Essential Oils for Back to School

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School. I don’t even want to begin to think about it. Johannah just turned 4, which means next year is the year for us. Next year seems so close, yet so far away. I can’t do it. Let’s talk about something else, like oil, essential oils.

It’s been so long since we’ve chatted about essential oils over this way, so I’m kind of excited. With the school year upon us, I know that we’ll both be pretty grateful for this list later. I’ve got a handful of cousins that are teachers as well, so I’m loving the essential oil buzz for inside/outside of the classroom. Especially since it’s not just about the oils, Young Living makes it easy to fall in love with all of their products.

Let’s talk about essential oils for back to school.

These great essential oil picks for back to school will for sure get those teachers ready to teach on!

With all the destruction going on in Louisiana, a lot of our schools have just started their second week, which is kinda like the first week all over again. So, hopefully these tips are coming in handy!

If you’ve got a teacher friend, all of these items make great gifts. Essential oils are great conversation starters, and if you get them tried, they’ll for sure be hooked! If you’re a teacher, maybe send a welcome letter home to your new parents with some helpful tips on how to get thru the school year with the help of some natural products (hint, hint, Young Living). Or if your just a mom, cherish these tips!

  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) – Add a couple drops to shampoo to help reduce the risk of a bugger infestation. Nobody likes to have to treat and disinfect at any time during the school year.
  • Stress Away – Just douse yourself in it from head to toe at every moment you can. Kidding, just kidding. Really though, wear it as a perfume or diffuse inside the classroom.
  • Diffuse enjoyable and brightening oils like Joy, Orange, Citrus’s, or wear a diffuser necklace.

These Thieves products provide great balance for those back to school germs! Essential Oils for Back to School!

  • Thieves household cleaner as a natural alternative to cleaning and disinfecting in the classroom.
  • Thieves Spray or hand purifier in replace of germ-extinguishers.

These are some great essential oils for back to school!

  • Use Copaiba and Cool Azul to massage tired, achy, muscles.
  • Having trouble getting those kiddos back into a nightly routine? Try White Angelica or Gentle Babies to aid in a good nights rest.

Lemon Oil is one of the most versatile oils, especially for back to school benefits!

  • You could even use Lemon Oil to help remove gum, crayon and other ‘sticky’ situations.
  • Try Super C Chewables or OmegaGize to help boost your immune system and to help prevent the flu.

What are your favorite essential oils for back to school?

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