How We Homeschool Bundle Giveaway #1

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How We Homeschool Bundle Giveaway #1

Giveaway runs from August 31st, 2020 – September 7th at 11:59 PM ET. There will be ONE winner who will receive access to ALL prizes listed below. Must be a resident of the United States or Canada. You are responsible for reading the terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter entry form below before you enter the giveaway.


The following resources combined add up to over $500 of homeschool content. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter. 

Gift Card to Rainbow Resource Center
$50 Value

You can never have enough homeschool material! Thanks to The Fervent Mama and Our Little Slice of Heaven, you can enjoy this $50 gift card to Rainbow Resource Room for your personal homeschool needs.

A signed copy of Anyone Can Homeschool by Nicki Truesdell
$12.99 Value

Nicki Truesdell, blogger, mother of 5, and second-generation homeschooler, shares her stories of home education through many ups and downs, and how she learned to adapt to every situation.

Choice of Three-Course Combo OR Two-Course Combo from State History by a Helping Hand
$50-$100 Value

Winner’s choice of either our Three-Course Combo for grades 3-12 (Fifty States Under God, Geography of the Fifty States, and the 2-piece state history course on the state of choice) or the Two-Course Combo for age 4 – grade 2 (Fifty States Under God for Young Learners and My State History Funbook on the state of choice).

Raising Godly Kids Course from Your Home For God
$37 Value

You wish someone would tell you what the most important things are in Raising Godly Kids! Then you could do them! You wish you had an older woman who would tell you how to navigate the unknown waters of parenting, homeschooling, AND how to get everything done. And you wish there was a course to teach you! Well, now there is!

HEart and Soul Homeschooling Logo

Gift Card to Heart and Soul Homeschooling’s Shop
$25 Value

Over the past decade of raising my three daughters, we’ve discovered the freedom of pursuing purposeful learning with delight-directed homeschooling. It’s exciting to see their natural curiosity and follow their interests. They love creative projects like lapbooking, journaling, notebooking, nature studies, and unit studies. I’ve learned that spending quality time together with living books and lively discussions goes a long way in forming their character and building our relationships.

Fascinating Chemistry Logo from Fascinating Education

One Year Subscription to Fascinating Chemistry from Fascinating Education
$79 Value

In Fascinating Chemistry, you will learn the four ways that atoms bond to each other, and how each bond determines the properties of the resulting molecule. Understand the four bonds and the rest of chemistry will all make sense. Join Dr. Margulies for a fascinating course as he helps you learn how these special properties explain our everyday world — from water freezing to nuclear energy to food to metals to weather, and more!

Geography Bundle images from Fun With a Message

Geography Bundle from Fun With A Message
$25 Value


The GEOGRAPHY ROAD TRIP notebooking unit is great to take on a trip or to study any geographical area in the world.  It also includes Spanish prompts so that you can add it to your foreign language hours. 

The GUIDED GEOGRAPHY RESEARCH NOTEBOOK is great to have kids learn how to research a topic, summarize it and write about it.  It has very specific prompts on Geysers, hot springs and wildlife that can be used when studying about those topics or added to your study of Yellowstone National Park. 

Singapore Math Learning Center Logo

Gift Card to Singapore Math Learning Center
$50 Value

Singapore Math Learning Center offers online 1-1 tutoring and online classes using the Singapore Mathematics method. The Singapore Mathematics framework was developed on the basis that problem-solving is central to learning math and uses the concrete to pictorial to abstract learning approach to encourage active thinking, understanding, and communication of math concepts and problem-solving. Build a solid math foundation and help your child discover the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’ of math.

Homeschool Quick Start-Up Guide & Learning Resource & Curriculum List from 200 Fingers and Toes
$15 Value

Do you need to jump into homeschooling headfirst and settle the details later, or do you need to hit the reset button on your homeschool and get back to basics? This Quick Start Up Guide cover what you need to get running and correct your course in six packed chapters.

“How to Unschool” Success Bundle from Julie Naturally
$39.99 Value

PRINT COPIES of my two unschooling booksGod Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn AND 100 Ways to Motivate Kids, The huge, Our Unschooling Year planner, An additional plannerOur Delightful School Year, for easier record-keeping for families who need it, Two video workshops: How to Pivot to Unschooling and How to Motivate Kids Without Bribes or Punishments. AND even more private resources!

Student Work and Habit Tracker from Proverbial Homemaker
$14 Value

The Student Work & Habit Tracker is a simple tool that helps students from about 3rd-12th grade to manage their time and stay focused. They will craft meaningful goals, manage their weekly and daily work efficiently, and build in important habits. Most importantly, the Tracker will help them keep God’s Word at the center of their daily life, doing all in the name of the Lord.

Craftsman Crate Logo

FREE month subscription to Craftsman Crate from Raising Real Men
$39.97 Value

One day my kid’s said, “Mom and Dad, there is absolutely nothing out there in hands on stuff for guys who are teens or adults. Nothing.” We asked our guys what kind of things they’d want to do. They wanted to learn the skills of craftsmen. They wanted to be able to do the things their grandparents had done. They wanted to be artisans like they’d read about in all those historical novels. And we made it happen. 

Homeschool Unit Studies Logo

Gift Card for Unit Studies at Homeschool Goodies from Kirkwood Education
$50 Value

We believe that a well-rounded education is not just about academics but is also about teaching kids Christian values. We strive to equip parents with tools that will make it easier than ever to empower their children to become independent self-directed learners. 



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  1. Virginia H says:

    This is a really nice giveaway for homeschooling parents and our kids. Thank you so much for the opportunity. It has been a rough year being laid off from my job in April, then got another job and tested positive for Covid19. All this going on and one of my twin daughters was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I’m ready for a new year lol. My twins are currently homeschooled 8th graders through a Christian school.

  2. I hope I win. I would be really blessed by all this amazing curriculum. This is a great give away that would be beneficial for any homeschooling family.

  3. So many great resources. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for your generosity with this giveaway! There are many useful items in it.

  5. Judith Martinez says:

    The geography resources look really great! That’s an area of weakness in our school.

  6. Things are still up in the air in my area regarding school so this would be amazing to win.

  7. What a great giveaway! I’ve never seen one specifically with unschoolers in mind before. I love the idea!

  8. Amy Ritchie says:

    I am very excited about this giveaway! So many awesome prizes!

  9. LeAnn Harbert says:

    The Craftsman Crate is a great idea for helping raise young men.

  10. This is a wonderful idea and will be a great help to a lot of new homeschooling families. Thank-you for participating and thank-you for the awesome giveaways!

  11. Mindy Kroesche says:

    I’m new to homeschooling and am excited to read this series. So many of these resources look great and I would love to try them out.

  12. Kathy Moya says:

    Such an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. Alexandra David says:

    Even after homeschooling for 10 years there is still awesome curriculum I’d like to try. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

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