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The holiday season always gets me a little emotional. It definitely doesn’t help when I’m pregnant either. I start gushing over being with family, the changing seasons, the traditions, the decorations, the feelings, the fun.  Everything gets me excited and I just want to hand out hugs like candy. Call me a weirdo if you want, but you know you feel it too. Thanksgiving rushes in and sometimes we get overwhelmed with all the traveling, food, and running to gatherings that we forget to savor what we’re actually doing.

Every year our kids get older, our families change, new things happen. Sometimes those new things are good and bring exciting adventures. Other times, those new experiences bring heartache and struggles. But Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect on what we’ve learned through these seasons of life.

When you begin to feel a little discouraged, whisper a prayer, find a quiet place and think of your Things I'm Thankful For List! The Lord knows your heart!

If you’re looking to make your own list, try using our 50 Things I’m Thankful For Print. This one-page download shouldn’t take you very long to fill up! We’ve all got so much to be thankful for!

Use the first few lines to really think about the things that mean most to you! After that, remember to add to your list in no particular order because it’s just your thoughts. So be sure you have fun with it! 🙂


I know that this season can be hard for lots of families, so I wanted to share a few things that may help you to find comfort in this Holiday Season.

  • Remember that Christ made you, He has a plan for you, and He knows your heart. Don’t become overwhelmed by your emotions. Slow down if you need to and find a place to seek Him when you feel down.
  • In those times where you feel distressed, say a quiet prayer, reach for the comfort of a loved one. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings and tell someone you need them. This is what family is about!
  • If you’re feeling grief, sing the praises of Zion. Find comfort in song, music, and words that will bring about that peace that surpasses all understanding.
  • Immerse yourself in your surroundings. I know sometimes it can be hard to find peace when there seems to be so much chaos, but just get lost in what these holidays mean. Give thanks unto God for all the things that are present in your life.

Our Biblical Affirmations Ebook is a great resource to help remind you of Christ’s word during this Holiday Season. Memorizing these short scriptures is a great way to be sure that you are dwelling on God’s word completely and fully during those times of need.

50 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Jesus
  2. The Bible
  3. The Holy Ghost
  4. The Lord’s leading
  5. My Husband
  6. My Kids
  7. My Family
  8. Love
  9. Patience
  10. Health
  11. Joy
  12. Fun
  13. Finances
  14. Opportunities
  15. Education
  16. Our Home
  17. Our Friends
  18. Time
  19. Food
  20. Holidays
  21. Sanity
  22. Community
  23. Free Speech
  24. Pressure Cookers
  25. Recipes
  26. Pinterest
  27. Social Media
  28. Google
  29. Vacations
  30. Fuzzy Slippers
  31. Bonfires
  32. Desserts
  33. Snow
  34. Mountains
  35. Humanity
  36. Manners
  37. Honesty
  38. Morals
  39. The Sun
  40. Animals
  41. Music
  42. Laughter
  43. Sunsets
  44. Scenery
  45. Art
  46. Sleep
  47. Noise
  48. Quiet
  49. Movies
  50. Weekends

It took me just minutes to put my list together! So I’m wondering, how long did it take you? What does your list look like?

No matter what season life is bringing you into during the holidays, I encourage you to take time to find joy in the little things. Be thankful for the people around you, the laughter that surrounds you, and the joy that is truly evident in your life!

Know that our thoughts are with you, our prayers are going up to Heaven for you. You are not alone and I hope you find comfort in the arms of Christ. When you begin to feel a little discouraged, whisper a prayer, find a quiet place and think of your Thankful List! The Lord knows your heart!

I hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving with lots of joy, laughter, and love!


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