The Ultimate Breakdown of The Build Your Bundle Sale

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Guys, I am so excited about this. I’ve been waiting till just the right time to tell you about it all because I wanted to have ALL the information at my disposal before I passed it on to you. Now that I’ve had a chance to browse and click thru the website, I can help you guys too! 

Build Your Bundle - The Biggest Homeschool Curriculum Sale of the Year

What is the Build Your Bundle Sale? 

The Build Your Bundle Sale, also known as BYB, is a massive curriculum and course sale that is dedicated to homeschoolers that are looking for quality resources for crazy low prices. It only happens once a year, for one whole week. 

It’s literally one of the best options you can spend your homeschool budget on. There’s something there for every homeschool family, and you won’t be disappointed by anything you choose. After six years of bundle sales, with exponential growth each year, they’re obviously doing something right!

If you’ve participated in the bundle sale before, you may notice that there are a few little changes that were made this year. But know, these changes are for the better and make the site a lot easier to navigate and better for you to purchase on!

If you haven’t participated in the Build Your Bundle Sale, then a very fine WELCOME! to ya. 

Build Your Bundle - The Biggest Homeschool Curriculum Sale of the YearWhen is the Build Your Bundle Sale?

This year, the 2019 BYB sale runs from May 15th at 9 AM CST thru May 22nd at 11:59 PM. 

Build Your Bundle Purchase Options

There are two ways to purchase in the Build Your Bundle Sale; Premade Bundles and Build Your Own.

  • Bundles are for the mama who knows what she wants. You can easily go in and purchase these curated packages that are full of resources based on a particular theme. These are preassembled and already deeply discounted for ease of purchase.
  • Build Your Own is an option for anyone who wants to go in and create their own packages based upon their own personal needs. This is a great option for families who are schooling more than one child, want only specific products or are making large purchases.
    Build Your Own bundles are discounted based on how much you purchase. The pricing structure varies; spend $100+ get 75% off, spend $200+ get 80% off, spend $400+ get 85% off, and spend $800+ get 90% off. Dollar amounts exclude Premium Products and Mystery Bundle Products.

The Ultimate Breakdown of The Build Your Bundle Sale: The Fervent Mama - The Build Your Bundle Sale, also known as BYB, is a massive curriculum and course sale that is dedicated to homeschoolers that are looking for quality resources for crazy low prices. We've crafted the best way for you to save during the Build Your Bundle Sale! #byb2019 #buildyourbundle #homeschool

Getting the most bang for your buck in the Build Your Bundle sale

When you enter the giveaway (worth over $1000 in prizes), you get a $5 coupon that can be used on any $25+ purchase! Be sure that you use it!

If you’re buying more than one bundle, you’ll save more by choosing to build your own. Simply add the individual products to your cart and watch your discounts pile up! 

Build Your Bundle Sale Tips

Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway! Each day of the sale there will be a giveaway for a product that you can win! And, every person that enters gets a FREE Kitchen Binder Printable!

Build Your Bundle Giveaway!

With any purchase, you will get the Bundle of Bonuses PDF FREE. It’s packed full of special discounts and promos that will help you save even more money after the sale is over.

Bundle of Bonuses is a limited time freebie, be sure to get or download your freebies BEFORE the time is up or they will be gone forever. 

If you need a checklist to help craft your Build Your Own experience, head over to get the free printable checklist so that you can keep track of everything you’ve got your eye on. 

Remember: If you’re buying more than 2 bundles, you’ll do better with the Build Your Own structure because it WILL save you more money. To do this, follow the printable checklist guide to be sure that you’ve included each product that appears in your desired bundle.

If you have a question about anything in the BYB sale, or just need some help or guidance, email us at [email protected]! We will work to help you find the answer and get the best option for your family!

Who participates in the Build Your Bundle Sale? 

The Learning Online Blog put together an AMAZING blog post that lists each and every blogger who is participating in the sale this year. You can check that post out here: Find Out Who’s In the BYB Sale.

Are you buying anything in the Build Your Bundle sale? 

YES! Absolutely, I will be! 

So I know the next question you have is “What are you purchasing?”, right? Well, I’m gonna give you a little hint, but I’m also gonna leave ya hanging. Because later this week, I’m gonna have a post completely dedicated to some of our favorite Build Your Own Bundle options.

I am definitely getting the Mystery Bundle no matter what. There are so many resources in there that it’s hard to beat. I’m also planning on getting a few grade level bundles for my kids, but have to do the math on if BYO would be a better option. 

I’ve spent all my time on you guys that I haven’t shopped for myself yet! 

Also, look for our Build Your Bundle Giveaway Post and the Ultimate Buyers Guide!

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