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Best Clean TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video

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With my most popular post ever being Clean TV Shows on Netflix, why not share some great clean tv shows on Amazon Prime Video?

We don’t have cable. Actually, we haven’t had cable in nearly 8 or so years. We have an over the air antenna that allows us to catch local channels and the news, but that’s it.

And I ain’t mad about it. I do occasionally miss HGTV, Food Network, and Discovery- but it wasn’t worth the price, or the filth, that you have to sort through to find something decent.

Because whether you’re a Christian or not, finding television that is both appropriate and family-friendly, is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Sexualization, adult content, violence, language- all things that concern me when we’re very family-centered. I like to watch clean tv shows that I wouldn’t mind my kids joining me in. 

I can’t be the only one there, right? Why are non-trashy television shows so hard to find!?

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Clean TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video


  • This list is based purely on my own opinions and is likely to change at any time as new seasons or shows are premiered.
  • At the time that this post was written, I had watched nearly every episode available of each of these shows. However, what is “clean” to me, may not be so to you. Use your own discretion.
  • An adult should consent to any recommended t.v. shows.
  • All streaming services change what they offer. I try to update this list as much as I can.
  • I have checked Christian Movie/TV Show review sites to be sure that I haven’t missed anything, and these all pass the bill for being clean shows to stream on Amazon.  


This detective-crime-drama was made by Christians FOR Christians. It follows a detective as he solves crimes and sees God move through each case.

This show is a little slow to start but has some great messages and each episode is a new story!


This remake of the popular British Inspector Morse is a very clean detective drama. See how a young inspector makes his own path to greatness and all the struggles he has along the way.

Because it’s a crime drama, I wouldn’t say that it’s appropriate for children. However, there is very little language or inappropriate content, making this a great clean tv show on Amazon Prime Video!

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

This is a great one for all ages! My seven year old has fallen in love with all the characters and the storyline. After losing her husband, this new doctor from the city is sent to a poor country town and has to work hard to get the respect of the people because of her gender!

She is a doctor, so there are a few issues that you need to watch for (birth), but everything is tasteful and some children may be completely oblivious. But that’s your warning. 🙂

Little Women

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, this new adaptation of a beloved story is fun, clean, and heart-warming! Illness, death, and poverty are strong foundational ideas throughout the whole series, but this can be appropriate for young viewers if it is interesting to them.

Pay close attention because this series is FAST.

Check out our list for clean streaming on Netflix!

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Titanic Blood and Steel

I wouldn’t say this is exactly family-friendly because it does deal with adult situations (life in general) and there really isn’t much that would excite children. But this story is very interesting as it’s told from a whistleblower perspective.

All in all, I wouldn’t be worried if my littles walked in while watching this.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

Three boys learn to deal with their grief after their father passes. They soon come across a book that he left for them that encourages them to pursue the world with adventurous intentions. 

This series is really fun and clean, but there are a couple of “insinuations” that may be inappropriate for children. But again, easy things that kids may not even pick up on.

The Andy Griffith Show

Classic, black and white, fun. We catch reruns of this show on a local channel and my kiddos love sitting together and watching Andy and Barney as they police the town! 

I don’t know how much cleaner a show could be. Don’t you wish they made them more like this? 

Avoid those awkward moments when watching movies with your kids by making sure that you check the reviews first!

These Christian Movie Review Sites include everything from profanity lists, sexual content information, to even consummerism! 

Chesapeake Shores

This is definitely an adult show as it’s central focus is on adults. However, this is another one that I surely wouldn’t mind my kids walking in on. Language, sexual content, and adult content kept at bay for this Hallmark produced series.

The main character is a high-powered and successful lawyer who is in the midst of a divorce and moves back to her hometown with her parents and children. You follow her life as she struggles to piece her life back together.

Just Add Magic

Personally, I don’t mind magic as long as it isn’t “dark”, and this family-friendly show on Amazon Prime Video is a great option. Honestly, I really enjoyed it as an adult. 

This show follows three young girls who are best friends and find a magic cookbook. They use the cookbook to do good in their community and “break” the town from evil!

Okay, in the spirit of spilling my guts, I watched the whole series before my kids and was so into it. Once I knew it was in the clear, we watched it together and it was still really good! 

Sense and Sensibility

This series adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel is a great one! I love the characters, the premise and the fact that it’s super clean. 

There are some portions that stick close to the book and others that are a little more theatrical in nature, but overall it’s a great raunch-free show on Amazon Prime. 

Looking for Kid-Safe Streaming options?

Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street

As an adult, this show was just clean fun. Seriously, it was adorable and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for fun and clean feel-good shows to stream. 

The series revolves around the main male teen character, Gortimer, who tells about life with his friends and his community as strange, but mostly good, things happen. 


I started watching this show and as an adult, it didn’t interest me very much. However, I think my kids would be into it. 

It’s a kid involved STEM forward show about robots and droids. Great reviews up until season four when they move more “mainstream” and add a “genderless” child in who throws the series up in arms.

I almost kicked it off the list, but the first three seasons are well done and educational.

The Kicks

This isn’t one that I’ve personally watched, however it had excellent reviews on all of the movie review sites that I searched, so that counts for something. 

Centered around a young girl who aspires to be a young soccer star, you can follow her journey to greatness as she faces adversity to become a great team leader on the field.

Little Dorrit

If you aren’t into Dickens, this one may not interest you. I tried getting into it but there’s something that I just can’t get over. 

From the reviews, there is an equal love-hate relationship for this adaptation of Dickens’ final work, so things could fall either way, here.

