Read Your Bible in a Year Study


If you’ve decided to read through the Bible this year, I’ve got the perfect Bible Study companion for you! Reading through the Bible is important, but it’s not just about the reading- do you understand what you’re reading? Is it impacting your life? Or are you just taking note of the words and feeling accomplished when you finish?

This 834-page Read Your Bible in a Year Study is a great way to help you stay on track, study your daily readings effectively, and really hone in on specific verses and books! Read through your Bible in a new way- study through!


It doesn’t matter what month it is, you can choose to start reading your bible in a year right now. Actually, we suggest it! Just pick it up today and start studying! Our Read Your Bible in a Year Study is the perfect companion guide to do just that- study the Bible. This 834-page guide includes 

  • A “How to Use” the Read Your Bible In a Year Study
  • Tips for staying on track
  • 12 Monthly Read Your Bible in A Year Pre-Planned Pages
  • 12 Monthly Pages for marking your progress
  • 66 Book of the Bible Study Pages
  • 365 Reading Reflections Pages (daily)
  • 52 Weekly Reading Log Pages
  • 52 Weekly Scripture Deep Dive Pages
  • 24 Journal Pages
  • 24 Note Pages
  • BONUS: 12 Monthly Prayer Journal Pages

We hope that this study makes your daily Bible reading come to life as you hone in on daily, weekly, and monthly scripture readings/studying!