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But God has a purpose and God has a plan, so You just stand. Sang about it Donnie! 7 Ways to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

7 Ways to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

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Don’t mind me, I’m just over here in the trial of my life and having church in my kitchen. And don’t be all self righteous and act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

But God has a purpose and God has a plan, so You just stand. Sang about it Donnie! 7 Ways to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

When I’m down, I just put on some gospel music and have me a good prayer meeting. Or even when I’m happy, and a song comes to my heart, I can just feel it in my bones. Speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord!

I know how it is. I’ll join in with you! I know what it’s like to be down. I know what it’s like to feel discouraged. This mama knows your pain, I know your heart. I been there too. But God has a purpose and God has a plan, so You just stand. Sang about it Donnie!


7 Ways to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

1. Speak Life

I’m not one of those name it claim it, blab it and grab it folks. But the Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21 We control the environment of our surroundings with our words. Shouldn’t they speak life!?

2. Pray for joy

There is no powerful tool given to the Christian than the ability to reach out to the Father freely. He cares for you. James 1 is so good. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God,” James 1:5 “The hope of the righteous shall be gladness” Proverbs 10:28

3. Read Encouraging Scriptures

The book of Philippians is sometimes referred to as the Book of Joy. But did you know that Paul wrote the book of Philippians while he was in jail. Could you imagine finding joy in such a place? I’ve even read that in Bible days it was better being a slave than a prisoner. Sometimes it’s hard for us to find joy in our freedom, but imagine being martyred for the Gospel’s sake and still finding joy!

4. Take good fellowship

One of the worst things a Christian can do when they are struggling is to take up counsel from the ungodly. What good are the unfruitful works to God? Be sure that your lingering fellowship is with those who can lift you up both physically AND spiritually. Find friends that will love you enough to reprove you in the time of need and encourage you through the times of sorrow.

5. Find yourself in church

When we are struggling, we do our best to make it into the church house as much as possible. We have traveled for hours one way just to be in one service for God to move through us. Not only is this sacrifice pleasing unto God, but it’s encouraging to constantly be in an atmosphere were His presence is sought.

6. Think on good thoughts

Think about the Negative Nancy in your life. We all have one. Don’t you just get tired of hearing about how terrible everything is. Isn’t it so depressing. Don’t turn into a Negative Nancy when you’re down. Think on good thoughts. Remind yourself of the things God has blessed you with, think about the trials He brought you through, remember where He brought you from and think yourself happy!

7. Do something that makes you happy.

Hang out with your friends, read a book, get a pedicure, spend time with your family, go for a bike ride. Find something that brings you joy, even if it’s temporal, and do it. For that time, give your burdens to Jesus and find joy in His creation and the things He’s blessed you with.

1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”

What are some things you have done to encourage yourself in the Lord?

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  1. Thanks so much for reading these seven verses they have encouraged my breaking heart. I have learnt that though I feel that all is not well my saviour Jesus Christ can let me slip. I’m encouraged to think on things that make me happy for indeed I have testimony of how the Lord has brought me from low life and provided for me. I’m at peace for I feel the Lord has taken over my burden. Amen

  2. A nice read this morning. Finding interesting and uplifting scriptures like psalm 42 is an excellent way to encourage yourself in the Lord. Feeling very down this morning , the song from verse 1 flashed in my mind and i immediately read the entire chapter , now i am refreshed. My search for other scriptures 1samuel30:6 brought me to this site.
    God bless you

  3. Thank you Heavenly father, for such lovely and encouraging verses this morning, as I begin a new day, I receive all the blessing that are coming my way. I am encouraged and blessed to have read these this morning. Once again thank you.

    1. Thank You ????

  4. I really needed this source of confirmation and confidence this morning! You are a great writer, and I definitely will be returning to read more!! Thanks again! God bless!

  5. Thanks Brooke, this has lightened me up this evening.

  6. I thank God for this in Jesus name

  7. solid words am going put them in action

    1. Thanks Brooke for the encouraging word,i am blessed .may God richly bless you.

  8. Thanks, Brook. This was a nice pick me up this morning. Recovering from surgery today, feeling down and discouraged. Scripture can soothe, if I let it. I’m casting my my care upon him. Thanks for the reminder!! Scott Huber

  9. Thank you, I needed some encouragement today! This morning was a rough one, but when I heard my 4 year old start singing my favorite gospel song while doing her chores it made me remember how much joy we can have if we just claim it.
    I need to work on fellowship, it’s so hard to make Christian mommy friends, and I think that Satan encourages us to be ‘too busy’, ‘too tired’, and ‘too distracted’ to actually make time for fellowship. I will make an effort this week to make those connections and fellowship with my Church family. Thank you for the kick in the pants!

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