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  • From Scribble to Scribe Handwriting Curriculum


    Looking for a fun and easy way to teach your little about the alphabet while also working on their handwriting skills? Our homeschool handwriting curriculum, From Scribble to Scribe, is the perfect addition to your homeschool routine! With 286 pages of fun, those 26 letters will be easy peasy to learn!

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    Kid’s Thanksgiving Scripture Copywork Pages


    A 15-Page Printable Pack for Kids. Help your child learn scriptures with these FREE Thanksgiving Scripture Copywork Pages.

    This is a digital download for at-home printing, you will not receive a physical product.

  • Bible Trivia for Kids Game


    What better way to help your child/family get excited about the Bible than through play?!  Add a fun element to your Christian studies and get your kids engaged with God’s word. Teach your children about Jesus with our Bible Trivia game.

  • Advent Activity Pack


    These Advent activities can help us to learn more about the TRUE meaning for the season!

    We’re in that stage of life with a K4 and 1st grader and they both love this! We’re saying that the packet itself is best for school-aged kiddos between 3-6ish, but you can make the choice if it’ll be good or your child.

  • All About Hurricanes Lapbook


    Hurricanes are one of nature’s most powerful storms. With an average of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes, there’s a lot of information to be known about these powerful phenomenons.


    Kid’s Travel Journal


    A personalized cover page, 10-day countdown, experience bucket list, 7 daily pages and a final page geared to wrapping it all up and looking forward to the next experience.

  • Sale! Zoo Animals Pre K Workbook: The Fervent Mama- This all-new workbook for little learners includes 25 pages of fun; tracing, coloring, graphing, matching, smaller vs larger, write the letter, and more! This Zoo Animals Pre K Workbook is made particularly for children who are just beginning to express interest in learning with just a few advanced pages. #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolprintables #prekprintables #preklearning #prekanimals #animalsworkbook

    Zoo Animals Workbook (Pre K-Kindergarten)


    25 Pages of animal-loving learning fun packed into a workbook that is perfect for your beginner learner!

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    Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids


    This three page Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids Pack is a fun and simple way to get your little ones interested, and excited, about the 2017 solar eclipse!

  • Superhero Handwriting Pack (ABC Practice)


    This Superhero Handwriting Pack one of our “free forever” packs, because it’s something that every school-aged learner needs to master. Good penmanship can take you a long way!

    This is a downloadable/virtual product. You will not receive a physical product. 

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    Preschooler’s Chore Chart


    FREE Preschooler’s Chore Chart Printable. A simple chore chart to help get your child excited about responsibility! Why didn’t you guys tell me that giving my kids chores was so fun?!
    This is a downloadable file for you to personally print. There will be no physical file sent to you.

  • Presidential Unit Study


    Whether you’re gearing up for Presidents Day, or just learning about the history of our presidents, you’ll need this beginners guide to the presidents unit study!

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    Christmas Nativity Activity Pack


    This Christmas Nativity Activity Pack has 10 pages of Christ-centered fun for your kids to enjoy!

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    Vowel Tracing Practice Worksheet


    Have a little one learning to write? Most curriculum’s start by teaching vowels. Try this vowel tracing paper to help your preschooler learn how to write those vowels!


    This is a digital copy must be downloaded and printed. There will be no physical item shipped to you.

  • 27 Pages of Learning Fun Featured IMage with example pages of the pack

    Tropical Fish Themed Workbook (PreK-1st)


    This is NOT a study, this is a Tropical Fish Themed workbook. If your learner is interested in fish, or you’ll be taking a visit to the beach or aquarium soon, then this is perfect to get them in the mood for learning!


    This is a printable product. You will not receive a physical product

  • Elementary and Middle School Homeschool Student Planner


    Planning can be a great teaching method and a great way to encourage your student to make to-do lists, check things off, and learn responsibility, and follow-thru! Encourage your student to pursue self-sufficiency and order. Print as many pages as you like and customize each week based on what your student needs.

  • Mermaid and Friends Learning Fun Pack!


    This simple pack is 16-pages long and covers a variety of recognition topics. We’re calling it Mermaid and Friends Learning Fun because we’ve included other creatures and objects found in the ocean!