Brain Bites: All About Baking Mat


Ever notice how when your kids sit at the table for any meal, they’re immediately looking for something to read, do, or talk about. It’s because their little brains need to be entertained. They need that simulation that comes from being active- even when they’re seated.

So how do you turn that moment into a learning activity? We’ve got an easy answer for you! Our Brain Bites Placemats are the perfect printable mats to add into your rotation. Read below to learn more about our All About Baking Editon.


Help your child learn common baking facts with our Brain Bites: All About Baking Mat! 

On this one page printable, your child will learn about: 

  • Celsius – Fahrenheit Temperature Conversions
  • Common Baking Substitutes 
  • Measurement Conversions
  • Measurement Abbreviations

Brain Bites Mats are reusable PDFs in placemat formats that include what we call knowledge nuggets! Knowledge nuggets are snippets of information that are purposed to engage, stimulate, and feed your child’s interests and natural desire to learn!

This is a virtual, downloadable item. You will not receive a physical item from us.