with your money (which is also totally fair), and though I may strongly disagree with your opinion, I can’t fault your actions a bit.

    This post, on the other hand, to me, violates James 1:26 (as well as other verses, but let’s just post this one). I’m guessing you feel otherwise. And that’s okay, too.

    So, boycott Disney if you feel it is your moral obligation to do so. I do exactly the same thing with businesses I disagree with.

  2. I think you will find most theme parks are accepting of all families and beliefs but in Orlando, there is another option for christian families:

    My only caution: the world will become extremely limited to you and your family if you only choose to engage with others who only think like you do. I hope you find something to meet the needs of your family and that this doesn’t hinder your family’s ability to truly accept and love others in the future.

  3. Hi,

    I read your post because it is circulating around FB – which I’m sure you know. I’m also sure you know that it is a topic of contention and has been seen as hurtful. I am not going to say that you are wrong! You are not. However, I don’t agree with your views on homosexuality, personally. But that’s ok. It is good that we can express our beliefs and have good heartfelt discussion while not seeing eye to eye.
    I do have one question though (well, two parts to one question, and it probably has a bit of a statement tucked in there): Are you hoping to hide that homosexuality, transgenderism, and the LGBT community exists from your family? If you are not ready to explain these things to your children, I understand – each parent reserves the right to expose their children to the world in their own way and in their own time. In fact, it is your job to make those judgement calls – so its not just your right, it is your obligation. However, you do realize that the majority of history teaches us that when parents hide parts of reality from their children, their children do lash out and rebel when they are old enough to. It is possible that these boycotts, while perfectly reasonable, could have a negative long-term effect and could end up making your children resent you for what they feel were sacrifices you forced on them. I believe in each individual’s right to their faith. I also believe that one’s faith or belief system can be shook to the core if not solid to begin with.
    I bet your faith is much stronger than you are currently crediting. You could see B&tB first, or ask a friend who has seen it first what the scene is really like – maybe it is a token scene that doesn’t need to be explained, or maybe it is a scene that makes homosexuality actually look inappropriate (in which you won’t need to explain a thing to your children.) or, perhaps you see it, you explain to your children your household’s beliefs and that this is an example of the world not all agreeing on what is morally correct. You can teach your children that the rest of the world is misguided.
    Again, I want to applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. Right now, especially when it comes to Disney – you are in a minority mindset, and it can be difficult to speak out. I just fear that you might be sending your children a message you never intended to send them. The long-term result might be upsetting.

  4. C. Bawnes says:

    I personally vehemently disagree with you and I very much approve of the way Disney is getting with the times (In my view) but I respect your stance. I understand boycotting Disney- I’ve boycotted a lot of brands associated with Trump for the same (though politically opposite) reasons. I encourage standing up for your own beliefs, and I think you’re doing a fairly respectful job of it. I would just warn against sheltering your kids- obviously you can protect them from things you don’t want them to see, but I don’t think you should prevent them from being educated about other walks of life as they get older. I have the same problem with my own family, trying to keep my own liberal views balanced with knowledge of healthy conservative values. I think that as long as there’s mutual respect between different points of view, opposing perspectives can exist harmoniously. I respect your opinion and appreciate that you’re not trying to force it on others- I hope you’ll extend the same courtesy to us liberals.

  5. I completely understand where you are coming from. We will also not be seeing this movie, and I was looking so forward to it. I am starting to stray away from Disney which hasn’t been easy as I was a huge Disney fan growing up. The thing is, like so many other people have said on here… you have to stand up for your beliefs no matter the cost. I hope you stay encouraged, because there are a lot of wolves out there who will tear you down for speaking your opinions on your belief. Stay strong and remember that all those who give you backlash need prayer most of all.

  6. Your money, your family, your choice. The important word is “choice”. We all have the right to make our own choices, you made yours, Disney made the theirs.

  7. I deeply respect you have conservative views, but describing Disney as the villain for including the LGBT community hurts me. I am a gay man who would never want you to be excluded as a Christian, and I would like to think that as a Christian you would never want me to be turned away.

  8. I don’t share your beliefs, but it’s your choice – your right – to spend your vacation where you want. Enjoy Branson.

  9. While our beliefs may differ, I must say I respect your decision. Most people who follow a certain faith may be “all talk,” (ie, say they believe something when their actions show otherwise). Very rarely in today’s society do we see people truly living by their morals that they have dedicated to. The United States was founded on Christian principles, and I feel many people forget that. Yes, we pride ourselves with being a “melting pot” for diverse ranges of peoples to live their highest quality of life, but I feel it is hypocritical of people to tell you not to live by the morals you truly believe.

