All About Hurricanes Lapbook


Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful storms. With an average of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes, there’s a lot of information to be known about these powerful phenomenons.


Want your homeschoolers to learn all there is to know about hurricanes? This Hurricane Lapbook Template is a great resource to help illustrate and drive home one of the most powerful storms in the world! Lapbooks are great resources to provide hands-on accounts of your schoolwork in a fun and engaging way. Learn how to use lapbooks in your homeschool. 

This Hurricane Lapbook Template answers these questions: 

  • What is a hurricane?
  • What are the stages of a hurricane? 
  • What is the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?
  • How do hurricanes form?
  • What is coastal beach erosion?
  • Who are the hurricane hunters?
  • Who names hurricanes?
  • What is storm surge?
  • When does hurricane season start?

Also, included is a bonus “What I learned About Hurricanes” notebooking page. 

After you print out this hurricane lapbook template, all you’ll need to complete your homeschool studies about hurricanes is a file folder, some glue, and scissors! 

This is a digital, downloadable, lapbook template about hurricanes. You will not receive a physical file or anything by mail. It must be printed at your own convenience for use.