7 Christ-Centered Christmas Shows to Watch on Minno

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It seems like every time you turn around you hear that something new has happened on what we classify as “kid-safe tv”.

A few months ago, I made one of the best decisions I ever have for my family, and now we are nearly completely television-free.

Actually, as of 2021, we still do not have cable. That makes it 9ish years!

Besides that, we have very limited screen time, strict parental controls, and chores/duties that have to be done before they do get access.

Personally, I feel like I have happier, healthier, kids who have developed critical thinking skills, strong imaginations, and interactive social experiences.

But, there are some apps and options that we use that are nearly, completely, parent-free. One of them is Minno!

Minno, formerly JellyTelly, is an amazing app for Christian kids that gives them the opportunity to have access to completely clean, christ-centered tv shows.

We’ve had it for years and my kids have gleaned so much Biblical knowledge from it. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out!

Christ-Centered Christmas Shows to Watch on Minno

Minno - Christian Kids TV Shows, Stories & Videos
  • - 120+ christian tv shows and counting
  • - 2300+ carefully curated videos to teach kids about god, jesus, and bible stories
  • - Over 40 episodes of classic veggietales
  • - Minno 5 minute family devotionals to guide discussions around bible stories

Are you working to create a Christ-Centered Christmas for your family? Jesus is the reason for the season and we want to be sure he gets all the recognition possible!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Minno to get you the best Christ-Centered Christmas shows!

Not only are there so many other things that we could be occupying our minds with instead of mindless entertainment, but there is absolutely nothing better than your kids begging to watch Christian television. Minno has seriously revolutionized our lives, and I’m loving it.

1. Whirl Christmas Adventures

This series includes 15 short videos that your child is sure to relate to. Whether it’s struggling with their personal worth around Christmas time or showing joy when visiting family, Whirl and his friends know how to get their point across!

2. Buck Denver Asks – Why do we call it Christmas?

Join Buck Denver and his friends in episodes of fun where they explore the true meaning of Christmas and the historical context that surrounds it.

3. Veggie Tales Christmas Episodes

VeggieTales is a classic show for Christian kids everywhere and Minno has five Christ-centered Christmas episodes for you to explore!

The VeggieTales Christmas Classics Collection [DVD]

Plug in the tree, light the fire and get ready for a Very Merry Veggie Christmas! Join Bob, Larry, and the entire VeggieTales gang as they tell stories of hope, love, and forgiveness while reminding children of all ages about the true meaning of Christmas. The VeggieTales Christmas Collection includes all 7 classic holiday favorites that everyone in the family will love.

4. Boz Christmas

I’m not sure if Boz is exactly new, but it’s new to us. In fact, Minno just recently added it to their repertoire and you can find a Box Christmas episode there too!

5. Topsy Turvy Christmas

My kids LOVE Topsy Turvy and their Christmas episode does not disappoint! In this episode, one of the characters have a hard time understanding that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but it’s about Christ!

6. GiGi, God’s Girl Christmas

Join Gigi as she discovers that Christmas isn’t just about her, but the people that surround her and the Christ child that came to save us!

A God's Little Princess Treasury

With giggle after giggle, little princesses will learn that we are all children of the King, that we have different strengthsand weaknesses, that God never gives up on us, even when our choicesfall short of being royal, and that God does not love us for what we door how well we do it, but for who we are inside.

7. Booga Boog Land Christmas

After a mishap with the original director, the iconic duo, Marty and Gerard, put together the cities Nativity play- and it’s one that’s never been seen before.

8. Owlegories – The Star

The kids get lost on their way to the Christmas pageant and must work together to get back before the show begins.

9. Micah’s Very Merry Christmas

Micha’s Super Vlog is a short series for every kid! Take a small adventure with Micah as he, and his friends, explore Christmas!

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10. Plus more than 44 other Christmas shows on Minno.

I can’t go into the whole list because I’d take up so much time! But altogether, Minno has over 50 Christ-Centered Christmas Shows for kids that their subscribers to enjoy!

If you haven’t tried Minno out yet, what are you waiting for? I’ve been working on this list of Christmas Shows to Watch on Minno for a few weeks, and it’s a great compilation of movies/episodes to ensure that you have the best, Christ-Centered-Christmas.

Stop worrying about what your children are being presented with on some of these other streaming shows and pick up this amazing Christian service today!

We are always looking to add to our Christ-Centered Christmas Shows Favorites!

What are your favorite Christmas movies that shed light on the beauty of the season?

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