  10. That’s great to see you are a very protective mom. It sounds like you are very present in your daughters life and that’s awesome. It’s too bad that what you call the 1% has that much power over your lives. Hopefully you got the $6,000.00 back because that is a boat load of money to spend on a Disney vacation. I do have an opinion being raised in a very strict Christian household, that eventually all fell apart. What I learned is the least Christ like people are the ones who were legalistic. So that’s my thoughts, being exposed to different types and walks of people is a good thing. Hope you can see one day that everyone is not like you and that’s not a bad thing. I’m sure if your family met me we would have a lot in common and probably get along but because I fall in a certain category your current views would prohibit that from ever happening.
    Best Regards

  11. Cheryl Harkey says:

    Well then that Ark in Kentucky just might be the family vacation destination for you!!!!!

  12. Hi there. I am a Christian. I am also a Disney cast member. I also work in the entertainment department of all places. I understand you can have your beliefs and opinions AND you can choose to keep your children away from what you think is wrong. That’s great. But I just wanted to reach out to you as a brother In Christ, asking how does this action and the blog post show Christs love?
    And saying that I mean, how would an unbeliever look at this and say I want to know who Christ is?
    As I’ve read through Jesus’ teachings, I remember a when a man said, “which commandment is the greatest of these?” And Jesus replied, “love the Lord your God with all your mind, souls, and strength. And love you neighbor as yourself.”
    As a cast member here, if I were to separate myself from people who didn’t agree with my beliefs, how would they see the love of Jesus? Are we not the church? Are we not the hands and feet?
    My question to myself everyday, is how can I love someone through action, now by words alone? I pray for God to help me better understand love and how to show it to others. I refuse to believe that homosexualism should be seen differently than, say a pathological liar, an obese person gorging themselves, someone gossiping, a prostitute etc etc etc. anyone with sin.
    You said it perfectly from the start. SO perfect.
    “I may not agree with your choices, but I love all people, no matter your race, political beliefs, lifestyle choices.”
    Like that’s it! We DONT have to agree. Sin is horrible and we aren’t exempt either. But Praise JESUS He can clear our slates And give us what we need to live a life for Him. Yes it’s odd and kinda crazy seeing where this world is going, but are we to be surprised?! We know it’s going to get worse! But thank JESUS that we have Him and we can be a brighter light in a darker world. But the ONLY way to be a light that atttracts is one with love and acceptance. Not accepting their life choices. But accepting THEM. The Human being God made. I pray the Lord continue to bring the church to a new understanding of what Love REALLY is.

  13. I have a gay sect in my family and I love them and have more fun with them than any others. However, they even think this is wrong. Children shouldn’t be having to consider things that aren’t natural at such a young age. Disney shouldn’t be promoting it on any level. My boycott started two years ago, and continues on. They are one of the 6 that control all our news and they lie as well.

  14. Hard Truth says:

    The hipocrisy of the LGBT deviants amuses me. They want love and inclusion for all, but your objection to their views is ostrasized as archaic and invalid while you need to absorb their views as equality for all. If every human were LGBT there would be no more humans. Procreation is not a commodity you can farm out to surrogates beacuse you want a little “family”. If you’re LGBT own it and own the fact you get no kids, you make no kids. You chose your life of no creation. You can’t have it both ways. Just like you call out this poor lady for the life she chose for her family. We are a species, we evolve and survive thru procreation. LGBT simply cannot without compromising their beliefs. End of species.

  15. I thank you for expressing your thoughts so effectively, and for raising your children with a moral code. You are a wonderful example. I respectfully disagree with your view.

    We too are a deeply church rooted Christian family. Church every Sunday, youth group on Thursday, Church camp for a week every summer, and VBS. What we forgot to do was say it was okay to be all those things, and also be different. My nephew took his own life, because he could not tell his parents he had feelings for a male friend. That same male friend, knew, and said nothing, because he did not want to upset his parents.

    Stick to your beliefs, we do, but let your little ones know there are some people that are different. There will ALWAYS be gay people. If you let your child know that those people are not condemned by Christ, maybe they will help someone like our Tim someday, and save a life.

    My son misses his cousin every day, and wishes he could have offered him support, instead of scorn.

