Modern Christianity is the real enemy of the church.

Modern Christianity is the enemy of the church

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The term ‘Christian’ is thrown around so loosely these days. Everyone claims to be a Christian. When I was growing up, everybody knew at least one Christian, but not everybody wanted to be a Christian. Being a Christian meant sacrifice. It meant being different. It was a highly respected stance, and not everyone was up for the pressure that came with fulfilling the position.

Slowly, but surely, the distorted views of modern Christianity have tainted our pulpits and our pews and have pushed the truth further and further away. So far, it seems almost unattainable. Modern Christianity is the enemy of the church.

Modern Christianity is the Enemy of the Church - The Fervent Mam: This trend of modern Christianity became the popular choice. This distorted view of what God meant for His church is pushing them further away from Christ

Now, it seems like being a Christian is just the cool thing to do. Honestly, if you put a modern Christian in the middle of a group of non-Christians, I’m almost positive I wouldn’t be able to pick them out. This is a HUGE problem for the church. (2 Corinthians 6:17, Romans 12:2John 15:19)

I’m not sure when this trend of modern Christianity became the popular choice. But I can tell you that this distorted view of what God meant for His church is driving people further, and further, from Christ.

There’s a lot of confusion that surrounds the flow from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Mainly because basic pulpit teachings and Biblical principals have been pushed aside, favoring the charismatic movement and an inspirational gospel- but that’s another post.

In the Old Testament, there were 3 types of laws; civil, ceremonial, and moral. Each type of law was given to the children of Israel for a specific reason. Civil and ceremonial laws were given to the children of Israel so that they would be accountable unto God after captivity. Moral laws were given as a standard for all people.

When Jesus came to die for our sins, He fulfilled the civil and ceremonial laws. This left the moral law as a guideline to live by. I haven’t read anything from The Pantagraph before, but this article on God’s Laws in the Bible explains things well.

Malachi 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not;

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

People may change, cultures may change, environments may change, but God does not change. Kristi Burton Brown wrote this article (Modern Christianity and the Dumbing Down of Sin) for The Christian post, and it’s right along the lines of what the modern Christian church is missing. “Sin doesn’t change becaus of our culture changes. Sin doesn’t change because our friends do it or because we struggle with it. Sin is always sin, and it’s really that simple.”

Despite this ‘evolving’ world, what the Bible says is sin, still remains a sin. No matter if that sin is telling a lie, stealing, sex before marriage, homosexuality, murder, jealousy, etc- it is still a sin. No sin is greater than the other, if you commit one sin, you’re guilty of them all. (James 2:10) And no matter the sin, the solution is the same. Repent and put the flesh under subjection by seeking Christ with a whole heart.

And sometimes there is no immediate answer. And sometimes we still struggle. But know that God is still faithful.

Just because Jesus didn’t say it, doesn’t make the rest of the Bible invalid. Christ was the word made flesh, He fulfilled the words written, He laid the pathway for us to follow. So if you love God, then you’ll love His word.  (John 21:25)

Jesus never preached a prosperity gospel. He wasn’t well liked, the Bible even says that He wasn’t anything special to look at. For goodness sake, they disrespected, they spat on, they mocked, and they crucified Him. People didn’t throng Him for His talent. He didn’t desire the world’s gain. He was hated. And without blame, became the sacrifice for sin.

Love and grace and mercy have become go-to arenas to excuse sin. But what modern day Christians have failed to realize is that this theology has created a group of people who feel entitled to Christ’s goodness, but without any reproof.

This unrealistic sense of Christian infallibility, given by modern Christianity, is extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, these teachings lead people to believe that love is a blanket term for approval. That grace is your pass to sin and that mercy is your personal get out of jail free card.

Sin created a ransom for each life. The debt was paid by Christ’s shed blood. Now, as a testimony, you are to become that living sacrifice for God’s glory.

Christianity isn’t always pretty, sometimes it’s full of tears and heavy burdens. This ‘everyday is a Friday’ mentality will let you down come Monday. Mountain top living gets weary when your struggling in the thinning air. No matter how many sheep the shepherd has, if he doesn’t teach them well, they’ll fall.

Wes McAdams wrote this post titled Would Jesus approve of Modern Christianity? He says, “I realize this is bold, but we must be willing to look at Scripture and determine what is genuine Christianity and what is counterfeit. When we find counterfeits, let’s stop calling it “modern Christianity” and simply say, “it’s not Christianity at all.”

As much as holiness is real, Heaven is. As much as sin is real, hell is.

I am responsible. You are responsible. WE are responsible to proclaim a true gospel to a fallen generation! Don’t let modern Christianity determine what is preached at your church. Don’t let it seep into your people like poison. Modern Christianity is the enemy of the church and we must fight against it!

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  1. It is so funny you wrote this since I was just speaking to my husband about it yesterday! Except, you wrote it better than I said it. I will be emailing this to him. Thanks for speaking the truth in love, we need more women like you in the Church.

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