5 Ways Amazon Prime is Helping me Slay Motherhood

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If there was one service that consistently saved my lacking motherhood sanity, it would be Amazon Prime. I feel like I’m summoning the magic genie from a crazy lamp when I shop on there. I don’t think there’s a single product I can imagine up that isn’t found on Amazon.

Amazon Prime is helping me slay motherhood- The Fervent Mama: I made a big claim when I said that Amazon Prime makes motherhood easier, but I'm about to take that heavy claim a step further.....

We’ve been Amazon Prime users for years. We actually began with the free trial, got charged, and then I called for my money back. A few months later we realized just how valuable it was and have become members ever since. Literally, we don’t have a single regret about being faithful members.

I made a big claim when I said that Amazon Prime makes motherhood easier, but I’m about to take that heavy claim a step further. With motherhood comes homemaking, and sometimes homeschool. So, here’s to Amazon Prime helping mama’s all over the globe SLAY.

1. Two-Day Shipping

I was on Amazon recently when the “Money Saved on Shipping” bubble appeared and my jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t believe how much I had saved on shipping just since January. I purchased a $6 product the other day and got it shipped in two days for FREE. If I had to get it locally it would have cost me time, gas, frustration (kids in tow), and an extra $4. No thanks.

2. Prime Photos

Never run out of phone memory again because you can upload your photos directly to the cloud on Prime Photos. Amazon Prime offers an unlimited amount of photo storage in their cloud system for those who are Prime members and only charges a minimal fee to have them printed and shipped by Amazon. win-win. No more standing at a pharmacy machine that glitches.

3. Prime Videos 

FREE select t.v. and videos on unlimited streaming for Prime Members. Other videos and shows are available to rent or buy at a minimal fee. Amazon Video works a lot like Netflix, and you can watch via the Fire Stick or an app on your smart phone. Kids, watch all the t.v. and get out my face. Kidding, kidding.

4. Prime Pantry

Grocery, household and pet items shipped to your house whenever you need them for a small flat shipping fee. Guys, who doesn’t want to do their grocery shopping from the comfort of their own home? Save both time and money, never having to run to the store for periodic items.

5. Subscribe & Save

Get 20% off diapers and 5-15% off eligible other products when you choose to add them to your monthly subscription timeline. I am forever running out of diapers. Putting on the last diaper and then running to the store- while desperately praying that my child doesn’t poop-  to actually purchase the diapers and get back to the car.

There’s also a ton of other benefits that a membership to Amazon Prime brings; Prime Day, Amazon tech products (Echo and Kindle), Amazon tech services (Audible, Reader, and Music). They’ve figured out a way to cover it all and be sure that their service continues to be top notch.

I took the time to actually research the prices on brands and items that I purchase regularly. While Amazon’s prices were usually cheaper, there did have a few items that slipped up but were still within a couple dollars of my usual purchase. But this is where subscribe and save comes in handy with extra savings.

So what’s on my subscribe and save list? Each month I have a different setup, and at any time I can change those products to ship at a different time, skip a shipment, or add to my shipment. I’m getting closer and closer to never having to leave the house again, and I love it.

Sensodyne ProNamel Fresh Breath ToothpasteSensodyne ProNamel Fresh Breath ToothpasteCuties Baby Diapers, Size 6, 23-Count, 4 PackCuties Baby Diapers, Size 6, 23-Count, 4 PackAmazon Elements Baby Wipes, SensitiveAmazon Elements Baby Wipes, Sensitiveall Mighty Pacs Laundry Detergent, Free Clearall Mighty Pacs Laundry Detergent, Free ClearBrita Compatible Replacement Water FilterBrita Compatible Replacement Water FilterPlenty Ultra Premium Full Sheet Paper TowelsPlenty Ultra Premium Full Sheet Paper Towels

Next on my list is to set up Prime Pantry. Have I ever mentioned how much I love technology? And saving money? And FREE two-day shipping? Well, I do- and you should too. How did we ever make it before Amazon?

Have you signed up for Amazon Prime yet? What about Subscribe & Save? Give me more ideas to add to my list!


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