  16. An American says:

    At some point the far left went too far with their agendas. I’m with you in your beliefs. To me places like Disney parks should cater largely to children and families , sticking close to a value system that represents the overwhelming majority.
    What I find most repulsive , and we’ve seen it truly ramp up in the past 8 years or so , is the mass shunning by the left of anything mainstream. Whether it’s an awards show , a theme park , a Broadway show or even just a publicly broadcasted variety show , the pandering and over the top patronization for ANYone that is non white , non male , non Christian , non heterosexual and non American is not only laughable , it’s indicative of a society that has allowed PC liberals to turn the fundamental principles of our nation into shambles. There are some things that are still taboo I suppose , but God forbid we should focus there because the immoral left will shove that down our throats and call that inclusion.

  17. legoland is amazing and they have great female characters too. there is one about 30 mins from orland…. we go every year and havent done disney. there is also one in carlsbad,ca (we went a few years ago so i might be mistaken). we rent an amazibg 8 bd house with different kid friendly (very interactive, one has the lion, witch, and the wardrobe and you enter through a hutch in a closet in the neighboring room!) so so fun! and theres a pool and hottub and grill. one year we didnt leave the house for several days bc they were having so much fun at the hiuse! also a season pass to legoland is around $100 and gets you into other places too. Sometimes we also make a trip to Tampa for a day at the beach. They absolutely adore Clearwater Beach and it’s an incredibly kid friendly Beach. All of that to say, I hope you’ll be able to find an alternative vacation plan that works for your family. We are definitely happy with ours 🙂

  18. Signed. I am with you on this.

  19. Paul Mills says:

    I do not have a problem with whatever you want to be. People need to be who they believe they are no matter what. My problem comes in the promotion of it. Advertising it. The way things are going, soon it will be OK to be a paedophile or a drug dealer because that is your choice in life. And before you say that is illegal, being gay was, not so very long ago. So be careful what you wish for.

  20. I support you totally and am cancelling my membership in the Disney Movie Club. We are Christian senior citizens and am disgusted by this agenda. I am positive Walt is spinning in his grave.

  21. Joan Rivers says:

    I agree completely. It’s disgusting what Disney has come to. I think this is ridiculous. Let kids be kids. Don’t force this gay stuff into their minds. I have basically cut away from TV. Everytime I turn around, there’s lesbian kissing, gay couples, etc. It’s sad what this world has come to

  22. “Next Disney will be talking about teen sex and abortions in efforts to normalize these issues to children as well-” you mean the wildly popular show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which aired on ABC Family which is owned by Disney?

    OOP there it is.

  23. I agree 100%. I don’t feel like you are portraying yourself or your family as “victims” nor do I feel you are being unreasonable. This is how YOU feel and what YOU are doing in response to that. I am in absolute agreement – we can make our feelings known quite well with how we choose to spend our time and money. And I believe, also, that Disney is absolutely promoting a “gay” agenda. In the animated Beauty and the Beast, Le Fou was quite enamored with Gaston, but it was like a puppy dog with his idol – I never read anything more than that into their relationship. Now, with the live action, perhaps they have ramped up the way Le Fou demonstrates his adoration – the question becomes – would we have noticed were it not for the director telling the media about the “exclusively gay moment”? Probably NOT. And that is why I feel it is Disney pushing an agenda. It could have been done, put into the movie, and some would have read into it, some would not. But Disney is going out of their way to put the spotlight on this one, tiny moment in the movie.

  24. You should still pack the kids up and go to Orlando. I highly recommend “The Holy Land Experience.” You mentioned “unofficial Gay Days” at WDW. That is in fact a grassroots effort not organized in any way by Disney. I’ve wondered for years why all the Christians who are offended by it don’t just organize their own yearly “Christian Days” at WDW on some other week. Instead of another attempt to drive change through a boycott (they haven’t worked so far), why not get all those people to sign on for a week of Christian-themed activities and events at an Orlando-area resort or two. Gay Days organizers book hotels off property and have ballrooms full of vendors’ fairs and dances and speeches and all sorts of stuff. You could organizer a similar sorta Christian Convention. Then to show your strength in numbers, at least one day during the weekend (I am thinking Saturday, but maybe Sunday would be more appropriate in the minds of others) everybody go to the Magic Kingdom wearing the same color, so everyone else knows your there to share “the happiest place on Earth” in fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ … feel the safety of being in a crowd of people just like you … don’t hide your light under a bushel, girl, let it shine! Are you old enough to remember Jim and Tammy Baker’s Heritage USA theme park outside Charlotte, N.C.? Have you taken your children to Dollywood? Lastly, then I’ll shut up, did you know that a lot of the gays are NOT happy about that character in the new “Beauty and The Beast” movie?

