Lauren Daigle’s comments about homosexuality don’t surprise me.

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I really thought that I was gonna sit this one out. Despite how I strongly feel about it all, if you’re seeing what I’m seeing, most of it has been covered. I didn’t want to just join in and lose my voice, I really wanted to search and see if there was something that the Holy Ghost had to say- and I feel like He does.

I'm not surprised by Lauren Daigle's thoughts on homosexuality - The Fervent Mama: I don't fully blame Lauren Daigle, for her thoughts. Because if the church was being what God intended for it to be, more Christians would know the Bible. So we can't only be mad at her, we must also be mad at the condition of the church. #homosexuality #thechurch

Although, I can say that I’m not surprised at all by what has transpired. Honestly, not much about this world (even the Christian realm) shocks me anymore. I’m gonna be pretty blunt here because I feel like it’s time for the true Church of God to take a stand.

I don’t fully blame Lauren Daigle, for her thoughts.

Why? Because if the church was being what God intended for it to be, we wouldn’t have so many Christians, so many influencers, who don’t know the Bible. The church has traded her convictions, the gifts of The Spirit and the unction of the Lord, for a lay-me-down-to-sleep religion that pats sin on the back.

A sham of a religion that tells us not to sound the alarm, one that tells us to hold our tongues when facing the wretchedness of the enemy, and one that refuses to hear the sound doctrine that is the Word of God. And when you leave these very roots, the simplicity of the Gospel, what transpires is a falsehood.

A falsehood that tells us that there is no reproof of God, not an ounce of rebuke found in Him, His anger is non-existent, and the affliction of the Saints is no longer well-founded. But, Christ did not allow His very Son to die for a multitude of sins if there was no sin found in the land.

The sin that Christ died for, is the very sin runs rampant in our land today.

So yes, while Lauren Daigle has every opportunity to seek out Christ for herself and to learn of Him- it’s hard to pursue that perfected walk with Christ when our world is filled with hypocritical Christians who aren’t pursuing God in His abundance.

We have a world who wants to add a little Christ to their diet. And to appease these, the church has folded under the pressure. In the name of numbers, monies, and popularity, the church no longer follows the command of “turn from your wicked ways”.

We’ve forgotten that to follow Christ, we must be born again. And to be born again means that we must be washed from our sins. The blood of Jesus was shed that I wouldn’t have to live in bondage, but that I could live in the will and the ways of The Lord.

Yet, the church is continually influenced by the world. They remove the blood and they replace the altars, and in turn, promote self-worthiness and self-love. All while Christ says that there is nothing good that dwells in this flesh.

So we cannot be mad at Lauren Daigle, and not be mad at the condition of the church.

I’m sure Lauren is only regurgitating what she’s been taught, or maybe it’s the lack of what she’s been taught. Because faithfulness to God, His house, His word, and His voice doesn’t seem very important anymore.

The church has ushered those who hold true to the word of God, for conviction and righteousness, holiness, and a true and undefiled religion, right out of their sanctuaries. In the name of inclusivity over truth, they have accepted this distortion of the love of God, being deceived themselves.

Sensuality has bound us to music and voices and words that make us “feel”, but has clouded the vision of the church and they are no longer able to discern the difference between anointing and talent. They fall into a rabbit hole of searching for that excitement and pleasure, rather than seeking for the face of God.

Mega-churches all over the world are filled to the brim with people who gawk at stories and humor and feel-good-fleshy messages, but very little in the tabernacles of those who preach the infallibility of the Bible. Is it not the last days?

“Oh, be careful little eyes what you see. Oh, be careful little ears what you hear. Oh, be careful little hands what you do. Oh, be careful little feet where you go. For the Father up above, He is looking down in love. Oh, be careful little you what you portray.”

Sunday school song it may be, Christ cares about what you partake in.

All of these things go hand in hand. There is no sin that is greater than another and homosexuality is not the only issue here. We are cultivating a generation of church people who are being entertained by the very things that we should be standing against.

He cares about what you listen to, He cares about how you talk, He cares about how you dress, He cares about where you go, He cares about what you do, He cares about who you’re influenced by, He cares who your friends are. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

We have left the simplicity of Christ’s Gospel, and it’s those little foxes that have been allowed in that destroy the true vine.

Jesus suffered because of my sin. He was beaten with stripes until He was no longer recognizable. Spat upon, mocked, ridiculed. A crown of thorns was hammered into His head, and His beard plucked out. He was made to carry His own cross up to a hill where He would be made a farce.

