What can Christians do to end abortion?

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What can Christians do to end abortion: The Fervent Mama - It's important to be passionate about ending abortion, but also compassionate to those who may be considering or who have made the choice of abortion. If the church is serious about ending abortion, we must take action against it. #endabortion #lifewins

1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

With all of this talk about abortion and the new legislation, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Christian walk and our influence, or lack thereof, on abortion. 

I know what you’re thinking; “We are Christians, we don’t believe in abortion, so how are we responsible?” Well, we can be held accountable for not taking enough action. 

We are at fault for hiding behind the urge to not hurt people’s feelings, the notion of “keeping the peace”, and the stigma of open conversations about sexual sin and immorality.

We live in a society that is more open about sexuality than ever before. We must also be willing to have that open conversation about the spirit of lust, abstaining from sin, and letting our bodies be the vessels that God prepared them to be.

So if the church is serious about ending abortion, we must be willing to work for it.

What can Christians do to end abortion?

We Must Be Willing to Learn

Before we can tell someone what the better way is, we must know it for ourselves. Even some people who are not Christians, but don’t believe in abortion, are pro-choice. Where is the line drawn?

If we claim that abortion is against Christ’s design, you must know your Bible to provide those facts, and you must seek God to be able to tell others about it in a way that convicts and stirs, but does not pass a sentence upon.

But further, we must understand why abortion is an option for so many women so that we can better acknowledge helping these women where they are.

How do we do this? We have to know the process of abortion, the mindset of women who have abortions, the emotions that follow abortion, and the underlying reason for so many abortions. 

We need to know the process and science, so we can fully grasp the severity of the situation and be able to compassionately share this information with others in a way that enlightens and not misguides.

What can Christians do to end abortion: The Fervent Mama - It's important to be passionate about ending abortion, but also compassionate to those who may be considering or who have made the choice of abortion. If the church is serious about ending abortion, we must take action against it. #endabortion #lifewins

To further comprehend abortion, we must also have a significant sense of the emotional, physical, and mental burden that these women are carrying so that we can be of service spiritually to these women.

Seek out to talk to women who are thinking about having abortions so that you are better equipped to help them where they are struggling. We cannot provide appropriate help without first acknowledging the underlying issues. 

If you don’t know a woman who has had an abortion, find books about how abortion negatively affected the lives of women, to be able to sympathize with other women who have faced those same life choices.

We may not be able to put ourselves in the situation of these mothers, but we can try to learn enough about them that they feel a sense of security and concern when trying to help them.

We Must Be Able to Minister

For Christians, it is enough to know that it’s immoral, it’s enough to know that is against God’s will. It’s enough to know that life is given by God and we are not to take it. 

But for those who don’t know the Lord, who don’t understand the Bible, and who don’t walk in His statutes- that is not enough. 

The underlying call of arms to all Christians is to live in the truth, to bear the fruit of the Gospel and to spread it abroad in word and in deed. Being instant in season and out of season.

We can use the roadmap that God left for us, which is the Bible, as proof of the grace that God shines about our lives through all of our trials. That there is a purpose. 

Be a willing vessel that is surrendered to God and let His word be engraved upon the tables of your heart. We don’t have all the answers, but God does, and by being sensitive to Him, He will give you the right words at the right time. 

We Must Not Condemn

It is important to be passionate about ending abortion, but we also must be compassionate to those who may be considering abortion as an option. 

What can Christians do to end abortion: The Fervent Mama - It's important to be passionate about ending abortion, but also compassionate to those who may be considering or who have made the choice of abortion. If the church is serious about ending abortion, we must take action against it. #endabortion #lifewins

We have to be available, non-judging vessels who are able to separate our personal feelings from the call of God, the call to all Christians; leading others to Christ. 

We must be sensitive to the direction of God, being an able body that does not scrutinize or condemn people on their past, their thoughts, or their actions, but to only be concerned with the condition of their soul in this present moment. 

We are called to be beacons of light, which means that the light that shines through us must be from Christ. The light which is love and hope, and a better life in the Lord Jesus.

We must be able to open our arms to those who are considering abortions, by reminding them that Christ is the giver of life, that He can make a way where there seems to be no way, and that He has a plan for EVERY life.

