Here at The Fervent Mama, we are big believers of communities. Places where we can come together, learn from each other, and be better people by growing together in our relationship with the Lord. Which is exactly why we’ve created The Fervent Mama Communities with you in mind!

All of this is accompanied by a true leading of God’s original design for having a teachable spirit while surrounding yourself with those whose goal is to see you grow in the Lord and give you that encouragement it takes to do so.

We know that Christ’s design for Christianity, homemaking, and motherhood is the greatest outline that we could ever follow. In turn, we want to give you opportunities to join communities that do just that.

Below you’ll find some Facebook Groups created and cultivated by The Fervent Mama herself, Brooke, that you can join to find that Christ-like character and friendship you’re looking for.

The Fervent Mama Facebook Group is your one-stop place to easily stay up to date with all the news on TFM. We’re all on Facebook anyway, so this is a great place to find more information about our page, whats coming up and all the things you’ll want to stay in the know about!


Do you love your pressure cooker as much as we do? Join our community of pot-lovers who absolutely adore this magic machine too! This is a non-brand specific place where you can feel free to share your own recipes, ask questions, or search for pressure cooker recipes for your family!


Are you a homeschooling family? Join our Facebook Group for Christian Homeschoolers. In this community, we embrace everything about homeschooling so you are free to ask questions about any curriculum you’d like! Ask questions, share your wins, or look for homeschooling friends in your area!


Motherhood is hard. Is anybody with me on that? Our group for Christian Mamas is a place where you can come to whine, complain, and mope about motherhood; because here you’ll find mamas who know what you’re talking about and are there to be that encouragement! But be sure you share your wins too because we love it when you share!

The Best of Christian Mom Blogs

This is a new Facebook Community for The Fervent Mama! If you enjoy reading blogs, if you’re looking for new Christian bloggers to follow, if you’re looking to create camaraderie with Christian bloggers, this group is for you!

We’re always creating more communities for you to join! Stay up to date with the latest on TFM by signing up for our newsletter!


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