Humiliated, as He hung on the cross, unclothed, with nails through His hands and through His feet. Suffocating as His body hung weak, given vinegar to drink, and pierced in His side with a sword.

They hung Him high upon that hill to serve as a travesty to you and me. Yet, He arose. Defying the very death He was sentenced to and providing that way for us to reach the Father.

And we were told, should we not suffer that same fate? (1 Peter 4)

It is not popular, but Christ himself said I chastise those I love. (Hebrews 12)

What is love? Love is not allowing your friends to die in their sin. What is love? Love is sounding the alarm when you see one being tempted. What is love? Love is standing against the enemy to protect a world that is lost without God. (Ezekial 3)

Lauren, I hope this reaches you.

Everyone’s telling you what the Bible says about homosexuality. But if you need a little more of that, I wrote a post about that here: Christ, the Bible, and homosexuality. I hope you’ll see a light in all of the truth you’ve been offered.

Everyone is telling you not to sell out. I agree! Stand firm in the faith! There are so many who wish they had a platform to share this wonderous, life-saving Gospel. Don’t sell out to the pressures of the world. Don’t conform to this world’s skewed vision of Christ!

I can say that this isn’t coming from someone who hasn’t taken the brunt force of hell, I know what it’s like to be singled out for holding to the truth of God’s word. You see, just a short time ago, my family made a big decision to stand against being entertained by the world’s standards.

When I wrote about that, here on our blog, I faced mounds of criticism. A lot like you’re facing now, except from the world- not the church. Thousands of comments, emails, and letters came as hate mail. My address and phone number were shared with the world and my family was blasted across multiple social channels, being called unimaginable things. I still face that viral criticism.

So if that’s your worry, know that Christ suffered those things too and He was a conqueror.

Sis, you have an amazing opportunity to share about Christ, but with that opportunity comes the responsibility to know the whole capacity of Christ and be able to share that truth with a lost and a dying world.

Lauren, we’re all living ministers of the Gospel. Some simply live a life that points to Christ, some through teaching, some behind pulpits, and some through song. You are a minister of Christ! And as a minister, seen on the world’s stage, you must know Christ in His fullness, which also means knowing His word.

I hope you’re spending as much time in prayer and fasting and the scripture, as you are in song. The ministering through music was proven by many in the Bible, but it was only because these same spent their lives in prayer and supplication with the Father.

Despite how we feel about your words, we’re all praying for you, Lauren. God’s wondrous love is still working and His power still reveals His word unto us daily. Reaching out to you is love and this is not your end unless you allow the enemy to make it that.


  1. Christine says:

    Stop standing in judgment. We’re all sinful. Christ came to save the world, not to condemn it. Leave that to God himself and further your walk in Christ by leading your own life as an example.

  2. Thank you for this post it was very eye opening. I would like to share my view if that is okay. I have noticed this disturbing trend among many so called Christians, where they will either disregard, or flat out deny what the Bible calls sin. Though the Church must better equip for the Gospel, I do not believe that is the primary issue. I believe the issue lies with compromise. Lauren (and others) have been Christians long enough where they can definitively state homosexuality is a sin, they know the truth, they simply exchange God’s standard for the favor of man.

  3. Hate to say it, but I was shocked at Lauren Daigle. But, in retrospect, I wasn’t. I knew something was wrong when I heard she performed in New Orleans at whatever they call it–Mardi Gra. I was like why is she there? That’s party central.

  4. I am an author, wife, blogger and homeschooling mom myself and I loved this post!!!! If women want to make a difference in this world then they should try sharing the truth as you just did. To Lauren, Instead of being a feminist be fervently for the Lord. Instead of worrying about success worry about your calling from Christ. God’s opinion alone will matter in the end.

  5. Monica Mooney says:

    Sister in Christ you speak the truth eloquently! Every word that you penned is in alignment with God’s word! May God continue to give you discernment and wisdom. I also want to commend you and encourage you and your family as you begin to seperate yourselves from worldly entertainment. God is calling his church to prepare themselves and sanctify themselves to be holy as he is holy!
    Revelation 18:4
    And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

    In his grace,

  6. “It’s hard to pursue that perfected walk with Christ when our world is filled with hypocritical Christians who aren’t pursuing God in His abundance.”

    I always get stuck with this line of thinking — the one that suggests others aren’t experiencing Christ in full because they have not turned away from what the Bible calls sin. Have you ever worn jewelry? Are you failing to regularly visit God’s children in prisons? Do you complain? Get your hair cut? Ever spoken in church? Worn pants? The Bible calls these things sin too, and they are referenced about the same number of times as homosexuality, if not more. There are many sins you have not turned from. That’s true for all of us.

