NINE Family-Friendly Things to Do in Branson, MO. - The Fervent Mama: These are some places you'll definitely want to add to your itinerary for the next time you visit Branson.

TEN Family Friendly Things to Do in Branson

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If you haven’t caught my excitement yet, you’re missing out. I’ve been talking about our vacation to Branson for weeks now via Instagram and Facebook. It’s finally here and I’m so excited. NINE whole days in one of my favorite places on the Earth. I think I’d have to dub the other as Dirt Cheap. Lagniappe.

NINE Family-Friendly Things to Do in Branson, MO. - The Fervent Mama: These are some places you'll definitely want to add to your itinerary for the next time you visit Branson.

Of course we’re naming some of the obvious places here, but I’ve also got a few hidden gems up my sleeve too. These are some places you won’t want to miss out on and definitely want to add to your itinerary next time you visit Branson.

9 Family Friendly Things to do in Branson

Wild Animal Safari

This has got to be on the top of our list for favorite attractions! While you can choose to drive yourself through the park, I seriously suggest hopping on a bus with a guide. From the kids to the adults, everyone has a blast with the amazing tour guides and you’ll be totally wilding out on this safari ride. It’s a great time, the animals are gorgeous, and you get to feed them right from the bus!
P.S. Tickets are cheaper if you purchase them online

Silver Dollar City

Who doesn’t love this place? From the family atmosphere to the amazing food, Silver Dollar City is a real winner. They’ve got everything from large rides, to a space completely dedicated to kids with smaller rides. If you enjoy craftsmanship and scenery, this is definitely your kind of place. Sitting for shows, listening to Gospel music, and being with your family, what’s not to love?

Sight and Sound

Okay, this one is in my top three too. Just don’t make me choose, please. Sight and Sound is a theatre with live performances of well-known Bible stories. The first year we went, we seen Jonah and the kids were completely mesmerized. This year, Johannah is so excited to see Moses. Every year they put together a new show, so don’t skip out next time!

Talking Rocks Tavern

Branson has a whole list of caves that you can choose to visit, but even as a little girl Talking Rocks was my favorite. It’s amazing to see God’s creation, even from below the ground! Seeing all the wonders of the world just makes me a little giddy over Heaven. We love walking down the slick “tunnels” to reach the bottom, and then heading back up to see the beauty all over again!

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Dixie Stampede

Who can head to the mountains without visiting Dolly’s famous attraction? My father-in-law usually asks to visit twice, he loves it that much! This pregnant lady is just ready for an apple turnover, and I’m sure my kiddos are only in it to see the show. I already know that Johannah is gonna freak out over all the Belles and I’m sure she’ll consider them princesses.

Grand Country

This will be our first year staying here, and we’re only staying for two days but I’m ready to see the kids splashing around! This indoor/outdoor waterpark From what I get, it’s kind of like a Great Wolfe Lodge? Correct me on that if I’m wrong. But Johannah is so excited to be staying at the waterpark. Honestly, I thought it was gonna be expensive, but it was actually fairly priced. We got a package deal for two nights, two shows, pizza, and an arcade credit for cheaper than two nights at a mediocre hotel!


As a kid, my grandparents took me to Branson on more than one occasion. I give all credit to them when it comes to my love for the family-friendly place! I first saw the Baldknobbers with them, and I remember taking my little disposable camera and snapping a photo of the man who can pull his lip over his nose. It’s such a unique, and fun, show for all ages! I really, really, hope we get a chance to visit this year so I can relive my childhood memories!

Branson Scenic Railway 

Branson still surprises me with these little hideaway places. Even after visiting multiple times, this is my first time discovering the railway. Not only is it a train museum, but you can also take a train ride through the Ozark’s. Having a train-obsessed little boy, we are trying to fit this in somewhere in our busy schedule. Vacation isn’t really for relaxing, right? If it is, somebody tell my kids.

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

Look, it isn’t the most spectacular views or fun. But if you’re looking for a cheap attraction to burn some time, the fish hatchery is for you. If you’re an outdoorsman or a homeschooler, you may just learn a few things too! My kids love coming here and feeding all the different sized fish. Just watch that they don’t fall into the tanks. I can’t say if it has or hasn’t happened yet, because I won’t jinx us.

Fritz Adventures

Fritz Adventures is an 80,000 square foot indoor/outdoor fun facility for all ages. Equipped with everything from a 4-story rope/ladder course to underground tunnels and a warped wall! Adventurers of all ages will enjoy climbing, jumping, exploring, and having a great time inside of the funplex! We had an amazing time and plan to go every visit!

I”m sure I’ve missed some attractions. But I’ve shared some of my favorites with you. What are your favorite family-friendly things to do in Branson? Share with me your hidden gems too!!

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