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The Best Educational Usborne Books for Your Homeschool

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Our family loves books! I especially love reading a good book that also teaches my kids something, and my kids love books regardless!

Since we homeschool, we are living our learning. That’s actually how I got interested in Usborne Books & More. Honestly, I had little to no experience with the Usborne brand until we started with Sonlight and now, I’m so excited I found them!

My kids, of course, are just excited about all the new adventures that books hold, and love all the bright colors and fun illustrations.

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Until we tie them into our homeschool lessons, they don’t even realize how educational Usborne books are! All they know is that they are pretty, fun, functional, and all around fascinating! 

If you’re looking for great, durable, books that will continue to teach in a captivating way, this is for you! Because there is so much more to Usborne than just fun children’s books, which is why I wanted to share more about Usborne’s educational resources and how they can work with your homeschool curriculum.

Maybe I’ll put together a series one day on how to create your own curriculum using Usborne books!

The Best Educational Usborne Books for Your Homeschool

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I am not an Usborne consultant. I do recommend that you find a consultant that may be able to share with you deals or party information that you can’t get from purchasing books outright. 

Because we use Sonlight, a lot of my Usborne books come from purchasing curriculum. I also like to buy used books and do make the occasional book purchase on Amazon.

Big Books

Big Books are perfect for little people. They are packed with colorful illustrations, bite size chunks of information, and engaging illustrations. They cover so many topics from trucks and dinosaurs (Hello, perfect for my boy!) to art, science, and the alphabet.

These books are perfect for pre-readers because of how fun and engaging the illustrations and photos are. My kids are so happy to just sit and flip through the pages of these books.

Oh, and that is another bonus–the pages–they are nice and thick so they are sturdy. Usborne knows kids and how destructive littles can be to books!


Lift the Flap

Oh my word, these are fabulous for school. Literally, there are tons of options for lift the flap books for every age from baby through middle school. Under every flap is something new to learn and kids love the hands-on element that these books provide!

We especially like the math books because they make the sometimes boring topics, like fractions and addition, exciting. Kids literally can’t wait to dive into these books.

Learn to Read with Usborne

Teaching my babies to read is a big, important job. I want my kids to enjoy reading. Usborne makes that easy by providing great content that is of interest to a wide variety of age ranges. 

The Usborne Reading Programme is a collection of over 350 reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, graded in eight levels for guidance- this program and educational Usborne books collection can be the perfect asset for homeschoolers!


First Encyclopedias

Ok, so these are just overflowing with information! Seriously, you could teach an entire class just from one of these books because they each cover a vast majority of information, subjects, and interests. Oh, and for the older kids, there are Encyclopedias that are even more in depth.

However, these are not the boring encyclopedias you may be used to. The educational Usborne books have full page, full color graphics. I mean, they are from Usborne after all, which means they kind of can’t disappoint!

We love the Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia and use it almost daily in our homeschool routine. It’s the perfect mash of fun and educational!


Activity Books

Sometimes we just like to have some fun, or learn in a more hands on way. That’s why I have my eye on so many of the activity books. There are fun books like stickers, coloring, games and jigsaw puzzles. Then there are the educational activity books, that are just as much fun.

What’s really exciting is that many of the activity books are great companions for the regular books. So, we can have a math lesson using the Lift the Flap Adding and Subtracting, and then practice what we learned with the Adding and Subtracting activity book.

These are so much more than workbooks and are so inviting. 

Wipe Clean Books

So, since we have four children in our homeschool, re-usable resources are always welcome. Wipe Clean books are great for younger children who need to practice the same skill over and over. Since you can just erase mistakes, it makes it less intimidating for kids, too.

These are wonderful for quiet time, traveling, and hand-eye-mind skills!

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Usborne Books and So Much More

There’s a reason it’s called Usborne Books and More, because there is just so much more. I think I could write an entire encyclopedia set just about the books I love and another about the books I want to buy. 

Do you use Usborne Books in your homeschool? What are your favorites?

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