Free Kids Sermon Notes Printable

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We love having our children in the church service with us, but getting children to listen in church can be a challenge. Our printable kids sermon notes will help your child focus, listen, keep track, and remember what is being taught in church.

As Christians, it’s so important for our kids to be active and participate in church. I really can’t even tell you how passionate I am about this topic.

Of course, I believe that there is an overwhelming need for kid’s ministry- it definitely has its place. But the benefits of having your kids in worship and message are endless.

Kids paying attention in church

They see you worshipping and they see other adults participating. They are in the room when the presence of God moves in.

They learn to be patient, attentive, self-controlling, and are shown good examples of leadership, sacrifice, and order.

All while listening to The Word of God being preached.

Using our free kids sermon notes pages, you we’ll show you how to raise children who love to listen intently and participate during preaching!

Teaching Children to Take Sermon Notes

Children learn first of all through observation, so if you want your kids to take notes during church, take notes yourself. This is an excellent first step. You can also use these pages as a guided lesson in note-taking.

One of the best parenting tips I’ve ever heard is to have your children practice big and difficult skills like sitting still in church or taking sermon notes.

Practice at home with an online video, and pause every few minutes to make sure your children are keeping up, understand the main ideas, and know what to listen for as they keep sermon notes.

printable kids sermon notes shown on a flat background with the text sermon notes for kids in large letters.

Make the process as easy as possible for your children at first, and gradually increase the difficulty or expect more detail. For example, you might start with just five minutes of a sermon and gradually increase the time.

Perhaps you could have your child complete only a few of the blanks on our printable kids sermon notes the first time, and then increase those expectations as your child’s note-taking abilities increase.

Maybe your very young child could draw a picture about the sermon or color a related picture before they are ready to write, and in this way practice the habit of note-taking from a very early age.

Why Should Your Kids Take Notes in Church?

  1. We remember more when we write things down rather than just listen. This is why students take notes in class. It’s an effective memory aid.
  2. Listening for specifics to “fill-in-the-blanks” helps kids focus and concentrate on what the pastor is sharing.
  3. Your young children might not be learning or retaining much from keeping notes, but they are setting up excellent habits for the future and practicing important skills like listening for the main points and applying what they hear.
  4. It encourages your children to listen and be still.

FREE Printable Kids Sermon Notes from The Fervent Mama

It seems like Sermon Notes for Kids are a dime a dozen, so what makes our set different and better?

Our kids sermon notes printable is easy to download and print right from your computer.

The set even comes with four different designs so that kids won’t get bored.

Using the free printable sermon notes for kids PDF as a guide each week, your student will

  • record the main passage
  • note the speaker and songs
  • notate unknown vocabulary for research at home
  • draw in response to the lesson
  • answer thought-provoking questions about the sermon

These pages provide a very gentle approach to sermon note-taking so that even young children can participate and older children can add more detail.

How to Use the Sermon Notes for Kids

I recommend printing multiple copies of the PDF for each child. Put these pages in a three-ring binder or three-ring folder and table the form with your child’s name and the year.

If you want, go ahead and print thirteen copies now so that you have one page for each Sunday of the year, or adjust the math and make one page for each Sunday left in the year. There are four pages in the file, so thirteen copies will get you to a year.

Once you have a folder or notebook for each child, decide if they will be responsible to bring them to church or if you will put them all in a bag just for the kid’s sermon notebooks.

If you prefer, bring clipboards and a single copy for each child each week, and add them to notebooks once you get home.

In any case, I do recommend keeping the notes so your child can see how they’ve progressed and review what they’ve learned.

Sometimes someone will say — Hey! Remember when we had that sermon about XYZ, and the pastor said…” It’s so cool to be able to go look that up!


Children benefit greatly from learning to listen in church and take notes on the sermon. Using our printable kids sermon notes is a great way to help your child practice note-taking, listening, and applying God’s word.

Get my Sermon Notes for Kids here.