6 Tips for Traveling with Sonlight Curriculum

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Are you a roadschooler that is interested in Sonlight curriculum? Maybe you full-time travel and you’re looking for a great curriculum that is engaging and easy to use while on journeying. 

If you’re on the fence, these tips for traveling with Sonlight®. Curriculum are sure to help you make the choice to jump in, continue on, or even prepare to explore! 

After using Sonlight®. this past year, it has been such a refreshing experience for our homeschool. 

I can say that I feel like this is a lasting change for our schoolers and they have sure loved every minute of it! 

6 Tips for Traveling with Sonlight Curriculum

woman sitting at RV table with two children reading a book with the text overlay

Plan Ahead

With Sonlight®. being a literature-based curriculum, there are lots and lots of books involved! I love this part of the curriculum, but it doesn’t really make it easy for traveling- especially if you’re in more than one Core. 

Your best option is to plan ahead. Take into account how many days you’ll be schooling while you’re gone and where you’ll be during that part of your homeschool schedule. 

Look over your teacher manual and instructor guides to be sure that you have everything that you need, and nothing more. Keep it simple.

mother and her son are reading a book on a backseat of a car

Organization is KEY

Keep in mind the amount of space and time you’ll have. Traveling with Sonlight Curriculum is easy when you plan ahead!

How will you be traveling? How long will you be traveling? What subjects, ideas, projects, books, will you be focusing on? 

If you’ll be traveling by plane, you may need to limit the amount of material you’ll be bringing because of baggage requirements. Are you planning on packing or carrying your schooling? 

girl sitting in an RV chair writing in a book

If you’re road-tripping, space may not matter, but what about motion/car sickness? When packing, be sure that you’re schooling is in reach. Maybe even include a lap desk for comfort! 

Whatever way you’re traveling, and no matter where you’re going, be sure that you plan ahead and you are organized. 

Audiobooks or Ebooks

If you’re planning on traveling with your Sonlight®. Curriculum, maybe packing actual books isn’t ideal or even possible. In that case, looking into Audiobooks or Ebooks for your schooling needs is a better fit! 

You can find a lot of the titles included in Sonlight’s curriculum on Audible, Kindle, or other popular ebook and read-aloud programs. Your local library is also a great resource!

A simple Google search will give you a range of options and then you can play them over your car stereo, via a tablet, or even your cell phone.

Close-up portrait of family travelling by car with boy listening to an audiobook

Don’t Be Afraid to Reschedule

Depending on what purpose you’re traveling for and how long you’ll be gone, maybe you want to change up your schedule and/or routine.

The beauty of homeschooling is that you are in control. If something doesn’t work, you can change it. If you need to rethink, you can! If you need to refocus, go for it!

Instead of following the schedule you’ve been given, think about what is practical. Consider the possibility of focusing on one book while you’re gone or maybe one subject. 

Maybe you want to craft your schedule, or your learning, around the experiences you’re having. There’s nothing wrong with straying from the path a little if you can create excitement or deeper understanding in learning.

Let Your Kids Help

Adorable little girl ready to go on vacations with her parents. Kid sitting in a car trunk and reading her ebook.


Depending on how and why you’re traveling, getting your children involved is a great way to ensure that they understand that schooling is important, and they’re excited about the process. 

If you’re a family that thrives with structure, let your kids help organize the materials you’ll be taking and using. This way, they exhibit responsibility in packing, preparing, and understand the system. 

If you plan on tying your schooling to your traveling destinations or activities, let your children pick out places to visit or things to do that you’ll be talking about. Or excite them for these destinations with proper learning!

Don’t Stress It

If things aren’t working out, don’t stress it. Regroup and move on. Maybe you need to take a little break? Maybe you need to reconsider your methods? 

If you’re just traveling for a short time, focus on what is working until you can get back to your regular schedule. 

If you’re full-time traveling or roadschooling, think about consulting the Sonlight team, or maybe even a virtual group that could help! 

Whatever it is, don’t overthink it. Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated. 

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all-homeschooling. What works for you, may not work for something else, and vice-versa. 

Child writing in a book inside of an RV with the text overlay

Have you been traveling with Sonlight Curriculum? What tips can you share?

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