If you've made Young Living the choice for your family, what's next? How to buy Young Living essential oils? How do you get great prices and awesome deals?

How to Buy Young Living Essential Oils

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We talk a good bit about essential oils around here, but if you knew all the ways we used them and how they’ve changed our lives, you wouldn’t blame us. Before you keep reading, you should know that I was once a skeptic too. But when I gave in and actually gave essential oils a chance, I fell in love!

If you've made Young Living the choice for your family, what's next? How to buy Young Living essential oils? How do you get great prices and awesome deals?

But choosing the right company can be tough. Like me, I’m sure you want to get the best for your family, and your budget, so what essential oils company is right? Personally, I only recommend Young Living and suggest that you do serious research before choosing a company. You should know that not all essential oils are safe.

So, if you’ve made Young Living the choice for your family, what’s next? How to buy Young Living essential oils? How do you get great prices, awesome deals, and rewards to earn more product? Should you sign up for a Young Living Wholesale account? We’re gonna answer all those questions you have about how to purchase Young Living Oils.

To explain how much we love essential oils, we have a whole blog tab dedicated to them. Feel free to browse through and check out each of our posts about essential oils here. If you’re wondering if essential oils are safe, read more about essential oils safety.

There are so many myths surrounding essential oils, you should definitely know the facts and do your research. If you’ve heard about how expensive Young Living is, it’s not. Just keep reading. If you think all oils are the same, that’s even worse and completely unsafe. If you think it’s a scam, I suggest you try them out for yourself. Take this fun quiz to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils.

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How to Buy Young Living Essential Oils

– When heading to the Young Living website here, the first question you’re asked is if you want to sign up as a retail or wholesale customer. You can sign up for whatever you choose, but they are very different programs. To get the best of your Young Living experience, we suggest signing up as a Wholesale Customer.

Wholesale Customer: To sign up as a wholesale customer, you must purchase a Premium Starter Kit, but there are absolutely no other strings attached. A premium starter kit is a bundle of 11 of the most popular oils, starting materials, a diffuser, samples, and lots of other fun stuff at a huge discount. After this purchase, you are considered a Young Living Member, but you are not required to make any other purchases.

As a Young Living Member, you will receive 24% off all retail prices, the opportunity to participate in growing a team and earning commissions, and benefits of essential rewards. To maintain your membership status, you must purchase a minimum of $50PV (personal volume) per year. However, there is no penalty if you never choose to make another purchase.

Retail Customer: As a retail customer with Young Living, you can purchase whatever you like at full price, and you cannot participate in any Young Living Membership Activities or Membership Programs.

– Once you choose which program you will participate in (wholesale or retail), then you have the opportunity to share the Sponsor ID of someone you know who will help you through your oily journey. If you know someone who promotes Young Living, tell them that you want to sign up for their team and they can help you through the process. If you don’t, we’d love to have you join us, just follow the directions below!

You will enter the Sponsor ID (mine is 2232384) for both the “Sponsor ID” option an “Enroller ID” option. This tells Young Living that this is the team that you want to join. If you don’t enter sponsor or enroller number, Young Living will place you with another successful, but random, Young Living Member/Sponsor.

When you sign up with another member, that member will earn a commission off of your purchases that help them to maintain a business, buy their oils, or support their families. They are also there to help you with any questions and provide you with support as you enter into the oily world.

– At this point, depending on which membership option you chose, you will have different options. We are going to focus on the Membership Option. Once you choose your sponsor, you should now be brought to a page to choose your starter kit. The PSK (Premium Starter Kit) is the best option to explore the most popular oils that Young Living offers, but you do have other options and feel free to read through them.

– Next, you’ll be asked about joining the Essential Rewards Program. You can read more about why you should join Young Living Essential Rewards here, but here’s the jest of it. This program is completely optional but is a benefit of becoming a member. You can opt in or out at any time.

Young Living Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship program where you can choose to have any rotation of qualifying products that you like sent to you on a monthly basis. You can change which oils you get each month, or stick with the same. However, you must spend a minimum of $50PV.

Each oil is worth a PV amount, this personal volume amount tells you how many points the product is worth. Your monthly purchase must meet the minimum before tax and shipping. However, you earn a percentage of this monthly order back in points. These points can then be used to “purchase” oils.

The longer that you are on the program, the more your earning percentage increases until it caps out at 25%. You receive one grace month per year and you can cancel this program, or rejoin, at any time. Once you fall in love with your oils, this benefit of membership will be priceless, especially when you start earning freebies!

– After you choose to opt into or wait, on Essential Rewards, you will be asked if you’d like to add any additional products to your initial order. Once again, this is your choice and is not a requirement. The next step would be to fill out your information, confirm your participation, and purchase!

Everything is really that simple. Don’t let essential oils, or the process, overwhelm you. It’s important to do your research, know the facts, and determine what’s best for your family. We’re really passionate about sharing our love and experience with essential oils so we’re here to help!

If you’re still wondering about how to buy Young Living essential oils, or you have any questions at all, you are more than welcome to reach out to me via our email [email protected]. If you put “Young Living Help” in the subject line, you’ll be answered quicker!

Why Choose Young Living - The Fervent Mama:

Learn more about why you should choose Young Living and find out how to get your own! Become a no strings attached Young Living Member today!

Young Living offers the Premium Starter Kit (pictured left) with everything you’ll need to start your journey with essential oils at an amazing discounted price. With this purchase, you have the opportunity to join our team and get future wholesale prices of oils with no promise of monthly purchases. If you have any questions about Young Living or this promotion, feel free to check out our links here, or contact me at [email protected].


DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, I am simply a mom trying to do what’s best for my family. Any information or advice given is to help educate and inform, not to diagnose, help, treat, or prevent any disease. Statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA. You should always check with a healthcare professional before starting something new.

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