Lark Rise to Candleford


Follow along as a city girl heads to a poor town to learn the ropes of postmistress. It’s a great story with a clean storyline.

Again, slow to start but there are multiple seasons to follow so you can believe it gets better!

The Three Stooges

My kids have now deemed this old-time slapstick comedic trio as their “” and while I don’t “love it” I’m just glad they chose something that is as innocent as this. 

If you’re into quick, mindless, humor and storylines to escape from the mundane- this is for you!  

Bleak House

I watched this mini-series a while back and if my memory serves me right, it’s very clean. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to verify that with my regular review sites, so I’m relying on you guys! 

If I’m wrong, don’t let me go on this one and refresh my memory as to why! 

The series is an adaptation of Dickens’ classic novel “Bleak House” which is set in the 1800s. And really, it’s bleak.

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This list of clean tv shows on Amazon Prime Video get’s updated often! If you have a favorite show that you don’t see on this list, let us know so we can add it!

I wouldn’t say that all of these shows are necessarily “feel-good” because, well, time period dramas are sometimes a little dark and gloomy.

With the exception of a few, you can definitely feel good about watching these television shows with your kids and not having to have any awkward moments. 



  1. Thanks for this list! I’m going to use it!

    You start with a really good question — why are “non-trashy” shows so hard to find? I just tried to start an “Amazon Original” that was set in the old west. Opening seen was “swear word, can you believe that swear word swear word swear word”. I turned it off…and that’s what lead me to find this post.

    Like you, I can’t understand why television show and movie makers feel like they have to push the envelope as much as possible to trash. I also don’t understand why so many people (even Christians) put up with it instead of voting with their feet. If everybody who complains about the trash would stop consuming it, rather than excusing it, maybe the folks making the trash would clean up their act.

  2. Thank you for this… My wife and I stopped watching Poldark because of adultery/infidelity in Season 2. We read ahead on a wiki and it was to get worse. Shame, it seemed promising…

    1. I’m not saying you are wrong to have quit watching, nor ragging on you at all. But, I do want to point out a significant difference between the language, sex, and overall trash on shows today vs. television that deals with unfortunate life situations.

      Poldark does have very difficult life situations — but it is still a show that is not throwing incessant swearing, sex scenes, nudity, and blatant anti-family messaging in your face (marriage is bad, living together is good, Christians are idiots, homosexuality is normal/healty, etc, etc, etc).

      Poldark also does not paint the affair as a positive thing. And in fact brings the story back around, shows the pain caused and the consequences involved.

      So again, while I respect your opinion and decision, I will say to others looking at this site that I found Poldark to be a good show without the constant barrage of trash. It is not “family friendly” for kids, because it does deal with very difficult life situations. But as Brooke says, it’s not something that would be embarrassing if the kiddos walked in.

  3. Hey Brooke,

    Thanks for creating this list. I’m in my late thirties with no kids (but still hoping!). It’s so hard to find content that I feel comfortable with. It seems like the only things that aren’t loaded with immorality, vulgarity, and violence, are kids shows—and frankly, most of those are so dumbed down, I don’t think they’re really good for kids either. It’s nice to know there are still like-minded people out there.

    You might be interested in this site: They have a strong focus on providing clean entertainment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on there that made me feel uncomfortable.

    Thanks again!

  4. Just FYI, Dr. Quinn does have some language throughout (da.. and he..) so I quit watching it.

    Lark Rise to Candleford has adultery as an underlying theme so it may not be suitable for some as well.

    I’ll check out the other ones, though!



  6. Emily Hahn says:

    Sue Thomas: FBEye on upTV is great!

  7. Brandi Reaves says:

    Thank you SO much for this. Your post is an answer to prayer. My poor 8 year old can’t watch anything on Disney+ because of what we call “worldview issues.” I really appreciate this list!

  8. Qelilah Solomon says:

    I don’t know why people think that you have to have children at home in order to want to watch clean TV.
    I watch a show and I give it a chance for only 2 F words and I’m done. Remove it from my list and give it a thumbs down. I never use profanity and I’m not a Christian.
    I’m going to check out some of your choices
    Thank you for taking the time. I used to homeschool and edited my shows on my Betamax.
    Be safe

    1. I so totally agree! I enjoy adult stories because I am an adult, but I am so sick of f-bombs and graphic depictions of what can be better left to the imagination. So sad that great storylines, free of “cringe,” have become so hard to find.

  9. A.C. Ratone says:

    Here is some more:
    The Way We Live Now is very good little series. David Suchet (Hercule Peroit). Here he is not a lisping Belgian but a confident roaring voiced Victorian Jewish middle class businessman, the head of his little family clan. Original novel by Anthony Trollope from abut 1870 or so. Trollope was Dicken’s friend and rival.

    Canfield (free) and Back to Canfield (a.k.a. Canfield Season II) (pay) is a good Prime period costume show, something like Lark Rise to Candleford.

    And on Amazon DVD, Trollope’s the Forsyte Saga is *outstanding*. $18 currently. But 25 hour episodes! This is the wonderful and long 1966 version starring Susan Hampshire. Forsyte Saga was redone in later years (2002) but it was a pale and tidied up imitation, (they also changed the viewpoint of the story). The old version is more authentic to the novel and more dramatic. In the ’60s the British public voted on who is more right: Mrs Irene Forsyte (Susan Hampshire) or Mr. Soames Forsyte (Eric Porter), and the voting was very close. But in the new version his (Soames’) character was the ‘bad guy’. Unambiguous, one sided, and therefore sort of boring.

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