If isn't written in black and white, doesn't mean there isn't an answer. If the Bible doesn't directly address it, doesn't mean that it doesn't have a purpose.

How do you respond to a problem that the Bible doesn’t directly address?

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A lot of my Christian life I’ve spent explaining to others why I do some of the things that I do. Everyone is curious, I don’t blame them. I live quite a different life than most Christians you probably know, a more conservative one actually, and not all of my actions are directly justified by the words of the Bible.

There are some ways that I have chosen, sacrifices I’ve made, paths I’ve gone down, that some say don’t make sense; yet each has a purpose. But if the Bible doesn’t directly address it, is it needed? Is it absolutely necessary? Does it make me any more saved than the next Christian?

When I gave my heart to God, I made the decision that I’d never turn away from Him. I gave of myself wholly and would do everything in my power to be exactly what He called me to be. That meant doing things that weren’t always easy, or even appeasing to my flesh.

How do you respond to a problem that the Bible doesn’t directly address?

The Lord is no respecter of persons but is a ruler of the heart.

Who knows what is in the heart of man beside the Lord our God? We all face different things in life and we all respond to these trials in different ways. Each of us will have our own walk with Christ and each of us must respond to His calling in our own way.

The Bible is very clear on some issues, but on others may seem a little fuzzy. Depending on your calling, you may be convicted of something that someone else may not be. But God always has a purpose and he will not let your yielding to Him go without notice.

There are some things we do and/or don’t do, just to not offend.

As a Christian, I am a witness to Christ and His word. I must be a good example of His character. His character is loving, kind, merciful, longsuffering, peaceful, gentle, and so much more. I must think of these things when it comes to another’s personal walk with Christ.

When we read Romans 14, we see a perfect example of this. Let no man offend his brother when he chooses not to participate, whether it be in meat or other activity, let God be the judge of a man’s doings if it is unto Him.

There are some things we don’t do because we are unsure.

We can use alcohol as an example. There is much speculation as to whether it should be consumed or not, whether our alcohol can be considered the same as in Biblical times. I feel strongly about this issue and feel like the Bible puts it into perspective. But for those of you who remain on the fence, I ask a simple question.

Is it worth risking your salvation? Is it worth tempting the enemy? Is it worth tempting your flesh? Even so, maybe consider making a sacrifice unto God. Even if you think it be silly, or unnecessary, you’ll be rewarded for your surrender.

Is there an indirect Biblical answer?

We know that not every situation or circumstance is directly addressed in the Bible, but many times we can use scripture and apply it in a way that covers the base of the issue at hand. We can use general scriptures like obey the laws of the land, be controlled by the Spirit and not the flesh, flee the appearance of evil.

We can take these scriptures as a rule of thumb. As long as the law doesn’t command us to sin, we are usually permitted to abide by it. How is your spirit affected by the task/problem at hand? Does it alter the mind or forbid the spirit of having complete control? We shouldn’t even be entertained by the appearance of evil, so how does that amount to your question?


No matter what the situation be, we know that we can get the answer when we consult with God in prayer. Sometimes there is no easy answer. Sometimes we may not feel as though the answer we found is enough. This is where we can go to God in prayer and wait for His answer.

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All in all, there is still an answer if the Bible doesn’t directly address an issue. Just because it isn’t written in black and white, doesn’t mean that there isn’t an answer. Just because it isn’t directly addressed, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a purpose.

While a sacrifice doesn’t make you anymore ‘saved’ than someone else, it does offer benefit in the Kingdom. It does allow for growth as a Christian, and with the right intentions, it does allow you a closer walk with God.

We must stand in boldness, and in peace, knowing that the God of Heaven has the greatest plan upon my life. He knows me and cares for me, His will is the best for me. Even when I don’t quite understand it.

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