How to Make Homeschool Science Fun!

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Personally, in my own studies, Science was never a subject that I was interested in. I think it’s because I was a Christian public schooled kid who really struggled with some of the things I was being taught. 

When I think about a God who created all, and a Bible that details it’s history, Darwin and Old-Earth theories become a little more farfetched as I grew into a young woman that was confident in her faith. 

But now, being a homeschool parent, I can teach worldview from a Biblical perspective! Which means that I get to, and want to, make every moment bold and interesting. And that doesn’t stop when I feel a little overwhelmed with teaching Science. 

Take it from me, with four kids, being a business owner, pastor’s wife, homemaker, and homeschooler, things get pretty crazy here. But I try not to carry that over into our school days, here’s how I make all subjects, including homeschool Science fun!

How To Make Homeschool Science Fun

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Teach Everyone Together

This is a super easy tip that I really want you to consider. If you’re like me, you’re wondering how you can teach multiple ages and still be able to stay on-task and on-level. 

Well, there are so many ways to do this, but I want to share with you how teaching everyone together actually makes homeschooling fun. 

First, teaching everyone together takes the stress out of teaching multiples because you are all learning the same thing at the same time. Less time-consuming and taxing for the teacher.

Second, learning together is so much fun! You’re building memories and relationships, this is a bonding experience from the youngest to the oldest! 

If you’re looking to make homeschool science fun for everyone, this is my most favorite tip! Don’t hesitate in doing that today!

If you need more information on teaching multiple kids together, check out these posts; 

Interactive Activities

Hands-on activities are proven to hone in on ideas and really drive home what you’re learning. From hand-eye-mind coordination to concrete-pictorial-abstract, making homeschool Science fun means to be sure that you’re providing great things to do and new things to discover!

Kids love getting their hands dirty when learning. Think about ways that you can teach by using all of the senses. Let’s dive into that! 

Say you’re learning about Weather. How can you make this activity an interactive one? You could always get a weather ebook like this one, or maybe Water Cycle printable like this. But what about taste, smell, sound, feel?

Find things around your home to create the weather outside right now; cinnamon sticks for tree trunks, crushed leaves for limbs, cotton balls for clouds, pretzels for a log home. Maybe just have your children draw their favorite weather scene at their favorite place. You’ve just included Art!

Make a note of the weather in your area during the day, the night, and particular phenomenons that may happen in your area. Think about notebooking the weather for a few days, but encourage your kids to really go out an experience what the rain feels like, what the wind smells like, how the air moves through nature. Congrats! You’ve just encluded an English lesson!

What about a fun activity? Pinterest is an amazing resource to find fun activities to drive home themes that you’ve been learning about. For Weather fun, try out this Why Does it Rain Science Activity!

Unit Studies

I have a new found love for using unit studies in our homeschool! They are truly a great way to include every aspect of learning but still tied down to a specific aspect of interest so that everyone stays involved!

In lamens terms, unit studies are interest-based learning that includes all subjects at once. Above, I explained how you can tie learning about weather through multiple activities and still cover specific subjects. That is a good example of a Unit Study. 

Unit studies can be adapted for all ages, used to teach multiple kids at once, and can easily be altered for different topics.

If you haven’t been using unit studies in your homeschool, check out these posts! 

Videos, Games, Podcasts

When all else fails, let somebody else do the teaching. If you can find a great documentary like How Things Are Made, or maybe even a Youtube channel like Susan Evans or Answers in Genesis that’s great too!

There are also books like Smithsonian 10 Minute Science Experiments or Awesome Science Experiments for Kids.

If you’re looking for games, Cytosis has good reviews, and so does Science Ninjas.

If you have any fun Science games or Podcasts for kids that you love, don’t forget to tell us about them in the comments below!


What is Science without experiments?! Science is literally defined as knowledge gained by observation and experimentation.

Again, I’m throwing it all out on Pinterest, because I am literally not smart enough to make up my own experiments for every lesson. If I had to guess, the majority of you aren’t either. 

Thankfully, there are some AMAZING content creators and curriculum providers out there that I can turn to for areas like this. Felice from Media Angels is a perfect example!

She created the Teaching Science & Having Fun Ebook that includes a science scope and sequence for grades K-12, and includes lab information for chemistry, biology, and a physics lab along with many science book reviews, websites, and science vocabulary.

Along with that book, the bundle also includes her Science Fair Ebook! Then there is Creation Science, Creation Geology, Creation Anatomy, and Creation Astronomy

If you’re looking to make homeschool science fun, then Felice is your gal to help you make that happen!

All in all, don’t forget that homeschool is on your dime and on your time. Don’t rush it, overthink it, worry about it, or stress over it. All of that get’s pushed into your homeschool and you, alongside your children, begin to feel burnt out and overwhelmed. 

Aim to keep it simple and you’d be surprised at how making Science can be fun in your homeschool!

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