5 Things Every Christian Mom Should Do

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Sometimes I think about how I’m in my twenties, and that it’s practically halfway to fifties- and then one day I’m gonna be 60, or maybe 80, or maybe even dead before then. That’s kind of morbid to think about now that I’m actually typing it out.

5 Things Every Christian Mom Should Do - The Fervent Mama: As Christian mothers, we have such a responsibility to teach our children about Christ. Every Christian mom should do these simple things to be a great example!

But I do think a lot about my legacy. How do my kids see me now? What will they think of me tomorrow? After I leave the earth (a lot less morbid?), what will they remember about me? Am I living out my faith in a way that they can see?

I know some of the things I want them to say about me. I want them to remember that I was a good mom, a fun mom. I want them to remember that I was a giving person. I want them to know how much I loved them, how grateful and blessed I thought I was.

But mostly, I want them to remember the life I led for Christ.

As moms, there are a number of things that we do for our children that no one will ever know. But, as faith-filled believers, we have an even higher calling than just “mom”. We are raising little disciples. And to perform that task as Christ commands, there are some things every Christian mom should do.

1. Let your children see you cultivate a Christ-like life.

I read an article one time where a woman said that she doesn’t make her children share. She doesn’t make them use manners. Instead, she leads them by example. Personally, I think this method is rubbish. Y’all, we’re all born in sin, a sin that has to be acknowledged and repented of.

We must acknowledge the things we should/shouldn’t do, before we are able to lead others in the way. If I always take the sidewalk but never tell my kids to not walk in the street, you think they’ll always keep to the sidewalk? I mean, they never have seen me walk in the street. But no, that’s not how it works.

One day, they’re probably gonna walk in the street. Why? Cause they’re kids. Which means I’ve got to teach my kids right from wrong, then enforce it by proving it true in my own life. Teach your kids the way, but let them see you live that way too.

2. Bring your kids to church

Growing up, most of my memories of the church came from Sunday School, all the crafts, songs, stories, and parables were so intriguing. My friends were at church, we ate at church, we ran around like wild kids while our parents chatted after church, it was amazing.

The more I was there, the more natural it became that Christ was a major part of our lives. Which made it easier to live for Him once I grew up. You don’t build a house on the sand, right? I had a foundation.

Being faithful to church teaches your children that despite what is going on in our lives, there is nothing more important than giving those first fruits to Christ. It is the promise that Hannah made in the most evident form, “if you give them to me, I’ll give them to you.”

3. Teach them about Christ.

If you’re anything like me, then your kids are with you 99.9% of the time. So, we you don’t teach them, who else will? These aren’t just “things every Christian mom should do” anymore. These are responsibilities that every Christian mom has.

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Your kids need to know how important Christ is in your day-to-day life. They need to know He’s more than a Sunday morning thing, He’s an everyday thing. You are one of the most, if not THE most, valuable persons in your child’s life. Show them that Christ is the center of your life and watch them follow.

4. Don’t just pray for your children, but pray in front of your children.

How do you teach your kids to do something? Most of the time, it includes a lot of repetition. Showing them over and over again until they learn. If your kids never see you pray, if they never hear you pray, how are they gonna learn how to do it? How are they gonna be expected to do it?

Make prayer normal in your home. Let your kids see, let them hear, you pray. Pray with them. Tell them why we pray. Teach them how to pray. Cultivating a strong prayer life is the foundation of a healthy Christ-centered relationship.

5. Encourage your children to nurture their own Christian walk.

We’ve brought them to church, we’ve proved God in our own lives, we have lived out our salvation, we’ve taught them to pray; what now? Now, we encourage them to do the same.

We drop those subtle hints about quiet time and Bible scriptures. We have family prayer meetings and Bible studies. We ask about Sunday school and we encourage participation in service and through acts of service and. We say our prayers before bed and we encourage thankfulness.

We use life to prove who Jesus is.

Because this is what we’re here for. To serve him, to praise Him, to be examples of Him. It’s no longer just the things every Christian mom should do, but it becomes the lives Christian moms should live.

As Christian mothers, we have such a responsibility to teach our children about Christ. Because of this, every Christian mom should strive to raise little beings that love the Lord and long to be like Him. Be encouraged mama, you’re doing great!

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  1. Elizabeth Klin says:

    Hi. I just found your posts. I am a bit older than you, with a few more kids, lol. And I totally agree with your insights. I keep seeing other parents who think something is good for their kids, but since their young kid “isn’t interested”, they let it go. Duh, you’re the parent. It is your JOB to teach your children what is important or not. If you think something is good for your kid to do, you have them do it.

    And I completely agree with the church centered culture.

    And leading by example. My parents were super at making sure we went to church, and participated in good things. But… we didn’t pray together, really, except at mealtimes. My husband and I are more forethcoming, at praying with the children for big things, and for little, every day things. I know this makes a difference, as my teen age son has told us how he was praying for help with this and that.

    Keep up the good work, with your little ones!!!

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