The Best Online Shopping Cashback Sites to Help You Save More!

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I’m always looking for the best ways to save money while I’m shopping. I’m a hands-on kind of girl, but I usually do all of my shopping online because, well, kids. Plus, there are literally tons of online shopping cashback sites that will help you save even MORE.

With the new influx of retailers offering better online sales, the bonus of not having to leave home, and the option to save time AND money- you’re talking my love language. And it seems like I’m not the only one that’s buying into the online retail game. A lot of you are too!

A few weeks ago, we gave you some pretty awesome tips for saving money while shopping online. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to do that now because those tips are totally different from these and they will help you save money almost every time you make an online purchase.

And everybody likes to save money, right? That’s why we LOVE online shopping cashback sites.

4 Online Shopping Cashback Sites

How do cashback sites work? 

Basically, these sites run like most affiliate programs. These cashback websites form relationships with brands and are paid a percentage for any purchases or referrals made from their website. 

In return, these sites are rewarding you by paying you a small percentage of the portion that they’ve earned. 

Did I jack that up, or is it understandable? 

Which cashback site is the best? 

First, I’ll tell you that not all of these sites are the same. Each of them offers different amounts of cashback per store, not all of them have the same stores available, and each of them has its own bonus cashback options.

You decide which ones you like/don’t like- I’m just here to make you aware of them.

A lot of people do switch around based upon where they are shopping, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Take advantage of those savings that these online shopping cashback sites offer and maximize the savings!

What you should consider when choosing a cashback site.

Payout Schedule

Each of these cashback sites have their own terms for paying out their users. This matters. 

Sometimes, you have to wait for verification, and then to get out of your return period for your cashback to be valid.

Minimum Payouts

You want to find a cashback site that you’ll be able to earn from continually because you don’t want to earn a few bucks that just sits there because you can’t meet the minimum cashout amount. 

Think about this when choosing which of these you’ll use.

Earning Potential

Do you want to be able to earn in a variety of ways? Will one of these platforms house a brand that has a higher cashback earning? 

You never know till you search it, and things change, so be open to looking!

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to jump through a bunch of hoops to shop, or even earn. Most of these sites are pretty straightforward, but be sure that you explore your options.

Payment Setup

Paypal, points, gift cards, check by mail, direct deposit; how do you want to be paid? Be sure that you’re aware of these options and plan ahead when you’re looking for an online shopping cashback site!

The Best (in my opinion) Online Cashback Sites

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Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is one of the most well-known cashback sites. It’s super easy to use and includes a wide variety of stores for you to earn cashback from. 

At Rakuten, you can see the cashback offers range from 1% of your total purchase, up to 40%+, plus some sites that reward you a base amount for a specific purchase.

And don’t forget their Invite A Friend program– earn $30 for each friend that signs up with your link! A few shares on Facebook or inviting family and you’ve got the opportunity to earn a nice chunk of change!


Swagbucks is a little different compared to regular cashback sites. Along with rewarding you for making purchases through their platform, they also allow you to earn by watching videos, taking surveys, inviting friends, and more. 

While this program is a little less robust than Rakuten, they do sometimes surprise you with the options to earn that they have available.

Be Frugal

Be Frugal seems like it’s a strong competitor to the niche of offering cashback for online shopping, but it’s still “new” to the scene, so I’m not hugely familiar with it.

A lot like Rakuten, this program offers up to 40% cash back on over 5000 sites with over 1000 coupons available to users of the service. 

Unlike some other platforms, Be Frugal does allow you to combine coupons with cash back savings, which is a major gamechanger!


Honey is mainly a coupon platform, but don’t count it out! I say that because their Chrome extension is quite intutive- and if I’m being honest, amazing.

When you sign into Honey, you have the chance to win “Gold” by making qualifying purchases, using coupons, or inviting your friends.

This gold then translates into dollars once you reach the payout threshold. 

Personally, I like to use Rakuten to shop through and then Honey for coupons at checkout- when done right (and it’s a little tricky) you can double dip and save two ways!

woman smiling with laptoip and credit card, shopping online with text overlay

How do you make sure you save the most money when shopping online? Do you have any tried or true methods of saving money? What is your favorite Online Shopping Cashback Site?

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