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  • Simple Machines Study

    Suggested price: $2.00

    20 pages of fun all about simple machines! With vivid explanations, real-life examples, and fun games- your inquisitive learner will know more than ever about engineering!

  • Encouraging Scripture for Moms Printable


    This 5-page printable pack is a great way to be encouraged! It’s 2 pages of cut-out scriptures to place around your home, as well as 3 frameable scripture prints!

  • Elementary Intro to Coins Activity Pack

    Suggested price: $3.00

    This 11-page Elementary Coin Activities Printable Pack is perfect for introducing coins to the beginner! We’ve included all kinds of coin activities perfect for your beginner/elementary age student; beginners intro to coins, coin names tracing paper, coin recognition, matching, and memory games too! All pages (except color by coin) have full-color, life-like, images of coins to ensure you’re teaching with the right understanding!

  • 9 Tips to Help You Save Money Online + Printable Checklist: The Fervent Mama: I always scour the web for the best deals before making an online purchase and I've found some of the best ways to save money online by using these online shopping hacks. We've also included a Saving Money Online Checklist to make sure you don't miss out on any deals when shopping online!

    Online Shopping Hacks Checklist


    If you’ve read our list of 9 Ways to Save Money when Shopping Online, then you’ll love this printable to help you be sure that you’re maximizing your savings!

  • My Pregnancy Journal

    Suggested price: $3.00

    Limited Time Offer! The 12 page Printable Pregnancy Journal includes pages to help track your pregnancy progress, to do list, birth plan, weekly updates, letter to baby, and more! Enjoy!

  • Printable Christmas Planner

    Suggested price: $1.99

    Our Christmas Planner is an 11-page print full of reusable pages to help keep you sane. Recipe cards, Gift Ideas, Wish List, Christmas Lunch/Dinner Menu, Gift tags, and so much more!

  • Water Cycle Unit Study: Why Does it Rain? Ebook

    Suggested price: $2.00

    This Why Does it Rain? ebook is a full-color 10-page resource all about the Water Cycle. If you plan to use our Water Cycle Unit Study, this is another great resource to add to your arsenal! You can print it out, or simply download it to your phone or tablet and read it to your little learner!

  • Treasures in Heaven St Patricks Day Craft Instruction Sheet


    Make a beautiful Christian St. Patrick’s Day Craft with your kids! Download this handy supply list and instructions so you can have everything right in front of you as you work. Print the PDF file and take it with you to the store for supplies.

  • 7 FREE Thanksgiving Kid's Activities for all ages! Be sure to add these fun Thanksgiving Activities to your family's traditions!

    Thanksgiving Kid’s Activities Bundle

    Suggested price: $3.00

    This Thanksgiving Activity Bundle for Kids is the perfect way to get your little one excited about the Thanksgiving holidays! Be sure to read our post, 6 Ways to Help Teach Kids to be Thankful, for more ideas on how to get your little one involved in the festivities!

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  • Write the Letter A Pack


    Looking for a fun and easy way to teach your little about the alphabet while also working on their handwriting skills? With 12+ pages of fun, the letter “A” will be easy peasy to learn! This Handwriting Pack (Letter A) is a snippet of our homeschool handwriting curriculum, From Scribble to Scribe.

  • These multi-level clock practice worksheets are perfect for your little learner! Because most of the clock practice pages (19 PAGES) are in template form, you can fill them to fit your student's needs and learning level!

    Clock Practice Pages Pack

    Suggested price: $3.00

    These multi-level clock practice worksheets are perfect for your little learner! Because most of the clock practice pages (19 PAGES) are in template form, you can fill them to fit your student’s needs and learning level!

  • VeggieTales Inspired Plush Toys Template


    Everybody in their right minds LOVES VeggieTales! Now, you can create your own miniature plush toys to inspire your children in imaginative play!

  • Let Your Light Shine Bible Reading Plan

    Suggested price: $3.00

    We’ve gathered up 31 days of scripture for you to read, study, and apply to your life bundled in a printable of 35 pages, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The 31 Day Bible Reading Plan is perfect to have your friends over for some great fellowship and Jesus talk, or just for a time for your own Bible Study between you and God.

  • Manger Paper Plate Lacing Print


    If you’re looking for a great educational activity to celebrate the birth of Jesus- you can stop searching now! For instructions, and to learn more about how to complete this craft, read our Manger Paper Plate Lacing Craft post.

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    Monthly Bible Reading and Prayer Journal

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    Be more intentional with your prayers and praises while digging deeper into the word of God! This 65-page printable is entirely free, and a great way to provide some accountability, as well as excitement!


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    Financial Tracker

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    Five-pages included; cover page, bill checklist, savings tracker, income tracker, and expense tracker.