  25. Disney is a wonderful vacation..we plan on going back. This would never stop me from this wonderful fun place.

  26. You are absolutely right. We live in a time, where the media trys to push an agenda making wrong seem perfectly fine. The truth is in the scripture, and people will say you are closed minded for that. The truth lies in the one true word, and that is God. I think you are making a very reasonable decision, and a stand for the truth. God bless you. Ecclesiates 3:11- God has placed eternity in the heart of all man.

  27. High five girl! You’re actually doing the smart, Christian thing to do – putting your money where your mouth is! Because at the end of the day it’s not about being rude to the gay person at the coffee shop or never shopping at Target, it’s about not contributing financially to an empire that is not going to impact your family in eternity, and who has no intentions of leaving their LGBT agenda long enough to truly make a family enjoyable film. I loved their diversity in Moana, I loved their remake of Cinderella, and I love most of their classics. I no longer have cable or watch ABC shows for that same reason. Stop shoving this down my family’s throats and I would reconsider. Haters gonna hate anyways, your boycott doesn’t affect their ability to do as they please in any way shape or form.

    I feel like we’re the three Hebrews before Nebuchadnezzar; we are not bowing down to their idols or worshiping their god. Period. Throw us in the furnace if that helps you feel better about yourself.

  28. It’s amazing to me how close-minded people can be in this day and age. I would NEVER EVER spend a dollar at Disney…not because of any political agenda, but because I’d rather spend my hard earned money on something much more special and personal with my children. I was anti-Disney BEFORE this argument but hearing the issues with the LGBT community just enrages me even more. Disney is a rip off and a joke to our society.

  29. Ed Farmer says:

    Fortunately, there are still good people like you in this world. Understanding God’s plan isn’t always easy. Certainly there will be those who do not understand. Keep on doing what you know is right!
    Our love for Christ is the most important thing in our lives. Forever may we carry that love! Forever may His love be with us!

  30. The great thing about America is that you can raise your family with your values and other people can raise their families with their values. As long as we can all respect each other’s right to make those choices we’ll all be ok.

  31. John Q. Public says:

    It’s about holding on your beliefs. And those beliefs thhat do not agree with what Disney is doing. They’re looking a the dollar signs, they could care less about what you think. It’s the almighty dollar that they worship. Hang true to what you believe in. Stand strong. It’s said in the bible (just paraphrasing here) when wrong things will be made to look right. And the right to go made to look evil. You’re in good company, stand strong in your faith.

  32. So I normally don’t comment on blog posts but I’m very passionate about this subject. I’m actually a Cast Member and I’m also a Christian. I agree with your beliefs on homosexuality but I don’t agree with your stance on boycotting Disney. Why? Because Jesus never boycotted any sinner. He interacted with sinners every day, and that’s how Jesus made Such a huge impact. He showed love to the world by being interested in individuals lives and sharing the news of His father. I’m friends with several gay guys and they’re really great people. Do I agree with their lifestyle? No. but I choose to be their friend in hopes that they will see Jesus through me. So what I would really like to encourage you to do is reconsider your Disney trip. Cancelling your vacation isn’t going to stop Disney. However, you can make a huge impact by turning your vacation into more than just fun. You can greatly impact cast member, guests, performers, etc. simply by giving a kind word or nice gesture. It could even be a learning experience for your kids on how we as Christians are to show God’s love to everyone despite their sin. I hope that this is any way doesn’t offend or upset you. This is just my personal belief and my hope for Disney as a whole to be impacted in a positive way.

  33. Chuck Bass says:

    No hate aimed at you. Your choices are yours. And you’re not trying to force your beliefs on me. So by all means, follow your beliefs. Be proud of them.
    But I am equally proud of mine. I am LBGT. And I am glad to see Disney doing this.
    The great thing about freedom is we can disagree and still live in peace. And as long as your not trying to force your beliefs on me and mine, then I wish you happiness and joy in your life.

  34. I completely agree with your stand! I am sick of this agenda being forced on the public. I love all people, but cannot support that agenda. God loves all people, but doesn’t love sin. He expects repentance and a change of lifestyle and heart. He isn’t into tolerance, he is into repentance. Sexualizing children is wrong! Disney is way out of line!

  35. Cindee khakdoust says:

    If you knew how Walt Disney would turn over in his grave crying at what his company has become. It is modern day slavery, poor pay, the mean managers, and bullies who steal anything they can. I guarantee you -no one would work at the parks- without the free passes-for themselves and family. I see a bunch of unhappy souls. The Company is run by crooks. And look at ABC , trash tv. It is a disgrace, no I don’t watch trash tv. Please take your kids to the beautiful mountains of Virginia or Colorado or somewhere in nature. Better for your soul. I love Walt Disney for what he created. Remember he told Annette Funnicello to Not uncover her navel (like the other girls), in the Mickey Mouse club? He was a moral guy who cared a whole bunch.