We must provide them with help and encouragement in all forms, but to do this, we must be open, able, and available to have that hard conversation about abortion without confrontation, attack, or damnation. 

Even through all of this, we know that as long as abortion is still legal, women will still consider it a viable plan. So for those women that you, that we, may fail to help- we also cannot cast them aside. 

We must be able to open our arms to those who may have had abortions, by telling them that Jesus still forgives all sin. That there is a better course in Him, and that He is the way and the truth, and that new life can still be found in Christ once they accept Him.

Just like with any sin, the Lord is gracious to forgive. There are consequences for sin, but we are not the ones that apply those consequences to a person. This person still has a soul, and it is worth saving to Christ.

We must still love, we must still be willing, but we do not have to be silent. 

There is such a thing as righteous judgment. We are to tell others about their sin, but as followers of Christ, we cannot hold them to that sin. 

If we are for ending abortion, we must be willing to accept those who have either considered abortion or made the “choice”. We must accept them with arms that are not chiding, but rejoicing as the angels in Heaven are when a new soul comes to know Christ.

By providing safe spaces for women to talk about abortion, without condemnation, we are saying that we are willing to help them find a better way. And an open door of grace allows us to provide that better way.

What can Christians do to end abortion: The Fervent Mama - It's important to be passionate about ending abortion, but also compassionate to those who may be considering or who have made the choice of abortion. If the church is serious about ending abortion, we must take action against it. #endabortion #lifewins

We Must Give

We are required to give of our time, of our resources, of ourselves; mentally, physically, emotionally, and monetarily. In prayer, in fasting, and in service.

Maybe you feel called to foster, adopt, or maybe just help others to do so. Maybe you want to start a charity or support group for single mothers, hurting mothers, or mothers who just need encouragement. 

Maybe you want to help in a rally or participate in a march, maybe you even feel called to offer prayer and help to women directly outside an abortion clinic.  

Sometimes just being a friend, a shoulder, or a confidant to someone in need is worth more than money. Sometimes providing a meal, or a place to stay is better than giving monetarily. 

But these are ways that we can end abortion. 

By being an example of Christ and living it through our daily lives. By being available to God and in active service towards His purpose.

By giving options to a mother who feels like there is no better way, you are giving her hope that she has a future. That she is worth something, and that the child growing inside of her is too. 

We Must Take a Stand

It’s past time for Christians to stand up for what’s right. It’s past time to stop letting the devil win on all fronts. This isn’t just about ending abortion. We need to live in the truth and shine it among others.

We must be able to share our faith with others, we must be bold about our love of God, but we must be fervent in our walk with God.

We have to both use wisdom and unction to be those beacons of light unto the world. We can use our voices as stern and loving words of hope, but we must be led by God. 

How do you be that beacon without offending, without coming off as “unloving”, and without condemnation? You are led by God in your words, your actions, and your life.

Should Christians Stand Up For Righteousness? The answer is YES.

We Must Pray

I know this seems so cliche. But there are so many times where we, as Christians, take for granted the power in the prayers that we lift up to The Father. Prayer changes things.

Think about Hannah, Hezekiah, Daniel, Mary, Moses, Elisha; men and women of God who were faced with circumstances that seemed unsurpassable. But when God showed up on the scene, He does exceedingly above all that we can ask or think!

When Christians use the power of prayer, it can move mountains! Through prayer and following the leading of Christ, we can be the generation that is ending abortion!

What steps are you taking toward ending abortion?


  1. Does the Bible say anything about the 11-year-old little girl who was raped and is now being forced to carry a baby to term? This is a complicated issue. I don’t believe that God causes all suffering. I do believe He can create good out of any struggle, but I certainly would not suggest that God caused a child to be raped and impregnated against her will, when her body is not yet fully capable of carrying a baby to term.

    I appreciate your call to serve others, and to do so without condemnation. At the same time… I feel a lot of condemnation coming from this post and many others on this blog, and that’s tough to reconcile. One major aspect that is missing from this discussion is access to and affordability of birth control and comprehensive sex education. And unfortunately adoption is only available to the wealthy, and our foster care system is deeply fractured. We need to address all of these things as well if we want women to have true options.

