159 Kid-Friendly Recipes To Get Your Kid Cooking!

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Last week, we chatted about cooking with kids and the valuable lessons that come with teaching your children to create and serve thru cooking. This week, I’m sharing a some kid-friendly recipes from some great bloggers that love including their kids in the kitchen!

But before we get to the recipes, I have a few tips to share about how to get your little one excited about not only being in the kitchen, but helping too, maybe even trying some new things!


Think about some of the things that your child enjoys. What shows do they like, or what colors are they drawn to? What are some materials or ideas that you can incorporate that align with their interests? By getting on the child’s level with the things that they enjoy, you’re more likely to have them find joy in other activities as well.

Prime example, my girl LOVES dressing up. She loves being princesses and cowgirls, animals and people. So when Bibbidi Boutique came to us, we knew that this would be a match made in Heaven. These reversible princess and character aprons are perfect to get her excited about cooking! (As if she wasn’t already though, the girl loves to eat.)

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Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (Beauty is Within)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (Beauty is Within)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (At the Stroke of Midnight)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (At the Stroke of Midnight)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (Fairest in the Land)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (Fairest in the Land)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (Mermaid/Arabian Princess)Princess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible (Mermaid/Arabian Princess)

Have you guys seen those cool Bento boxes that mom’s put together? If you’re crafty enough, you could totally pull that off. Creating healthy little meals that transform into your kid’s favorite characters. Maybe you’ve got a sandwich shaped like a monster truck or a some kind of fruit monster. Pinterest it, guys.

Simple food safe coloring does wonders on projects, cookie cutters are fun additions, and cool plates are always a winner. It takes a little thinking, maybe even a crafty bone, but it will be so worth it to see those smiles when kids are enjoying creating, eating, and serving!

On to the kid friendly recipes.

Whether you’re incorporating cooking into your homeschool routine, or you’re just looking to have some fun in the kitchen, I’ve scoured the internet for some of the tastiest recipes, from some great bloggers, that are sure to get your little one excited about cooking!

If you’re looking for some great kid-friendly recipes, check out these resources! Finding Zest has a whole section of kid friendly recipes that she calls Mini Chef Mondays with 56 kid-friendly recipes listed and My Heavenly Recipes also has a section called Cooking with Kids that has 98 kid-friendly recipes listed.

Healthy Applesauce Cookies from Bless This Mess Please- Wholesome ingredients in cookies- yes!

Cinnamon Zucchini Bread Recipe from Heidi’s Home Cooking– Grate idea! (See what I did there?)

One Pot Sausage Pasta from The Penny Pincher– A great recipe with low cost ingredients, YUM!

Colorful Chicken Noodle Soup from Aileen Cooks– Packed full of veggies and all kids love noodles!

No Bake Veggie Pizzas from Two Healthy Kitchens– Such a great idea to get kids to eat veggies!

What are your favorite kid-friendly recipes? Seriously thinking about putting some of these tricks to the test when it comes to my picky eater husband. You think he’d eat applesauce cookies? Or maybe some Bento Box Transformers would be a better fit for him. *lol*

(This post has been sponsored by Bibbidi Boutique. Bibbidi Boutique is not affiliated with Disney and this is not a Disney product. Our views regarding Disney have not changed.)

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  1. Mandycarp says:

    My son has recently started helping me in the kitchen. Having had NO experience, I was worried about him using my knives, until I read a great article in the allrecipes magazine about kids and knives (my biggest worry — we are a family of klutzes). Summary:
    1. Show proper knife cut techniques. Keeping the knife on the board, how to hold it, etc.
    2. Let them use sharp knives (they really are safer, because they cut through the food with ease, and the kids don’t have to choke up on it, getting fingers in the way.)
    3. When cutting rounded vegetables, like carrots or zucchini, cut a flat surface on the bottom so it won’t roll when they go after it.

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