50 Biblical Affirmations Copywork for Kids


This is a companion product to the 50 Biblical Affirmations Study. It can be used alone, or with the Mom Version. You can learn these affirmations together! The product includes 155-pages (3 different copywork versions!)


This product was created so you and your children could speak the word of your lives together. It does not have to be used in accordance with the Mom Version, but can be. 

The 50 Biblical Affirmations Copywork for Kids includes 155-pages. Each verse has three versions; tracing, copy with handwriting lines, and copy with page lines. It can be used by any and all ages to help memorize scripture and apply it to your life in a practical way. 

Best fit for ages 5-12, PreK-6th, but can be used for Handwriting Practice for any grade/age. 

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