So it all got me thinking, I know women who were put on some type of bed rest during their pregnancies. Now that I got a taste of that

9 Totally Awesome Things to do for Someone on Bed Rest

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I shared a little bit about the struggles of our pregnancy in my Unexpected Natural Birth Story, but I think I may have failed to mention that I ended up on “unofficial” bed rest for about 5 or so weeks. And it was the most miserable thing ever.

So it all got me thinking, I know women who were put on some type of bed rest during their pregnancies. Now that I got a taste of that

What is unofficial bed rest? Well, my doctor said that I really shouldn’t be going anywhere or doing anything, to stay home and rest as much as possible. So she put me on bed rest without making it absolutely official.

So it all got me thinking, I know women who were put on some type of bed rest during their pregnancies. Now that I got a taste of that “medicine”, I am so much more compassionate for the mamas who are on literal bed rest. So what are some things that you could do for someone on bed rest?

9 Totally Awesome Things to do for Someone on Bed Rest

Even if you aren’t local to your friend who is on bed rest, you can still do and be there for them! Check out our ideas below to see how you can help.

1. Watch their kids

Any mama on bed rest knows that it’s so hard to actually rest when you’ve got other kids to take care of. How in the world are you supposed to take care of yourself when you’re busy taking care of others too? It doesn’t help that she feels completely overwhelmed with guilt for not being able to care for her family like she should.

If at all possible, help her soothe that guilt by being that second mom to them. Let her see you care for them like she would. Take them for ice cream or to the park and remind them that this may be a difficult time for them too, but that they aren’t forgotten and show them how they can help too!

2. Cook them a meal

There’s nothing better than having an amazing homemade meal when you’ve most likely only been eating delivery, frozen pre-packaged meals, or even ramen. Be their personal chef, and if you can’t do that, they will DEFINITELY appreciate even one meal.

If you aren’t local, see about sending a meal via snail mail. Honestly, I have no idea how to do this, but I do know its possible. Or, skip it all and ask someone local to take care of your friends on your dime. They don’t even have to meet them, just ask them to leave it at their front door!

3. Bring/send her a care package

You know what’s boring? Sitting in a bed all day binge watching for weeks at a time. It’s “fun” at first, but then you run out of things to watch, snacks to eat, and social media is so mundane.

Send her a book, an Amazon gift card, some pretty flowers, new snacks, fun pajamas, bath salts and soaps, online movie credits, coloring books, magazines, games, app credits, a new pillow, comfy blankets. Plan something special for when she gets off of bed rest so that she has something to look forward to.

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4. Clean her house (or pay someone to do it)

It’s probably driving her insane to see the mess around her and know that she’s not able to get up and clean it. Then knowing it’s all piling up and she’s going to have so much to do when she is finally able.

Take the load off her shoulders and do a spot clean, even a deep clean if you can. It will make waiting for the baby to come a lot easier to know that she’s surrounded by clean and if the baby does come, that’s one less thing she has to worry about.

If you aren’t local, use a service to employ someone to clean her house. Make sure it’s a reputable one and let them know that your friend is on bed rest so they are aware of her “condition”. She’ll be forever grateful!

5. Keep up with her

This is probably an extremely emotional time for her. She’s thinking about her family, her new baby, the things she’s missing out on, and absolutely hormonal. Be there for her, even if it isn’t physically. Call her, text her, send her memes, ask her how she feels and listen- even if you don’t feel like it. This is one of the best ways you can make this time easier for her and it costs NOTHING.

6. Spa Day

If you can, get permission from your friend’s doctor for her to have a pamper day. This could do wonders for her body, both the physical and emotional. If she doesn’t approve, see if you can find someone local to make a house call.

7. Check out her Amazon Wishlist

From prior experience, I know that there’s one thing that your friend is doing a lot of, shopping. It makes things seem a little more bearable, but it isn’t always good for her pocketbook!

So do her a favor and check out her Amazon Wishlist and share it with anyone who’s wanting to do something special for her! It doesn’t take much, and it isn’t about the money, it’s about reminding her that you’re thinking about her and you love her.

8. Have a girls night OFTEN

There’s nothing more that your friend would love than to be able to forget about it all for a few hours, if it’s been long enough, then she’d be grateful just to forget about it for a few minutes. You can help her do that.

Come over and chat, bring a movie and popcorn, make ice cream sundaes, have a Bible study or a prayer meeting. Just come over and make sure she isn’t alone. It’s likely that she’s been stuck in bed by herself for days, weeks, at a time. Just show up for her.

9. Pray for her

I told you that this is an emotional time, it’s a season of loneliness, worry, heartache, bitterness, and struggle. There is nothing better you can do for her than to go to battle for her in prayer. Petition the Father on her behalf; for peace, for strength, for healing, for happiness, and for help.

This season is short, it’s not forever, but it for her it may seem like it’s never going to end. If there is one thing that you could do for someone on bed rest, do it. A simple act of kindness for someone in need will go a long way!

If you’re looking for more ways to pay it forward, then check out our list of ways that you can do it for FREE! Do you have any ideas for what you can do for someone on bed rest? Share them in the comments!

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