    1. Brooke Poston says:

      Hi again, Emily. The issue is complicated, but that does not hinder God’s command. I believe that God is the only one who can give life, and when He does it’s for a reason. Is that a hard thing to accept, absolutely. Is it something that I can comprehend, absolutely not. But I do know that He is a good God and He doesn’t change.

      And God does not cause people to sin, that is why we have free will. Flesh, satan, causes people to sin. The Bible also says that bad things happen to good people (That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:45) I don’t understand it, but again, He is God.

      Our blog is not for the sinner, it is for the person wanting, trying, to live by faith. Our words aren’t to condemn, but to shed light. If you feel condemnation, I’d urge you to try and see if it may be the tug of conviction.
      I don’t believe in sex before marriage, so I also don’t believe in birth control outside of the confines of the marriage. Sex education does not prevent children from having premarital sex, and I believe that it’s the parent’s choice on how and when to address this with their children.

      Adoption, while expensive and I agree that it is a flawed system all the way around (adoption and the foster system), is not only for the wealthy. There are many options to adopt via foster care (without having to foster and only having to pay court costs) when you go through your state. There are also many ways to raise money, and I believe that if it’s the Lord’s will, He can also provide. There’s nothing too big for God.

      So many people have this attitude of “we have to do so much”, yet if we truly trust God, HE can do it.

      1. If this blog isn’t for the sinner, who is it for? We are all sinners. Christianity is for the broken. That doesn’t mean we don’t try our best to turn from sin, but it does mean that we will all fall short of the glory of God.

        I don’t think it’s fair to assume that everyone who finds your tone a little condemning is simply perceiving God’s conviction. That’s a very bold assumption. Perhaps you are missing an opportunity to grow and to reflect on yourself.

        “There is nothing too big for God” – That I can agree with ๐Ÿ™‚

        Be well!

        1. Brooke Poston says:

          Again, you’re taking my words out of context in order to dispute me. I’ll copy-paste this from the last two comments to prove my point.
          “it is for the person wanting, trying, to live by faith.” – trying to live by faith, meaning sometimes faltering, meaning not perfect.
          “Yes, we all sin and fall short. Thatโ€™s where grace comes in.” – we all sin, we all fall short.

          I said those things.

          But the Bible says that we must die daily. It says that when we get saved we are new creatures. Meaning, I once was a sinner, but once I get saved, I am redeemed – I’m not longer a sinner.
          Yet, saved people still fall short, but that doesn’t mean we’re sinners. It means we’re flesh.
          A sinner is someone who dwells in their sin.

          Further, I didn’t place everyone in that category. I simply asked you to determine that. So, I didn’t assume, I just made a statement that those weren’t how my words were intended. Again, it’s really hard to judge that through the internet.

          But, you’re right. Whether I feel I’m right, or if I’m really wrong, I can take this opportunity to grow.


          1. That makes sense, Brooke! We come from different denominations, so I suppose we don’t always use the same language to mean the same thing. In my church, we are all “sinners,” even those who have been saved. But I understand you better now! Thank you for taking the time to reply thoughtfully. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I know you didn’t place everyone in one category, but I have seen you reply with that same comment (“perhaps you are just feeling God convicting you”) when other people perceive your words as condemning. I have no doubt that that’s not how you intended them. Your love for the Lord and for others shines through. But as you said, our intent doesn’t always translate, especially online. In and of itself, deflecting to “maybe it’s an issue in YOUR heart” when someone disagrees with you feels… for lack of a better phrase, holier-than-thou, and that will only push people away.

            Anyway, I’ll leave you be. I respect your commitment to living your beliefs. You have a gorgeous family, and I was very sad to read that you had been receiving threatening mail, particularly targeting your children. Praying a prayer of protection over you now, and wishing you well. May we always be able to have kind and humble conversations with one another, even in disagreement!


          2. Brooke Poston says:

            You for sure aren’t bothering me! Thanks for taking the time to come back and say those very kind things about my family! I will take your words to heart! Thanks for your prayers!!

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