water cycle unit study - why does it rain

Water Cycle Unit Study: Why Does it Rain? Activities, Experiment & Ebook

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I am overly excited to share with you our very first Science Unit Study! I’ve been working my hardest trying to share the best homeschooling resources out there, and I really feel like we hit it out of the park with this one!

science unit study, water cycle unit study

Has your little one asked, “Why does it rain?” Have you been looking for resources to help teach your little one? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got you covered! We’ve created the perfect study for that beginner scientist with activities, an ebook, and even a fun rain experiment in our Water Cycle Unit Study!

It’s been a rainy year here in the south, which means our homeschoolers don’t get to go out and play as much as they’d like to. We try to do indoor activities, but they can get expensive and board games become so mundane. I really set out for our first year of homeschooling to be both fun and educational, which sometimes means just winging it.

I know that sounds completely crazy. Are you just winging it with your kid’s education? No. That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that sometimes we veer off the curriculum a little bit and make our own educational fun using what we have right here at home and our good ole imaginations.

Which is where The Water Cycle Unit Study came about. I thought that learning about what’s going on around us would definitely give a little more understanding as to “Why does it rain so much?” and maybe a little appreciation for what the rain means for us, instead of all of those “I hate the rain!” blues.

About The Science Unit Study

Water Cycle Unit Study: Why Does it Rain? - The Fervent Mama: Is your little one asking 40 pages of Activities all about the Water Cycle, a science experiment, and “Why Does it Rain” ebook! To learn more about the activities and resources, keep reading!

Included in this study, you’ll find a variety of resources. Here’s a little snippet of the contents; Why Does it Rain explanation page, Vocabulary Words and Definitions, Fill in the Blank activity, Matching activity, Memory Game, Describe the Photo game, Water Cycle Copywork, Vocabulary Unscramble activity, Tracing Pages, and Water Cycle Coloring Pages.

The Magic School A Book About The Water CycleThe Magic School A Book About The Water CycleWater Goes Round: The Water CycleWater Goes Round: The Water CycleThe Water Cycle (Do-It-Yourself Experiments)The Water Cycle (Do-It-Yourself Experiments)The Water Cycle at Work (Water In Our World)The Water Cycle at Work (Water In Our World)

One of my favorite activities is science experiments, which makes creating a science unit study so much fun! It’s so exciting to me to watch the kids light up when they create something fun by themselves. If you’re working on the Water Cycle, you absolutely need to be doing this experiment!

This science experiment helps kids to learn more about clouds and how they work in the water cycle. It includes all simple ingredients that you probably already have at home. You can find a full list of details and instructions here at Water Cycle Unit Study: Rain Cloud Experiment.

If you’re still looking for more fun surrounding the Water Cycle, be sure to check out our Water Cycle Ebook. The Why Does it Rain Ebook is a beginner’s look at the Earth’s Water Cycle and how it affects us. You can get the ebook here.

This Why Does it Rain? ebook is a full-color 10-page resource all about the Water Cycle. If you plan to use our unit study, this is another great resource to add to your arsenal! You can print it out, or simply download it to your phone or tablet and read it to your little learner!

If you’re anything like our family, we love songs to help us remember science unit study school content. I scoured Youtube to find the best videos about the Water Cycle and we really like this Rainfall Song! It’s catchy and explains everything in an easy to understand way!

Why Does it Rain? Activities and Experiment

Learn more about the Water Cycle: Why Does it Rain? Ebook here and grab the activities, learn about the experiment, and read the ebook to share with your kids!

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