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Christ-Centered Easter Shows and Movies for Kids

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It’s Holy Week, which means Easter is just on the horizon! I’m sure you’ve got tons of Christ-Centered Easter Activities Planned. But in between school and fun, supper, and life- what are your kids filling their minds with?

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of our favorite Christ-centered Easter shows and movies!

A little wooden cross in the child's hands

We have a very strict policy here when it comes to screen time. If the television is on, and that’s a big IF, then it’s usually playing educational tv or Bible tv.

We do allow the occasional fun family movie- but our kids are too blessed with toys and imaginations to be sitting idle filling their little minds with nonsense.

Call me crazy, but I have better-behaved kids after a screen “cleanse”. Anybody with me?

Personally, my family loves Minno for both littles school-aged kids. It has a great variety of both animated and real-life shows, as well as devotions and themed episodes. 

Because it’s good quality Christian programming, I can always turn Minno on and not worry about my kids coming across something their little eyes shouldn’t see- or ears hear.

I really, really suggest Minno, but, I’m also going to share some shows that you can purchase, and a couple that you can find on Amazon Prime Video!

If you don’t have an Amazon subscription, get a free trial here!

Christ-Centered Easter Shows on Minno

Davey and Goliath Holiday Special Happy Easter

Follow Davey as he learns the true meaning of Easter and learns an important lesson about death as he copes with the recent loss of his grandmother.

Minno Easter Shows

To make it super easy, Minno has a lineup already put together for the Easter season. Showcased in the bundle of Easter shows is Read and Share Bible, Buck Denver, Theo, Micah’s Super Vlog and many more. 

Easter Week 5-Minute Family Devotion

Minno’s 5 Minute Family Devotions section is so cute and it is a great resource when you feel like you need a little extra help in sharing the importance of the scriptures with your children. This particular family devotion focuses on the Easter season!

Cartoon Jesus hand in hand with kids or children isolated

Read and Share Bible

I love that with the Read and Share Bible we can start from the immaculate conception and end with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Truly following the story of Jesus’s life from beginning to end. What better way to celebrate Easter?

Yancy and Friends

My kid’s love, love, love Yancy and we get stuck singing her songs even as adults. The Bunny Song is a great place to start when you’re looking for a catchy tune that also explains how Easter is so much more than bunnies, it’s about the Savior!

Owelgories Easter Special

Owelgories is the cutest show ever, so I was so excited when they came out with an Easter Special. Right now, it’s exclusively on Minno, so don’t miss out!

Christ-Centered Easter Shows on Yippee

black background with confetti and the word Yippee in it. Yippee Tv Logo

Yippee is a new Christian streaming program for kids by Trinity Broadcasting Network. It seems as though it’s going to be a promising choice to find clean tv shows for kids. We’ll be starting our free trial soon!

You can try out Yippee for free too! Head to the Yippee homepage and use coupon BROOKE20 to get a free trial! 

You can’t yet browse Yippe for content without an account, at least not that I could find, but I did find this page about Easter content on Yippee! Their roundup includes Topsy Turvy, Superbook, Theo, and more!

Christ-Centered Easter Shows on Amazon Prime Video

For Young Kids

The First EasterThe First EasterThe First EasterRead and Share BibleRead and Share BibleRead and Share BibleThe Jesus MovieThe Jesus MovieThe Jesus MovieRemember MeRemember MeRemember Me 

For Older Kids

The Gospel According toThe Gospel According toThe Gospel According toThe Passion of theThe Passion of theThe Passion of theThe Jesus FilmThe Jesus FilmThe Jesus FilmJesusJesusJesus

Other great Easter shows for purchase on Amazon

Read and Share BibleRead and Share BibleRead and Share BibleThe Greatest Story EverThe Greatest Story EverThe Greatest Story EverLast Days of JesusLast Days of JesusLast Days of JesusVeggieTales Easter Double Feature:VeggieTales Easter Double Feature:VeggieTales Easter Double Feature:The Greatest Adventure StoriesThe Greatest Adventure StoriesThe Greatest Adventure StoriesLion of JudahLion of JudahLion of JudahAt Jesus' SideAt Jesus’ SideAt Jesus' Side

I’m always curious to know; do you have any Christ-Centered Easter Traditions? Or what are your favorite Christ-Centered Easter shows/movies to watch right now?

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