DIY VeggieTales Crafts for Kids (VeggieTales Plushies)

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Like many most Christian families all over the globe, my kids are absolutely in love, head over heels, pretty much obsessed at this point, with VeggieTales.

And personally, I have absolutely no problem with it. I love that the “oldies” are still valid, the “newbies” are still fun and the overall Biblical message still points my children in the right direction. 

I mean, you have the original VeggieTales, The League of Incredible Vegetables, VeggieTales in the House, VeggieTales in the City, and then a reboot of the original VeggieTales cast – uh, YES- PUHLEASE! 

VeggieTales inspired Plush characters on a blue background with the text overlay "VeggieTales Felt Plushies Tutorial"

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge Veggie fanatic, and my kids are too. Which is why I was so overwhelmingly disappointed to find a virtual black hole on Pinterest when I searched “VeggieTales Crafts”, and it wasn’t a good thing. 

Because there were coloring pages… and that’s pretty much it. 

The beloved television show from my childhood, the one that Christian families all over the globe can relate to each other through, there was nothing of substance there to represent it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love coloring pages as much as the next gal, but what about something of substance? What about something that the whole family can get involved with? What about some fun, hands-on activities that encourage imaginative play? Nothing. 

And so I changed that. And boy am I glad I did. 

I mean, look how cute these VeggieTales Plushies came out! 

If you’re looking for a simple craft that can be adapted to fit multiple ages and/or skill range, or maybe a relatable and quick hands-on activity, these DIY VeggieTales plush toys fit the bill perfectly!

DIY VeggieTales Plushies

As we go through the process, I’ll share how we can actually adapt the steps to fit your children’s age group or ability. I promise it’s simple! I provide you with the printable PDF Template in our shop, or you can print it out (with the instructions) on the virtual card at the bottom of this post.

Various colors of felt and thread with a small pair of scissors and a pencil.
Simple materials make for an easy craft when it comes to these VeggieTales Felt Plush Toys!

Just as with any craft, we will begin by gathering our materials. It’s a possibility that you could already have all of these materials at home. But if not, they should be fairly simple to find and very inexpensive. 

VeggieTales Plushies Materials List:

This materials list changes depending on what age groups you are doing this craft with.

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Felt cutouts from the VeggieTales Plushies Printable Template
For younger children, it may be best to have the VeggieTales inspired felt pieces already cut out.

Next, you’ll cut out the PDF template of the VeggieTales inspired character you’re choosing to make and trace it on the appropriate color felt. In this case, we’re starting with Bob the Tomato.

If you are completing this project with younger children, it may be a good idea to have these already cut out. However, if you have children that are able to cut the pieces out proficiently, let them have at it!

Bob the Tomato inspired felt pieces (red circle, white and black eyes, green stem)
You can choose to glue these pieces together or sew them, whatever works for you!

Next, we will want to start putting together Bob the Tomato’s facial features. For the sake of time, I suggest hot gluing these small pieces to the backing, but you can absolutely sew them if you choose!

VeggieTales inspired character Bob the Tomato made from felt but missing his nose and smile.
Bob the Tomato is almost complete, but he’s still missing his nose and smile!

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VeggieTales inspired character Bob the Tomato felt plushie.
What kind of expression are YOU gonna give Bob!?

The next step is to give Bob the Tomato a nice smile! You can do this by drawing it on with a fine tip black marker, or even practice your stitching skills by sewing one on with a needle and black thread!

Bob the Tomato inspired plush toy, directions to sew together.

In the case of small children, you can absolutely stop here. We have fully crafted a felt tomato that is inspired by Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales. 

However, we still have some more steps to create the plushie we promised, it just gets a little more intricate the further we go.

Although, these next steps are adapted for littles as well. However, they may need a little more guidance to complete the process. 

Showing a photo of a red tomato being sewn together to complete a Christian show inspired plush toy craft.

Place the front felt pattern (with the face) on top of the plain base circle and begin stitching both sides together. 

If you choose, you can also opt to glue the sides together, but do not skip the step below!

Do not fully stitch, or glue, the pieces together, because you will want to leave an opening for stuffing! 

Photo showing how to stuff a plush vegetable toy.

Take the leftover felt pieces that came from cutting out your character and its features and stuff it into the opening.

Completed Bob the Tomato inspired Vegetable Craft from the Christian show VeggieTales.

After you stuff your plushie, you can then finish closing him up by sewing or gluing!

Congratulations, you just finished your DIY VeggieTales Craft! How cute are they? And how fun was that?!

VeggieTales inspired characters Bob, Larry, and Junior made into felt plushies.

DIY VeggieTales Crafts for Kids (VeggieTales Plushies)

Yield: Bob, Larry, and Junior Plush Dolls

These VeggieTales inspired plush toys will be so much fun to create! Find the FREE printable Vegetable Template here.


  • Colored Felt Fabric (red, various shades of green, yellow, white, and black)
  • Leftover Felt Scraps
  • Thread
  • PDF template (provided below)


  • Needle
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Select colored felt fabrics for the Veggie Tale character crafts. The provided template includes Bob the tomato, Larry the cucumber and Junior Asparagus.
  2. Let’s start with the Bob felt plushie; Trace 2 pieces of the base patterns for each plushie. Trace the base pattern for Bob on red felt, the eye base on white felt, the 2 small circles on black felt, and the other circle on red felt and the small strip-like pattern on the green felt.
  3. Cut out the traced patterns.
  4. For the stuffing, you can use cotton or you can also use scrap felt pieces. Simply cut the scrape felts into tiny pieces to prepare them for stuffing. 
  5. Grab the small strip-like green piece and stitch it on the top end of either of the base patterns for Bob. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach the green pattern. 
  6. Stitch the small black circles on the white eye base. Attach or stitch the eyes near the top end of the base patter for Bob. 
  7. Attach or stitch the nose (the small red circle) below the eyes by slightly overlapping the eye’s bottom end.
  8. Use black thread to stitch a curved line below the nose to add Bob’s mouth. Grab the other plain base pattern. 
  9. Place the plain base pattern under the stitched one and start to stitch around the sides to join both base patterns together. 
  10. Keep a small opening for stuffing the felt plush. Insert the scrape felt pieces through the small opening for stuffing the plush. 
  11. Once the stuffing is done, stitch the open end to secure the stuffing. Tie a knot or 2 and cut off extra thread.
  12. Similarly, prepare the patterns for the other characters and stitch them to complete their felt plush versions. 


Adapted instructions for all ages can be found in the above paragraphs, directly below each image.

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I really love that this simple felt craft can be done in a variety of different ways for children of all ages!

The instructions are just as simple to complete for Junior the Asparagus and Larry the Cucumber. Those FREE templates and directions can be found in our store, or you can print them out via the card above!

VeggieTales inspired plushies on background with the text overlay "DIY Felt Craft VeggieTales Plushies. Instructions adapted for all ages" by The Fervent Mama

If you love VeggieTales as much as we do, I’d love to see you complete this craft with your kids! Tag me (@theferventmama) on Instagram!