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I am the Pro-Life Generation. #DONTSHOUTYOURABORTION

I am the Pro-Life Generation, #DontShoutYourAbortion

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1 A.M. I sat in the living room chair, blogging and writing, and indulging in the black hole of social media.
When I heard a late night news program talking about “#ShoutYourAbortion”.


My heart immediately broke into a bajillion pieces as I heard women talk about how “empowering” it was to have an abortion. How the creator of #ShoutYourAbortion decided “on a whim” that she was going to have an abortion instead of mopping her kitchen floors. How the decision was easy. How these women are proud of the life that they live, because one was destroyed.

Can you think about 1 woman, whom you know, that can’t bare children?
Off the top of my head, I can think of three. I’ve seen the pain they faced in longing for a child of their own. I’ve watched the destruction of peace that a miscarriage brings. I’ve heard the stories of how adoption just isn’t feasible.

So, why are women so oppressed, to believe that they must make the choice of life for another? Why is terminating a living being so “empowering”?

When I kill a spider, I feel empowered. When I smash a mosquito, I feel accomplished. But, when I hear about human life being destroyed, my being is shaken. When I hear about someone having a miscarriage, my heart hurts. When I think about the millions of parents who aren’t as fortunate to have children, who suffer from disease and illness that affects fertility, the ones longing to adopt a child- I can’t help but stand for them.
I stand with them.

But it’s your life, you should have the choice, right?
I bet the murderer thought the same.
I bet the embezzler thought the same.
I bet the drug dealer, the prostitute, the thief, the drunk driver, the harasser- they all thought the same. Despite morals, despite law, despite the thoughts of others, they wanted the opportunity to make a choice. And they did, it just may not have been good ones.

Let’s be real for a second.
If you’re reading this, you obviously stand on one side of the Pro-choice/ Pro-life debate. Which also means you understand how babies get here. You took something that was made to create human life, the main purpose is pro-creation, used it for your own enjoyment, your own benefit, and then refused the outcome. Remember science class? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
You made the CHOICE to engage in an activity that pro-creates, but refuse the actual pro-creation. Seems as though that is where your choice lies.

Why, in a world that makes it so accessible to abort babies, it’s so hard to adopt one?
Why, in a world that cares so much for animal life, we forego the rights of unborn human ones?
Why, in a world that is so advanced, we feel the need to restrict life just to be “someone”?

We live in such an age where human life becomes nothing but a bundle of active cells. Where Cecil the Lion holds more bearing than the legal killings of innocent “fetus’s”. Where a bundle of cells was found on mars that suggests life, is celebrated. But here on Earth, a bundle of cells that is life- we’re destroying it.

2014-10-07 19.57.10I understand that there are unplanned situations, I understand that there are possible outcomes that are unfavorable, I understand that horrible things happen sometimes that lead to struggles that we weren’t ready to face, and I understand the struggles of carrying a child.
I have happily carried two children. At a young, ripe, age of 19, I got pregnant with my daughter. At 21, I got pregnant with my second, a son- both unexpected. My husband, myself, my daughter, my son- we live on one income, we live in a 2 bedroom house that isn’t even 1,000 sq.ft., we don’t take lots of vacations, we don’t have expensive things, we eat home cooked meals, and we sometimes live from check to check- but
I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life.

As I type this, please know that I’m not judging you. I’m simply doing the same as you. As you shout your acceptance, I shout my disapproval. While you reason with empowerment, I reason with morality. While you live your life proud of the decision you made, I live my life proud of my own.
But I challenge you to not make a “whim” decision.

Girl Defined said it best in, An Open Letter to the Women of the #ShoutYourAbortion Movement.

I am the Pro-life generation.

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