    I guess I don’t understand why we elevate homosexuality over these other sins. Why we speak about it with such self-righteousness, as if we ourselves don’t pick and choose what from the Bible we want to incorporate into our daily lives and what we will let slide. I would sincerely ask you, why do you feel it’s time for the church to take a stand against same-sex relationships, but not against gold jewelry? Why is this particular sin the one you feel so strongly about?

    What I do understand is that Jesus’s chief commandment is to love one another. Two people who love and care for one another, regardless of gender, are abiding by that commandment.

    1. Brooke Poston says:

      Hi, Emily! First, I think you misunderstood that statement. I’m calling the church out as a whole, not any specific individuals. I’m not blaming anyone for someone else’s salvation, or lack thereof. What I am saying though, is that it’s hard for unlearned Christians, those who are new to the faith or haven’t had sound teaching (which the Bible says is a vital part of salvation) are more likely to fall in line with those who are teaching a falsehood.

      Although, the Bible says to seek out your own salvation with fear and trembling. So we’re all responsible for how much or how little we grow in God. And yes, I do believe in fulling turning away from what the Bible calls sin. If it weren’t possible, then God wouldn’t have commanded us to do it. He wouldn’t have sent the Holy Ghost as a help. Yet, He did. Do we still fall short, absolutely, but we are to turn from what the Bible calls sin.

      Second, some of the things that you have mentioned are ceremonial laws in which were fulfilled when Christ died for our sins, I’ll link this post here to clear that up instead of typing it all:
      And for the record, I don’t wear jewelry or pants; and I think you’ve also misunderstood/misquoted some of the other things you’ve referenced.

      I don’t elevate homosexuality as above any other sin. Sin is sin, no matter what sin it is. Although, this is a hot topic issue that causes a lot of confusion in the church. It is relevant to today, which is why I chose to speak on it. However, you can also search through our FAITH tab, to see other “sin” that we talk about. A lot of other things we talk about, including racism, judging, standing for righteousness, faithfulness, etc- you just happened upon this post.

      And, I truly don’t believe that people can understand the capacity of love without first experiencing God’s love for themselves. What a lot of people consider love, is never really love. And if you aren’t abiding by all of Christ’s commandments, then you aren’t abiding by any of them.

      P.S. Yes, God forgives. Yes, we all sin and fall short. That’s where grace comes in. BUT, with the help of the Holy Ghost we can follow that command of “turn from your sins”, which means don’t do them anymore.

    2. ??Thank you!!!!!!!!This is incredibly true.

  7. Tanyanyika Faaita says:

    Thank you for speaking the true word of God you are truly a woman of God.continue to speak the truth and continue to lead others to the true word of God and not the water down word. I pray that you and your family continue to be blessed for speaking the word of God and standing for God

    1. Donna Bergeron says:

      These sound like the words and judgement of a hypocrital Catholic!! Lauren handled it the way she felt was right! How dare anyone here on earth judge anyone! Are you without sin? I highly doubt it!! You can say what you want but if you are one of Catholism religion, you best be cleaning up your own back yard before you trash others! Anyone who feels they have the right to pass judgement on someone must feel they are perfect, blastphome is what you are spewing from your mouth cause only our Lord and Savior is perfect and without sin! As the bible states many times, it would do you all well to hold your tongue!! Lauren Daigle has been given a gift from God to lead people in worship with her songs, and your jealousy is a sin!!!!!

      1. Brooke Poston says:

        Hi, Donna! First, I would encourage you to look at your own words, as you are judging me. Both your tone, your accusal, and your assumption is sin in itself. Second, I’m not Catholic, I’m Full Gospel. Third, I am not perfect by any means, but our Bibles (if you’re a Christian) tell us to judge fellow Christians with righteous judgment. You can read more about that here: Should Christians Judge? My words were nothing but warning, and loving. But, maybe if you took offense, it may be a little conviction? Something to think about. Besides, I place more fault on the church as a whole (myself included at times) for not better teaching and equipping the flock. I even give her the benefit of the doubt. So I wasn’t judging at all, just stating facts.

  8. Wanda Johnson says:

    So so true!! It’s so very sad that our churches today don’t preach the true gospel!!

  9. Monies is not a a word. Money is already plural.

    1. Brooke Poston says:

      Thanks, Rachel. But unfortunately, you are incorrect.

      plural form of money, as used in financial contexts.

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