We’re Pregnant! Yes. Again.

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You’d think after my crazy unexpected natural birth just over a year ago, I’d be rethinking this whole “I want more kids” thing. 

Wrong. So wrong.

I look at this squishy face, and this pretty smile, and that hunky boy- and I’m like heck yeah, I want all.the.kids.

Even though I have two big kids (4 and 6), even though Adeline still isn’t sleeping through the night (even at 13 months), and even though we’re in the middle of a new chapter in our lives (we’re moving!), and even though I still haven’t figured out how we’re gonna do all this.

Another kid, folks.

So, let me give ya the scoop on what’s been going on, what our thoughts are, and so on. 

Q: How many does this make and is this it?

A: This makes #4. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t be putting a cap on the factory quite yet. Permanent decisions make me nervous. But, it’s not just my decision and the Mr. is saying we’ve had enough. 🙂

Q: How far are you?

A: As of right now, I’m almost 14 weeks. My last cycle date and ultrasounds (baby growth) aren’t quite matching up, so my due date is up in the air within a few days. But my doctor isn’t too apt to change it because of how fast my deliveries are- and I’m totally okay with that. 

Q: How are you feeling?

A: Meh. The first trimester was a doozy, which has me leaning more towards a boy. I was very sick with Elijah, but not much at all with the girls. Things are better now, but I’m still so exhausted, but that’s probably got a lot to do with what we have going on too.

Q: What are you craving?

A: At first it was peanut butter and chocolate. Now, it’s salads, sour candy, and MEAT. I feel like I can never get full, but my tummy is still all over the place too.

Q: Do you know what it is yet?

A: Nope. If it was my choice, I wouldn’t find out. But again, Christopher just can’t wait. Our high deductible plan renews right in the middle of the pregnancy so we’re trying to figure out all of the logistics and hopefully not have to pay as much as what we’re expecting. 

However, we’ll be finding out at my next appointment and ultrasound, which will probably be around 21 weeks. We know that we can find out early, but we have enough expenses going on right now.

Between preparing for the new baby, buying 16 acres (yes, 16!), preparing for another year of homeschooling, and our insurance renewing- ugh.

Q: What type of insurance do you have?

A: We have Medishare, through Christian Care Ministries and really, we’ve been very happy with them. We’ve had them since before I got pregnant with Adeline, and then went through the whole pregnancy and still have it now with no troubles.

It’s not like regular insurance, as it is run by a Christian company, and is considered a discount sharing plan. However, our pediatrician, local hospital, and my OBGYN have all been covered with this “insurance.”

Their program structure is different than anything else I’ve ever dealt with. But after finding out that the insurance Christopher’s job offered was more than what we pay for a house note AND had a high deductible, we did some shopping.

We very rarely go to the doctor, maybe once a year if we HAVE to, so we opted for the high “deductible” plan. They’re really a joy to work with and their customer service is amazing. I’m actually scheduling a call to see what we can do about getting a little help with our renewal situation. 

If you’re wanting to know if I suggest them, absolutely! Their plans are very reasonable, compared to everything else we’ve seen, and they offer a 20% monthly discount if you are accepted into the healthy share program. 

I’d love it if you used my Medishare referral link! 🙂

Q: Is that why you’ve been a little MIA?

A: Yes. And no. I was ahead on my blogging, and then the all-day-sickness hit. On top of that, we’ve been traveling in ministry and doing tons of work on our land! We’ve been busy!

But now that I’m feeling better, I’m back to work and pushing hard to get things back together!

Q: You keep talking about moving, where are you going?

A: Ah, this is coming! I’ll be sharing more about our plans, where we’re headed and why we’re going from .30 acres in the middle of the city to a whopping 16 acres outside of it!

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Q: How did you tell your family?

A: We didn’t go all out. We had actually been preparing to close on our new property when we found out so we kept it a secret for almost a month! We just ended up letting the kids tell everyone. I usually show pretty early and so we knew we wouldn’t be able to hold onto the secret for too long.

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