  36. Kelli Watkins says:

    God bless you!! Thank you for this post as a Christian mama. I’ve read others that just turn the other cheek to the movie.

  37. Your choice. Own it. No one forced you to do anything. Wording changes to: I decided not to go to Disney. Simple.
    The post is victimization of you and your family.
    You made your choice, it’s all good. Go or don’t go. There are other vacations, go on one you’ll enjoy. Don’t blame others for your choices.

  38. Disney promotes all “families”. We each make our way in this world. You stick to your beliefs, teach your children well. Don’t think Disney will “exclude” those you do not approve of, or they would be catering to a lot of different ideas. In my opinion, better to love and have a great time in a family friendly place. No one is asking you to change!

  39. Christine says:

    I think it’s great that you are staying firm to your beliefs. I will be going to see it first before taking my children to see it. I want to see if it’s just one quick scene or if the character is acting as such throughout. I rewatched Beauty and the Beast and noticed he had the mannerism during a lot of the movie if you pay close attention. Though being an adult I was able to catch those things, my girls however didn’t. Also, I live in St Louis, and Branson is a place we like to go as well. I just want to forewarn you the city council of Brandon is wanting to become more LGBT oriented. I ran into a council member this past weekend because many come to the area for Mardi Gras, and we got into a discussion that they wanted to increase revenue in the area and that the LGBT community and allies usually are the ones that make the economy skyrocket because of such events. As well they are wanting to lose the “80 year old flag waving” label; but I told them that I liked how the area was and how it was comfortable for my family. So just a heads up, because they are targeting this summer to be the switch, and I’d hate for you to have to reschedule another trip.

  40. Think of all the money you saved by not going to a Disney Theme park! I went two weeks ago and spent more than $1000 on a single day – not counting the other expenses associated with travel and hotels. I hope you found something gracious to do with the money you saved, like feeding homeless people or something.

  41. I will be seeing Beauty and The Beast because I am an adult and love the princesses. However if i Had small children I would not be bringing them. I have gay friends, some of my very best friends and I love them dearly. No judgment here. But Walt meant for Disney to be family friendly and these topics are to be discussed with ones own children based on ones own beliefs, not subtly hinted at in what is supposed to be a family friendly movie. This can raise questions that parents don’t want to answer until a later time. We all have the right to our beliefs and values and this is absolutely an agenda to normalize what should be discussed by parents when they choose to. My parents sheltered us growing up and protected us, there is no reason to rush information and shoving what Disney considers normal down our childrens throats.

  42. You are absolutely entitled to your beliefs but you need to remember: Disney is the most gay-friendly company in America. The president of the Magic Kingdom is gay. Many well-known Imagineers are gay. Many of the everyday cast members you interact with at Disney are gay. You’ll see many same sex couples there all during the year. So if you’re uncomfortable with that, by all means, take your money elsewhere and have a wonderful time. But just know that there’s no way Disney is going to back down on this.

  43. I loved going to Branson as child, great alternative! In fact, my son is heading there with our school band this year and I am so excited for him!

  44. We all get to make choices in what we represent and feel is best for us and our family based on what the Bible tells us

  45. I am very particular about where I spend my money, always have been. In the US, especially, we do vote with our dollars. It’s wise to hold to your beliefs.

  46. I was so bummed when I found out what Disney was doing in the live remake of Beauty and the Beast. I was so looking forward to it and now I’m going to boycott it.

  47. Good for you. I love your solid stance for standing strong for Bible standards that God gives us.

  48. I’m with you, girl – i ain’t supportin dat either 🙂

  49. I agree with you and just because we dont support does not mean hate which is what a lot of people will think

    1. I agree – although my Christian beliefs do not align, I appreciate the non-hateful way this entire post was handled. If we can all talk it out as God’s children, being mindful of how we are to treat one another based on His words, we can’t go too far astray.

    2. I said the same thing to myself recently. There comes a point in life where we need to stand up for what we believe in! This is a hate statement. I have gay friends that I have known for years! I love them but loving them has nothing to do with supporting them. I am sorry for all the hate mail. Apparently christians aren’t allowed to have their opinions even though we expressed or address before hand that it isn’t about hate. I hate for people that are making that assumption see what real hate is.

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